PPBM; A Political Party Never Meant to be Born!

With all the news about PPBM being registered in time, it seems more and more that PPBM is a political party that was conceived, but never meant to be born.

In an article in Malay Mail Tun Mahathir tries to slip in the idea that his Parti Prebumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) would have their candidates campaign under the DAP banner, if his party is deregistered.


While this was said in the guise of quip/joke, it is well believed that this action had been part of his plan all along.

In actuality, Tun Mahatir would have preferred for his party to have been denied when the paper work was first filed.

Had the Registra of Societies denied Tun Mahathir’s party their registration, he (Mahathir) could have played the victim or martyr card to try and elicit the rakyat’s sympathy. In addition, he would not have had to waste time going through the motions of trying to pretend to be a legitimate political party.

In trying to pass it self off as a legitimate party, serious short coming were exposed; namely that the PPBM is only about the wants of the 3M (Mahathir, Mukhriz, Muhyiddin) inner circle. The only purpose which the other members that are still in their party serve is to prop them (3M) up.

Had Tun Mahathir had the chance to play victim and cry crocodile tears earlier on, he would have had more time to better implant himself and especially his son (Mukhriz) in DAP.

Since that was not the case, Tun Mahathir and their top echelon had to scramble and pretend to be an actual political, but just stopping at doing what is required to become a fully registered party.

They (PPBM leadership) knew the requirements which needed to be fulfilled for registration; and even if they had all suffered from collective amnesia, their lawyers certainly were knowledgeable of the procedure.

Now that their is the possibility that PPBM will be deregistered, Tun Mahathir can breath a sign of relief as he knows that his political party would be thrashed in the upcoming G14 election.

If one of Tun Mahathir’s wishes comes true, he and his selected inner circle will be able to campaign under Lim Kit Siang’s DAP banner. In this way, his loss will be seen as the DAP’s which is far better than having a PPBM loss seen as a vote against him!


Pakatan Harapan Just Going Through The Motions!

When what is collectively known as Pakatan Harapan realized that it would not be as easy as they fantasized to remove Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak from office they were left with only two choices; give up and look even more foolish after concocting fabrications to remove the Prime Minister or just go through the motions like couples in a bad marriage.

In looking at the DAP-led Pakatan opposition, it seems that they have chosen the latter; to just go through the motions.

That decision comes in the wake of not having any more slanderous bullets in which they can fire at Najib. Lim Kit Siang, Tun Mahathir and the other rag tsg assortment of players which make up Pakatan Harapan to their detriment truly believed that Prime Minister Najib Razak would buckle under the weight of false accusations.

It was like trying to get an innocent man or woman to admit to a crime they did not commit. No innocent person would do that.

That is why during the entire period DAP-led Pakatan was directly hurling accusations at the Prime Minister or using their news portal Sarawak Report, Prime Minister Najib Razak bidded his time and allowed the investigative process to run its course. Even the attempts to use the United States Department of Justice and U.K House of Commons came to naught.

1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was the only bullet in Pakatan’s gun and that bullet was a blank!

Now the rakyat by an large realizes that Pakatan Harapan tried to dupe them into believing unverified allegations.

Of course if Pakatan were to win the 14th general election they would come up with an excuse to why they can not find tangible evidence against the Prime Minister.

It would be the same as when former United States President George W. Bush joked about not finding weapons of mass destruction (WMD)


Malaysians will not allow themselves to have the proverbial wool pulled over their by DAP-led Pakatan’s lie of mass destruction (LMD) scare tactic.

Having exhausted 1MDB as an issue, DAP-led Pakatan can only do one of two things; give up and look even more foolish than they do now or just go through the motions until the elections.

It seems like they have chosen the latter; just go through the motions!

Mahathir Has Already Lost His Popularity Contest with Najib!

Do you remember way back on March 14th 20016 when Tun Mahathir wanted a popularity contest to be held to prove that he is more popular than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak?

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today suggested Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak hold a national referendum to gauge which of the two has more popular support.


That was during the time that Tun Mahathir was still full of his self and believed that he through sheer will he could remove Najib from office.

It was not too long after that Tun Mahathir lack of popularity was apparent for all Malaysians to see.

Tun Mahathir believed that the Sarawak by-election would prove that he could swing the popular vote toward the DAP-led opposition. So one could almost say that Mahathir wanted to prove that he was popular among Malaysians as well as prove to the opposition that he and PPBM potential value to their cause.

The bloody aftermath of that by election showed just the opposite; Tun Mahathir was as popular as he deluded himself into believing. Of course the spin was Tun Mahathir did not put his full effort into that effort and that the resounding victory had nothing to do with Najib.

