Pakatan Failed in Using 1MDB as a Fulcrum to Dislodge Najib!

Tun 1MDB

Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition thought that they could use 1MDB as some type of political fulcrum to dislodge Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak from his position as Prime Minster.

As relentless as Lim Kit Sit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan opposition tried, they could not find the right leverage to uproot Najib Razak from office.

Lim Kit Siang knew that in order to unseat the Najib, he needed Malay muscle on his side of the fulcrum; that is why he tried to extend an olive branch to Datuk Seri Hadi Awang and PAS.

However Lim Kit Siang’s overtures to Hadi Awang and PAS quickly turned to disdain when PAS and UMNO started working together of common interest.

Shortly after PAS and UMNO started working on matters which are of a concern to Muslims, the DAP-led opposition’s propaganda portal (Sarawak Report) came out with an article (since removed)  entitled ‘Cash for Pas’-The Accusations build up.

As a result of all of the accusations and lies in the article, PAS has brought a lawsuit against Clare Rewcastle-Brown; the editor of Sarawak Report.

In lieu of the fact that the DAP-led opposition still needing Malay help on the Fulcrum, they fast tracked their former archenemy (Tun Mahathir) along with his newly formed political party (Party Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia) into the inner sanctums of their (PH) coalition.

In actuality, the DAP-led opposition had no other choice but to fast track Mahathir as they had no mascot outside of the confines of prison walls to be the face of the opposition.

Therefore, being devoid of any type of leadership, Dr. Mahathir became the bitter pill that Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition was forced to swallow.

However, even with the addition of Tun Mahathir to Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition, they still had a problem; the issue (1MDB) they have put all their hope into was going nowhere and neither was Najib.

Tun Mahathir along with the Pakatan opposition have spent a lot of time, effort and no doubt money trying to use 1MDB as the fulcrum to dislodge Najib from office with nothing to show for it.

Holding ‘Nothing to Hide 2.0′ was a desperate attempt to keep 1MDB alive.  However, the only thing ‘Nothing to Hide 2.0’ proved was that Pakatan Harapan is a house of cards that is beginning to collapse on itself!





Pakatan Harapan Has Been and Continues to be a One-Trick Pony!


Pakatan Harapan has proven to only be a one trick-pony in a room of Smokey mirrors.

Tun Mahathir’s joining and almost instantaneous ascension as self proclaimed “Top Dog” for DAP-led Pakatan proves that they were in need of a new pony as people started questioning why the Pakatan was running around like a headless chicken.

Being a headless chicken had more than likely expedited any deal between Tun Mahathir and DAP-led Pakatan.

Not working out some sort of deal with Tun Mahathir would have left Pakatan Harapan in the uncomfortable position of having to respond to the many questions on why there was no name other than Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as their choice for Prime Minister.

To cover the coalition’s lack of depth, the DAP-led opposition tried to display Anwar as if he were either:

  1. Not in prison
  2. Someone who could manage things from Sungai Buloh prison or
  3. Someone who would soon be released.

Whichever the scenario, it was of utmost importance for Pakatan Harapan to keep their (Anwar Ibrahim) one trick pony show going until they could find another solution.

This is where Tun Mahathir became a useful tool.

Tun Mahathir along with his now almost nonexistent political Party (Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia /PPBM) needed a stage to perform and DAP-led Pakatan a pony that could do tricks for the Malay audience.

The union of Tun Mahathir with Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan gave both men what they needed:

Mahathir: a platform that could help resuscitate his son Mukhriz’ political career

Lim Kit Siang: Access to Malay voters

The embarrassing thing about having Mahathir as Pakatan’s new one trick pony is people are realizing that Tun Mahathir becoming the “top dog” means that the kennel had been empty prior to his arrival.

It also means that all of DAP-led Pakatan’s posturing, placards, new conferences were all smoking mirrors cover the fact that they were empty and could only dangle the name of a prisoner (Anwar Ibrahim) out before the public.

Now it is Mahathir who is being dangled out before the public.

