Pakatan’s Philosophy; Desperate Times Once Again Call for Desperate Measures!

Pakatan Hairbrained scheme is to try and concoct charges against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

On the blogsite Malaysia Today in ‘The Corridors of Power’ blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) outlines how Pakatan Harapan will make a last attempt to resurrect their coup d’état in an attempt to force Prime Minister Najib Razak out of office.

Are we all thinking the same thing ‘desperation’

Honestly, Pakatan Harapan is as predictable as a bad movie plot. The hands on the political clock are at eleven fifty-five (11:55) and they know they Pakatan Harapan are in neck deep in quicksand.

It’s that sinking feeling that has them grasping at anything to keep their waining fantasy alive.

So they get their foreign fake news arm (Sarawak Reports) to write trash with the hope that Malaysians will believe this new lie even more than they believe the previous ones.

Does Sarawak Reports editor and chief Clare Rewcastle-Brown believe that Malays would take her for anything but a lier after she blatantly lied about PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang and Prime Minister Najib Razak?

Perhaps Pakistan’s whole point of bringing up and having Sarawak Reports to write about a ‘charge sheets is to try and create questions in the minds of the rakyat. After all, Pakatan Harapan does not have the luxury of whereupon the can try and slowly build yet another fairy tale.

Look at what happened with Pakatan s 1Malaysia Development Berhad fable. After all of the time they put into crafting the lie, it finally came to naught.

That is why Pakatan Harapan’s latest philosophy of desperate times call for desparte measures is in full swing!

The following is an excerpt from

Final Push To Oust Najib To Be Launched Next Month

‘The Corrodores of Power’

Pakatan Harapan has to defeat Najib before GE14 and not during GE14

According to Mahathir, once Parliament is dissolved, Najib would be reduced to a caretaker Prime Minister heading a caretaker government (while Parliament would no longer exist). Mahathir believes that this means Najib’s power would essentially be reduced and heads of agencies such as PDRM, MACC, AGC, and so on, can ignore any instruction from the PMO and can wait until the new government is formed and the new Prime Minister is sworn in after GE14 before acting.

This, of course, would be if these heads of the various government agencies will agree to play ball and ignore any and all instructions from PMO until the new government is formed and the new Prime Minister is sworn in. The ‘danger’ here, argued Mahathir, is that since Merdeka the concept of caretaker Prime Minister and caretaker government has never been practiced and the Prime Minister and his Cabinet have always acted on the basis of ‘business as usual’ right up to Polling Day and the ‘Morning After’.

Click the lik to read the eye opening full article.

Pakatan Harapan is stuck in quicksand and are grasping at straws in attempt to stay alive!


Mahathir Cannot See the Irony in Asking PAS to State Their Choice for PM!

images (6a)

There is something seriously wrong with those in the DAP-led Pakatan opposition camp when Tun Mahathir (their self proclaimed ‘top dog’) asked PAS to state their choice for Prime Minister.

Is Tun Mahathir’s memory so short that Pakatan Harapan has just only recently produced his name (Tun Mahathir’s) name as their choice?  Just imagine, had Tun Mahathir not run over to Lim’s Pakatan Harapan opposition desperately in search of a platform to give his son Mukhriz’ failing political career alive, Pakatan would still be ducking and dodging questions about their Prime Minister choice.

Now Tun Mahathir thinks that he can somehow back Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and PAS in the corner by forcing them to state their choice for Prime Minister.  If PAS does not say who their choice is, then Tun Mahathir will say that PAS is supporting the government.  Even if PAS were to provide a name, Mahathir would say that their choice is only to create another factor in a three (3) cornered fight in the 14th general election.

Not falling for Tun Mahathir’s trick, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang provides a response that Tun Mahathir knows that he cannot criticize.

TEMERLOH: Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang says Allah will decide who becomes prime minister after the 14th general election (GE14).

Datuk Hadi Awang also said the following:

“We are not greedy to become leaders but want Islam to lead, save the country, save humanity, this is the core of our cause.”