But then there came the Kuala Kangsar Sungai Besar by elections. And once again even with the specter of Tun Mahathir along with his love fest with Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim there, the DAP-led opposition still lost.

And let us not forget the million signatures that Tun Mahathir was so proud to proclaim that he had. He certainly believed that those million signatures proved that he was more popular than the Najib.

The problem was that there were not a million signatures and that money was paid for data of names that he was so proud of.

Finally, the ultimate proof of Tun Mahathir’s lack of popularity was when he had to not only swallow all that he said about Datuk Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP, but to add to his humiliation he climbed into bed with them.

So looking back over the last few years, Tun Mahathir would be hard pressed to talk about being more popular than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. After all the facts have shown that he (Mahathir) has already had the popularity contest(s) that he so desperately craved with Prime Minister Najib and lost on every one of them!


Pakatan Making It Up As They Go Along!

The reality of Pakatan choosing both Tun Mahathir and Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail as their prime minister and deputy prime minister designates, shows that they are making things up as they go along.

Honestly, a headless chicken would seem to have more forward thinking than what Pakatan had been producing.

With the array of so called savvy politicians that are supposed to be part of their coalition, they could do no better than put forth someone who should be enjoying the better part of his retirement and a woman who for all means and purpose is probably a great mother and grandmother, but is clearly out of her depth in the political arena.

And that is the ticket that DAP-led Pakatan is offering.

What do they think people believe Tun Mahathir has the same juice he had when he could make things happen on his own?

Look at him now; he needs a turn key political infrastructure just to stay in the news. He is also holding out hope that this same political infrusteucture would be kind enough to offer his son (Mukheiz) an easy seat to contest in the 14th general election.

Well perhaps one should not say that Tun Mahathir is holding hope since it is believed that he paid RM1 Billion to Lim Kit Siang for that easy seat for Mukhriz as well as other top dog favors.


There is no doubt that Tun Mahathir would have preferred to not dig into his war chest for that expenditure, but as he could not remove Najib on his own he had to improvise on the fly; and part of that improvisation required him to climb into bed with his enemy Lim Kit Siang.

As was mentioned, Tun Mahathir doesn’t have the political juice he once wielded, so he like the rest of his Pakatan coalition cohorts has to wing it.

But winging it or making it up as they go along should not come as a big surprise; Pakatan’s whole political strategy is based on winging it. That is why they cannot offer Malaysians anything better than a pseudo promise to repeal the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and to get rid of highway tolls.

Anything beyond those two would just have Pakatan doing what the government of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is already doing. And as the old saying goes; If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.


So with nothing else to offer Malaysians, the Pakatan opposition has to make it up as they go along and hope that Malaysians don’t call them on the fact that they are as politically naked of plans as the emperor who had no clothes!


Muhyiddin Gambled on Mahathir and Pakatan and Lost!

It seems that in the high stakes game of politics, former deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s gamble on Mahathir and Pakatan did not pay off.

Even though the 14th general election is still to come; it seems appropriate to use the past tense when referring to the former deputy prime minister.

As many believe, Muhyiddin was offered a carrot to take sides against his former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The carrot for taking such a stand was none other than the position of Prime Minister.

For some reason that perhaps he (Muhyiddin) does not fully under, he believed that Mahathir still had enough political juice to get Najib out of office.

Muhyiddin also failed like Anwar Ibrahim to take into account the extracurricular activities that the have damaged many a political careers. Anwar’s penchant for the intimate company of males and Muhyiddin desire to plant seeds in the lotus field.

Anwar Ibrahim’s activities have landed him in Sungei Buloh. Muhyiddin Yassin’s have moved his name from any consideration (if there ever was) of him achieving his dream of becoming Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

But was Muhyiddin ever a serious candidate?

After Tun Mahathir realized that all king Lim Kit Siang’s horses and men along with him could not unseat Najib, he had to take matters into his own hands. He (Mahathir) could not risk his son Mukhriz political future on Muhyiddin’s inability to win.

Of course Muhyiddin would have been a good temporary prime minister when Tun Mahathir thought taking Putrajaya would be a walk in the park; but when all efforts failed to remove Najib, Mahathir had to position himself to be DAP-led Pakatan’s designated choice for prime minister, if they were to win GE14.

With his securing the top position, there is no way Mahathir will allow Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail, her imprisoned husband Anwar Ibrahim or Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali to come in and seat themselves in the place that he wants his son to occupy.


So it is plain to see with so many craving for a seat at the table, Muhyiddin is left looking on holding a sign that reads:

‘Remember me’

Who knows, perhaps Muhyiddin will be compensated in some other way for taking a seat way in the back. After all he gave up his position as deputy prime minister and any chance of becoming prime minister.