The problem for Pakatan Harapan is their new pony or “top dog’s” trick (1MDB) has turned out to be much to do about nothing; which has become yet another Mahathir’s red faced moment.

It appears that top dog Tun Mahathir barking up the wrong tree (1MDB) is proving to not only to be an embarrassment to him,

but it is proving to be an even bigger embarrassment for the (still) DAP-led Pakatan opposition which has placed Mahathir at the head of the coalition that he has just joined.

Allowing Tun Mahathir to become ‘top dog’ only proves that Pakatan Harapan has been and continues to be a one-trick pony in a room of smoky mirrors!



Pakatan’s Grand Malay Deception!

Pakatan’s Grand Malay Deception is giving the impression that they have a candidate for Prime Minister when in actuality they do not.

This deception took place after the reworking of their leadership structure had taken place


What Pakatan Harapan wants is for Malays to look at this structure and believe that Tun Mahathir is their choice for Prime Minister and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim is the choice for deputy Prime Minister; even though he is still in Sungai Buloh prison.

This image is suppose to conjure up memories of a time gone by before Tun Mahathir proclaimed to the world that Anwar Ibrahim has a penchant for intimate male companionship.

The real power behind the deception (Lim Kit Siang’s DAP) is hoping that Malays are further deceived into seeing that the Pakatan structure is not a DAP/Chinese-led Pakatan Harapan, but instead a Malay-led Pakatan Harapan.

That is why the top most visible positions are stacked with faces that Malays will recognize thus giving the impression that Pakatan Harapan is not led by Lim Kit Siang who by the way is purposely not included in the structure.

Lim Kit Siang’s non inclusion in any of the positions could be to give the impression that there is no deal between Tun Mahathir and him to make the later deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister or that he will wait until his son Lim Guan Eng is convicted and then take his place in the same way Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail has taken up her husband’s (Anwar Ibrahim) seat when he was sent to prison for raping/sodomizing his aid.

Lim Kit Siang and the DAP taking a back seat only shows they are the real power in Pakatan Harapan.  They (DAP) are party with the most seats, yet they give the position of chairman to the party (Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia/PPBM) with only one seat.

This again is like a Hollywood creation so that the targeted audience can believe in the Santa Clause fantasy that they are using to deceive the Malays.

The whole idea is for Malays to believe that Tun Mahathir is Pakatan Harapan’s choice for Prime Minister and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim is Pakatan Harapan’s choice for deputy Prime Minister.  In this way Pakatan Harapan escape not having to answer the question of who are their designated choices for both Prime Minister and deputy Prime Minister; a question they have yet to answer.

For Pakatan Harapan which is still led by Lim Kit Siang’s DAP, the most pressing issue is the continuation of the Grand Malay Deception.

That deception is to allow the Malays to believe that Pakatan Harapan is Malay-led when in fact Lim Kit Siang and his DAP are the hands that control the puppet!

Lim Kit Siang is Like a Man Afraid to Ask His Wife to Renew Their Marriage Vows!


When it comes to a DAP second election, Lim Kit Siang is like a man afraid to ask his wife to renew their marriage vows because he already knows the answer.

This is why Lim Kit Siang wanted the Registra of Societies (RoS) to deregister his not so Democratic Action Party (DAP).  If they did, father and son Lim (Kit Siang and Guan Eng) could cry crocodile tears before their open and closeted Chinese sympathizers and proclaim that they are the victims of a government plot to suppress Chinese voices.

Unfortunately for Lim Kit Siang and the other DAP leadership who benefited from the December 2012 fraudulent vote the RoS did not deregister the DAP.

Now Lim Kit Siang has to either comply by having the DAP carrying out a re-vote with those original 2,576 delegates from 865 branches who were denied their opportunity to vote for the leadership they wanted or try and find some other legal loophole that he can slither through to avoid that first option.

All along Lim Kit Siang tried to give the impression that he has the backing of the DAP.  However his backing is only partially legitimate as the leadership whom are backing him may themselves be illegitimate.  Lim Kit Siang knows this which is why he will not rush to have a revote.  In fact he will do whatever he can to prevent those original 2,576 voters from voting because he knows that they know they were cheated from their right to vote.