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Tun Mahathir should really sit back and meditate on what Datuk Hadi Awang said about not being greedy to become leaders.  Even after leaving office, Mahathir has been obsessed with either trying to influence his successors or working to remove them.

Having had no luck in trying to force Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak from office, Mahathir has now manoeuvred his way into bed with his former Nemesis Lim Kit Siang and woke up the next morning as Lim Kit Siang’s ‘top dog’.

But when you are greedy for power, it does not matter who you make a deal with just as long as you get what you want.  But having crawled into bed with comes with a price; Mahathir has to follow the marching orders of Pakatan Harapan’s real top dog; Lim Kit Siang.

So if Lim Kit Siang gets word to Mahathir to use some of his tricks to try to paint PAS in a political corner, that is what Mahathir will try to do.

But it’s myopic on Mahathir’s part that he cannot see the irony in asking PAS to state their choice for Prime Minister when Lim Kit Siang and his Pakatan opposition have only recently named him as theirs!

Mahathir should also remember what Hadi Awang said: Allah will decide who becomes prime minister after the 14th general election (GE14).


Prime Minister Najib is Finishing 2017 the Way He Started it; Active and Strong!


As 2017 draws to a close, we can still see Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak finishing out the year the same way he started it; active.

Even after delivering an inspiring address at Umno’s 71st annual general assembly; the Prime Minister did not take a break.  As many have become aware, the United States President, Donald Trump in a move that surprised many heads of state around the world said that U.S would establish its Embassy in Jerusalem.  Such a move effectively recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

During the Umno general assembly Prime Minister told the attendees that Turkish President Erodogan called him and asked him to attend as Malaysia’s voice is important.


Seeking the attendance of Prime Minister Najib further shows the respect and trust that he has earned around the world.

But the Prime Minister standing up for those are voiceless is nothing new.  All one need do is think about how Prime Minister Najib and PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang stood together to condemn the treatment of Rohingya’s in Myanmar.

Najib and Haidi

Although the two men working together on a common cause drew criticism from the DAP-led Pakatan opposition; the two leaders did not let such criticism deter them from doing what is right for the good of the ummah.

Still, Najib’s work did not stop with standing up for social injustices.

In areas of the economy, Prime Minister Najib has worked to bring in foreign investment from regional neighbors as well as those from other locations

But all that was just the icing on proverbial cake so to speak.  When one reads the Prime Minister’s budget speech a bigger picture can be seen of what Najib has been doing for all Malaysians.

It would have been easy for the Prime Minister to take his foot off the gas pedal even after accomplishing half of what was achieved, but he didn’t do it.  In order for Malaysia to have even greater success and prosperity in 2018, the Prime Minister has to maintain the momentum that has already been built up.

Why is that important?

It is important because Najib’s experience has taught him that finishing the year strong will create even more success for Malaysians in 2018!


G14 and Pakatan Harapan’s Serious Lack of Credibility!


When G14 rolls around sometime next year, DAP-led Pakatan’s serious lack of credibility will be a factor with those still sitting on the fence.

DAP-led Pakatan Harapan’s serious lack of credibility is largely based on the proliferation of lies which have come from the so called coalition of partners.

The attacks DAP-led Pakatan launched against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak have all come to naught as they could not prove a single allegation against him.

When looking back at all of the fabrications, it seems obvious that Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and those making up the ANC (Anti Najib Campaign) sole purpose was to inflict as much damage as they could on Najib in the public’s mind so that he would throw in the towel.

During the early phase of those attacks, there were even calls from Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led Pakatan opposition for the Prime Minister to leave office while the whole matter into 1 Malaysian Development Berhad (1MDB) was investigated.  Of course it was only a pretext for Najib to leave office and to return if he was found to have not committed a crime.

But as mentioned before, this was a double standard that the DAP-led Pakatan opposition was employing as the never demanded or asked Penang Menteri Besar Lim Guan Eng to step away from office while his corruption case was under investigation.