However, when all is said and done, Muhyiddin Yassin will still be viewed as the man who gambled on Mahathir and DAP-led Pakatan and lost!


Barisan Nasional Provides the 80 in the 80/20 Rule!


Malaysians are coming to realize that Barisan Nasional is providing the 80 in the 80/20 rule.

Now, if you are not familiar with the 80/20 rule, it can be explained in the following way.

The rule states that people are always trying to find the next best thing because they believe the grass is greener over on the other side; but that sentiment is not correct.   And that is what we learn from the 80/20 rule.

In a relationship you receive about 80 percent of what you want.  In actuality, this seems great because the 80 percent is well…80 percent.

But there is a part of us that still hungers for that 20 percent that is missing.  So in politics, there are some people who turn their ear to any Tun, Lim or other Pakatan mouth piece who dangles the 20 percent as bait.

So bringing this even closer to home; in Malaysia there is Barisan Nasional that works to bring economic prosperity to all Malaysians, offers stability, is attentive to the needs of the rakyat and supportive.  Yet on the other hand they practice fiscal responsibility and do not spend wastefully or stop viable programs for the sake of getting votes.  In that respect, the Pakatan opposition even says that the Government’s GST program (for example) does more harm than good.

So what Pakatan Harapan tries to do is to get Malaysians to not focus on the 80 percent that the government is providing and focus on the 20 percent that they (Pakatan) dangles in front of their eyes.

The 20 percent which is being erroneously promised looks ideal, but it comes at the expense of the 80 percent that government is already providing.  So what happens is people give up 80 percent of good governance for 20 percent made up of empty promises.

Everything the government has put in place for Malaysia to have sustainable growth and stability is lost for the trinkets that Pakatan Harapan offers, but knows they cannot deliver.

The 80/20 rule may seem like a no brainer, but as the 14th general election approaches and Malaysians are ready to choose, they should think carefully.  The Barisan Nasional government led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak provides the 80 percent on a daily basis.  The 20 percent that Pakatan Harapan is offering is only a sugar coated election distraction.

Pakatan Harapan could not even develop their own leader; how can they develop Malaysia.

Remember Barisan Nasional provides the 80 in the 80/20 rule!


Mahathir Cannot See the Irony in Asking PAS to State Their Choice for PM!

images (6a)

There is something seriously wrong with those in the DAP-led Pakatan opposition camp when Tun Mahathir (their self proclaimed ‘top dog’) asked PAS to state their choice for Prime Minister.

Is Tun Mahathir’s memory so short that Pakatan Harapan has just only recently produced his name (Tun Mahathir’s) name as their choice?  Just imagine, had Tun Mahathir not run over to Lim’s Pakatan Harapan opposition desperately in search of a platform to give his son Mukhriz’ failing political career alive, Pakatan would still be ducking and dodging questions about their Prime Minister choice.

Now Tun Mahathir thinks that he can somehow back Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and PAS in the corner by forcing them to state their choice for Prime Minister.  If PAS does not say who their choice is, then Tun Mahathir will say that PAS is supporting the government.  Even if PAS were to provide a name, Mahathir would say that their choice is only to create another factor in a three (3) cornered fight in the 14th general election.

Not falling for Tun Mahathir’s trick, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang provides a response that Tun Mahathir knows that he cannot criticize.

TEMERLOH: Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang says Allah will decide who becomes prime minister after the 14th general election (GE14).

Datuk Hadi Awang also said the following:

“We are not greedy to become leaders but want Islam to lead, save the country, save humanity, this is the core of our cause.”

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Tun Mahathir should really sit back and meditate on what Datuk Hadi Awang said about not being greedy to become leaders.  Even after leaving office, Mahathir has been obsessed with either trying to influence his successors or working to remove them.

Having had no luck in trying to force Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak from office, Mahathir has now manoeuvred his way into bed with his former Nemesis Lim Kit Siang and woke up the next morning as Lim Kit Siang’s ‘top dog’.

But when you are greedy for power, it does not matter who you make a deal with just as long as you get what you want.  But having crawled into bed with comes with a price; Mahathir has to follow the marching orders of Pakatan Harapan’s real top dog; Lim Kit Siang.

So if Lim Kit Siang gets word to Mahathir to use some of his tricks to try to paint PAS in a political corner, that is what Mahathir will try to do.

But it’s myopic on Mahathir’s part that he cannot see the irony in asking PAS to state their choice for Prime Minister when Lim Kit Siang and his Pakatan opposition have only recently named him as theirs!

Mahathir should also remember what Hadi Awang said: Allah will decide who becomes prime minister after the 14th general election (GE14).