It has already been determined that most or all of those 2,576 delegates would not have voted for Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng or many of the others who benefited from the fraudulent vote and it is a certainty that finally given the chance to vote Lim Kit Siang his son (Lim Guan Eng) and all the others would lose their posts and their positions.

Had the RoS thrown Lim Kit Siang a life line by deregistering the DAP he (Lim Kit Siang) could have just registered a new party assuring that none of the 2,576 previous delegates were members.  Then he could maintain the present leadership structure that he has with the DAP while at the same time claim that it was the government that forced them to start a new political party. In that way, Lim Kit Siang and company would never have to answer for the illegal action which they had undertaken in December 2012.

If Lim Kit Siang were confident that a re-vote would turn out in his favor, he would break Usain Bolts speed records to have the AGM and a re-election.

Conversely, Lim Kit Siang’s lack of confidence is like a man who is afraid to ask his wife if she would marry him again because he knows without a doubt that her answer would be the same as those 2,576 delegates in 2012 would have been and would be today; He** No!

Mahathir Causing Crack in a Coalition That is Already Fractured!


Pakatan Harapan is probably second guessing its decision to allow Tun Mahathir and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysian (PPBM) join their coalition; as now they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Life seemed to be so much easier for Pakatan Harapan when Tun Mahathir and PPBM were on the outside seemingly begging to join DAP-led Pakatan.  During those days, Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan believed that they were steering the ship even though the ship was not heads anywhere; still they were in control.

Tun Mahathir’s PPBM was the new political party on the scene and was in desperate need of a platform.

Being newly formed, Tun Mahathir seemed ready to acquiesce to any demand Lim Kit Siang’s Pakatan opposition put forth; He had his preverbal hat in hand ready to dance to any tune Pakatan Harapan played.

He acquiesced because he wanted to get in so that he could try to steer DAP-led Pakatan in the direction that best suites his plan; which really means the plans he has for his son Mukhriz.

Therefore Tun Mahathir threw pride to the side and got very lovey-dovey with Lim Kit Siang; his long time nemeses.  As part of his bonding process, Tun Mahathir even gushed about how the DAP sang negaraku and spoke Bahasa Malaysia at their convention.

All of Tun Mahathir’s praises heaped on the DAP only shows that like a chameleon, he can change when it is convenient for him to do so.

Now that Tun Mahathir is officially part of the DAP-led coalition, he is is doing or saying what he dared not say when he was on the outside; and that is he wants to be Prime Minister again.  (here)


What is now proving to be quite embarrassing for DAP-led Pakatan is Tun Mahathir seizing control.  He is doing so  because he knows that Lim Kit Siang’s DAP opposition does not have any one else to put forward as their candidate.

Mahathir has pushed himself to the forefront because he wants to make sure that Mukhriz has a place at the table in highly unlikely event that things turn the opposition’s way during the next election.

Tun Mahathir also knows that he cannot rely on Mukhriz to step up and put himself in an electable position; which is why he volunteered himself to be Pakatan’s PM choice.

However when Mahathir volunteered his services, he caused a crack in a coalition which was already fractured; a scenario they can ill afford with 14th general election swiftly approaching!

When Lim Kit Siang Feels The Heat, He Brings Up 1MDB!

Lim 1MDB

Lim Kit Siang who is the self styled DAP-led Pakatan Harapan leader does not see the irony we he claims the actions by UMNO goes against values the values the political party espouses. (here)

Lim Kit Siang was referring to Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Keruak’s blog post that said the 14th general election will be a battle between the DAP and Barisan Nasional.  Responding to that, Lim Kit Siang said that ‘such attempts to falsely frame the GE14 election is downright false, untrue and lies’.

This is the same Lim Kit Siang who along with his DAP-led Pakatan opposition are so adept to espouse untruths, fabrications and lies about links between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

He is also the same Lim Kit Siang who quickly complains and cries whenever he, his son (Lim Guan Eng), his DAP party or DAP-led political coalition are cast in a not too flattering light.