So what credibility does the DAP-led Pakatan opposition have?

They even thought they could destroy two birds with one (1MDB) stone by using their foreign news portal (Sarawak Report) to try and tie PAS President Datuk Seri Hadi Awang to money from the fund (1MDB) referenced above.

Malaysian learned that the backfired as Sarawak Report Editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown failed to provide any smoking gun evidence to prove the accusation she has made against Datuk Seri Haidi Awang; which means there is a good possibility that she is headed towards perjury.

Read The Thirds Force Article below.

So when G14 rolls around Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan opposition will have a serious credibility problem with fence sitters as it appears that they will do and say anything to achieve their goal(s).

Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Kerauk said the following in FMT

“We need to be wary of such politicians because the people are the last thing on their minds. They make promises to buy votes and once in power they offer a dozen excuses as to why they cannot deliver on their promises.

Salleh said to size up people who are offering themselves to serve.

Therefore when G14 rolls around those who may still be on the fence will have something else to think over; and that is DAP-led Pakatan’s serious lack of credibility!


The Writing on The Wall has Lim Kit Siang Begging for Votes!


Lim Kit Siang was once so full of confidence had lauded that he would go to the PAS and UMNO grassroots to capture their supporters.

For Lim Kit Siang things could not have been better.  He was already seen as the de facto head of his DAP-led Pakatan opposition. He had even worked out some sort of deal with Tun Mahathir which included them pretending to get along for the sake of their respective goals.

During the same period of time, Lim Kit Siang had even managed to put Datuk Anwar Ibrahim on the back burner.  As he saw it, better a Tun in hand than a Datuk behind bars.

I could have said better a Tun in hand than a person convicted of sodomy behind bars, but I didn’t.

Along the same line; Lim Kit Siang was and is perfectly fine with Datuk Dr Wan Azizah Ismail using DAP-led Pakatan public events to mention her husband being behind bars.  After all by having Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail raising her husband’s (Anwar Ibrahim) name, he (Lim Kit Siang) does not have too and he can feign caring about Anwar without doing anything.

However as far as Lim Kit Siang was concerned; Anwar Ibrahim was out of sight and virtually out of mind.

Lim Kit Siang believed that with Tun Mahathir on board, he did not need Datuk Anwar Ibrahim or PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang in order to capture the Malay vote.

But as things have turned out, Tun Mahathir could not attract Malays or the Malay voter demographic that Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led Pakatan opposition so desperately wants.

Now that the Tun Mahathir experiment has turned out to be a bust; Lim Kit Siang is asking voters for his DAP-led Pakatan opposition to be given one term and if they fail voters could re-elect Barisan Nasional.  So is he saying that BN is not bad after all?

When you read what Lim Kit Siang is saying, it seems like he is man who clearly sees the writing on the wall; and what he sees does not look promising.

So Lim Kit Siang the man who had confidently said that he would go after the PAS and UMNO grassroots supporters is now sounding like a man desperately begging for votes!

Pakatan Harapan; Yes to Beer, No to RUU355!


There is something seriously wrong with DAP-led Pakatan Harapan when they want Malaysians and especially Malays to accept Beer Festivals, but yet reject PAS President Hadi Awang’s Private member’s Bill (RUU355).

Apparently that is the type of liberalism that Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition wants for Malaysia.  One in which vices are encouraged while the idea of strengthening laws that are already in the books for Muslims is discouraged.

Those having views aligned with Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-opposition see the rejection of the Beer festival as imposing the values of one community over that of another.

Read Lim Guan Eng’s comments in the following link:

Those who are favor of the festival love to preach about one community trying to impose their values on another, yet what did they do when PAS President Datuk Seri Hadi Awang introduced his Private Members Bill (RUU355); they were up in arms and hell bent against it.

Pure hypocrisy!

Lim Kit Siang and those aligned with his way of thinking went on a campaigned to try to get non Muslims to believe that RUU355 would curtail the drinking, gambling and other illicit vices that they hold sacred in the name of freedom of choice.

Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led opposition say that Muslims should not comment on an event like the Beer Festival because it has nothing to do with them.

Does anyone else see the irony in that?

In the view of non Muslims like Lim Kit Siang and those who hold to his way of thinking; Muslims should not comment on or interfere with events like Beer Festivals from taking place.

However, they (Lim Kit Siang and others) believe it is acceptable for them to comment on matters that pertain to Muslims.  Why?

Patriarchal Lim Kit Siang believes he and those like him know what is best for Muslims and in their minds RUU355 is not good for Muslims.

What Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led opposition want is for Muslims to embrace an anything goes attitude.  For Muslims to reject such an open lifestyle is becoming synonymous to Islamisation creeping into Malaysia.

Those who use terms like Islamisation want Muslims to become so uncomfortable, that they (Muslims) embrace any type of liberal lifestyle that is presented to them.  However seeing the writing on the wall, over twenty-five (25) NGOS protested against organizing alcohol and LGBT festivals.

There is little doubt that those who share the view of Lim kit Siang and his DAP-led opposition will want all Malaysians to say Yes to Beer, LGBT etc, but No to RUU355!


Pakatan Using Fear Tactic to Force PAS Back!


Has anyone else noticed Pakatan’s latest’s tactic using the fear factor to force PAS back into the fold?

This is the most recent ploy used after DAP-led Pakatan’s De facto leader Lim Kit Siang was unsuccessful in trying to lure PAS back into the fold.  After that attempt failed, Clare Rewcastle-Brown the editor and chief of Sarawak Report went on the attack and accused Datuk Seri Hadi Awang of accepting a bribe.  Allegedly the bribe was supposed to be connected to funds from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Sarawak Report wanted Malays to think that, if the Prime Minister is accused of taking 1MDB money and PAS President Hadi Awang accepts illegal 1MDB money then he is also tainted.

However, accusing the PAS President of bribery has backfired as Clare Rewcastle-Brown did not anticipate Haidi Awang asking his lawyers to bring her to court over her claim; a claim which she failed to prove.

While the dream was being played out in the London court, a Muslim face of DAP-led Pakatan was sent to again encourage PAS President Hadi Awang to bring PAS back into the fold; an effort that was also met with failure.

Seeing that the direct approach was getting them (DAP-led Pakatan) nowhere, a new tactic was put into play; using ‘fear’ to scare PAS into returning.

DAP-led Pakatan wants PAS to fear losing ‘political power’.

Articles have started to appear with the sole purpose of making PAS fearful about their prospects in the upcoming 14th general election.

An article in Berita daily reads: research house says ‘Opposition Bickering Good for BN’.

Another article which is cause fear in the PAS rank and file appeared in the Malaysia Chinese news under the heading ‘PAS may lose heavily in a three-cornered fight’.

Trying to add to PAS fear, there is the following article that mentions how ‘PAS will not be a factor in Selangor’.

Malaysia Mail Online (MMO) carried that following story from Singapore daily; The Straits Times (ST). The report states that ‘PAS may lose Kelantan in GE14’.

The common theme running through all of these articles is PAS should be afraid because it is weak and cannot hold on to power unless it runs back into the arms of Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led Pakatan opposition.

However in addressing PAS’ so called weakness multimedia and communications minister Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak stated ‘PAS is not weak although it has left Pakatan Harapan’. He goes on to say…’although PAS had its ups and downs, the party members were always loyal to the party and its grassroots machinery was also strong’.

Read the full article below

DAP-led Pakatan using the fear of loss as a means to bring PAS back is severely misplaced.  Lim Kit Siang and those aligned to his way of thinking must believe that the leadership in PAS is more concerned about power than about principles.

It is the belief that PAS cares more about power than they do about principles which gives further credence to what Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) has written ‘Why Chinese Do Not Understand PAS’; and which is why using the fear factor to bring PAS back to the (beer party) coalition will not work!