Lim Kit Siang did not want to address the reality of the Minister’s statement so he tried to use a political Tai-Chi move and deflect the topic away from it.

Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led Pakatan know that whenever things get too hot they should deflect the conversation to 1MDB; and this is exactly what Kit Siang did when he stated that the 1MDB scandal was huge, international and there was no way to keep its ghosts under wraps.

Side note: For once, Lim Kit Siang is right when he mentioned ‘its (1MDB) ghosts’ because no impropriety has been seen so ghosts does seem to fit quite nicely.

Lim Kit Siang rants on and claims that from the mainstream media in Malaysia (whom he uses when it serves his purpose), Parliament, the Attorney-General’s Chambers all the way to police department are all in cahoots in some sort of 1MDB conspiracy.

Kit Siang further believes that the rest of the world is so concerned over events in Malaysian that they (the international community) will lose sleep over those events.

Again, all Lim Kit Siang was doing when he tried to deflect the topic away from the DAP vs. Barisan Nasional to 1MDB was political tai-chi; and that doesn’t always turn out well, even for someone who is proficient. 

Nevertheless, when the topic of DAP vs. Umno/Barisan Nasional is brought up, Kit Siang knows that it will conjure up memories of the Chinese tsunami of the previous general election.

Lim Kit Siang would prefer that Malays in particular to not think about or remember that (Chinese tsunami) as he sees the growing indication of a tsunami flowing counter to where it had previously flowed; especially with the shared Islamic values of both PAS and UMNO.

Which is precisely why whenever Lim Kit Siang feels the heat on topics like the DAP vs. UMNO or the DAP vs. Muslims he brings up 1MDB!

Ahok’s Defeat Must Send Shivers Down Lim Kit Siang’s Spine!


Lim Kit Siang was probably looking forward to telling Malays that Ahok’s winning is an example of what can take place in Malaysia.  However, with Ahok’s defeat, Lim Kit Siang lost the wild card that he believed he had.

Not only should Ahok’s defeat serve as a poignant message for Lim Kit Siang, but the reason why he was defeated should start to send shivers down Lim Kit Siang’s spine.

Ahok like both Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng was too confident; some would arrogant when it came to his role in Jakarta politics.

As it is written ‘Pride comes before a fall’

Ahok probably thought that Indonesian’s admiration for him was such that he could make any remark or Islamic reference without repercussions.   However, he like the Lims and their DAP following should have known that there are some lines that should not be crossed and some fires that should not be stoked!

When Ahok made his remarks, it was widely viewed not only as his insulting Islam, but that he was touching on something for which he had no knowledge, lacked understanding and no sensitivity.

The same case can be made against Lim Kit Siang with respect to PAS president Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill referred to as RUU355.

Lim Kit Siang grave mistake was in thinking that he could treat it (RUU355) as any other matter which came up in Parliament and voice his opinion come what may.

The problem is that RUU355 concerns Muslims and no matter how paternal Lim Kit Siang believes he is towards Muslims, the fact is he was never assigned that task.

Further, the nature of the Bill/RUU355 is not new to Lim Kit Siang bringing many to believe that his opposition to it stems from his displeasure with PAS president Hadi Awang as well as the possibility of another agenda which The Third Force has written about (here)

Had Ahok won the gubernatorial race in Jakarta, Lim Kit Siang would have used that as his battle cry claiming that if the world’s most populace Muslim country can accept a non Muslim touching on something that Muslims hold sacred, then he is justified in doing the same thing here in Malaysia.

Now with Ahok’s defeat, Lim Kit Siang is hoping that Muslims in Malaysia have a short memory and that the same electoral defeat that befell Ahok does not fall on him and his DAP.

Lim Kit Siang has to be viewing Ahok’s defeat like a deer staring at oncoming (GE14) headlights having the sense that doom is at hand; and that thought has to be sending shivers down Lim Kit Siang’s spine!