Tun Mahathir Will Say Anything To Get Himself in Position To Help Mukhriz!

Tun Mahathir will say anything to get himself in position to help Mukhriz!

Tun Mahathir’s latest in his ever expanding desperation move is more bizarre than his vanishing billions into thin air.

These days Tun Mahathir is talking about political assassination; namely his.

As they are fond of saying in the USA; ‘Hello’

Come on let’s get real, this is Malaysia not exactly a place known as the hotbed of political assassinations.

It certainly seems that the once mighty has fallen so low that he (Mahathir) is trying to garner sympathy support for his failing bid at a comeback.

Remember his crying out that he is more popular than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak? Subsequent elections squelched that thought very quickly.

Then there was the cry that the government is keeping his Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) from being registered.

However when the registration of PPBM went through, he could not use his political martyre card. Some are wondering, if he will use the PPBM log or fly under the PKR logo.


Now he is talking about being marked for assassination; at the age of 90+.

But not getting any tears or believers over that he has come up with the idea that his plane has been sabotaged; again with the idea of wanting him out of the way.

Somewhere in Mahathir’s delusions, he believes that he is still a political force to be reckoned with in the 14th general election.

However the sad reality is the man (Mahathir) whose rule over Malaysia eclipsed two decades no longer commands the stage as he had in the pass. Now people show up to at his events out of curiosity; proving crowd size doesn’t always matter.


Unless Tun Mahathir is totally surrounded by his press clippings from his time in office, he has to realize that not only is DAP-Pakatan in serious trouble, but he is as well as their is a good possibility that he may not win the Langkawi seat.

In Raja Petra Kamarudin’s (RPK) The Corridores of Power

Mahathir is so desperate to win the Langkawi seat in the 9th May 2018 general election. This is supposed to be the safest seat in Malaysia for him and if he loses Langkawi he is doomed. So, Mahathir will resort to anything to win — even lie, cheat and bribe if necessary. Mahathir is prepared to even buy votes by bribing each voter RM1,000 if need be. And all it will cost him is RM20 million to buy enough votes to win, which is nothing to save losing face plus much more.

Click the link to read the full article.


So it seems that Tun Mahathir is running the gambit from vanishing billions, political assassination to sabotaged aircraft; he will say and do anything to get himself in position to help his son Mukhriz become prime minister.

To the naysayers; his teaming up with Lim Kit Siang should prove the point!


Surrounding Himself With Malays; Emperor Lim Kit Siang Still Has No Clothes!

No matter how DAP-led Pakatan leader tries to surround himself with Malays; emperor Lim Kit Siang still has not clothes.

Sure he can surround himself with Malays to to create the illusion that they (the Malays) are calling the shots and running the show; but everyone knows that DAP-led Pakatan is the fiefdom which he is emperor.

The Malays which he has propped up around him are just the window dressing to lure in the unsuspecting pray.

There is Tun Mahathir who may believe that Lim Kit Siang has forgotten their contentious pass and is letting bygones be bygones. But the truth may be more that the two former antagonist are bidding their time to see who can screw the other the hardest.

At present Lim Kit Siang is perfectly willing to allow Tun Mahathir to be the face of the Pakatan coalition. For Kit Siang, the end justifies the means; create the illusion that the Pakatan coalition is Malay led while keeping the real power with the DAP.

There are those such as Mat Sabu and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who like Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail are willing to be used just as long at the end of the day (election) they get what they were promised, if they were to capture Putrajaya.

What price is to big as long as Emperor Lim Kit Siang can keep himself clothed (fronted) with Malays.

However not many Malays are buying into the facade that Malays are at the helm of DAP-led Pakatan. They are seeing through the charade that is being perpetuated as well as who and what is behind it.

What they see is that even with having Malays as cover, emperor Lim Kit Siang still has no clothes and they (Malays) are calling him as well as DAP-led Pakatan out on the farce!

Pakatan Staked Their Political Lives on 1MDB. In The End, it Will be a Driving Factor in Doing Them In!

Pakatan Harapan staked their political lives on 1MDB; in the end, 1MDB will be a driving factor in doing them in.

Now, with less than a month to go before the 14th general election, they face an uphill battle in trying to manufacture another issue hurl at the Prime Minister.

As things have turned out, the constant attacks they (Pakatan Harapan and minions) have waged on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has in effect shown DAP-led Pakatan for the the spiteful any lie is a good lie political coalition that many Malaysians see them for.

Take their pet issue which they have staked their political lives; 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). For all their ramblings and beating the drums of hysteria; what do they have to show for it?

It all came to naught.

The following is a synopsis from the High Court yesterday (9 April 2018)
KUALA LUMPUR, April 9 (Bernama) — The High Court here today ruled that there was no evidence that showed 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) suffered losses of US$3.657 billion, as well as proof of misconduct by members of the company’s board of directors. (Bernama)


Undoubtedly, former senator, Datuk Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor knew all all along that his claim would find no merit in the court; but that was not the ultimate purpose.

The purpose was to keep 1MDB alive so that those who have a vested interest in removing Najib from office can point to it (court case) as some type of proof that a wrong has been committed.

As things have turned out a wrong has been committed…

Datuk Nik Hasmat said the court also found that there was no cause of reasonable action in the claim by Mohamad Ezam and that the suit was petty, an inconvenience and an abuse of the court process.

“Therefore, the court strikes out the suit filed by the plaintiff against all the defendants and orders the plaintiff to pay costs of RM63,000 to all the defendants,” she said.

In his effort to milk the 1MDB issue in the court Datuk Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor ended up being milked RM63,000 to all the defendants. Bernama

Pakatan Harapan believed that the rakyat would gobble up every fabricated story they put forth concerning 1MDB; but that never happened.

In the end it will be 1MDB that will be a factor in doing Pakatan Harapan in!

Pakatan Doesn’t Want Laws to Stop Fake News!

It is usually those who break a law who are the very ones who hate that law. Which is exactly why those whom make up the Pakatan leadership don’t want laws / legislation that would criminalize the spread of fake news.


These people have the same mind set as those who complain against the Singapore government for not allowing them to indiscriminately throw chewing gum or cigarettes butts on the street.

People who are in the habit of littering in such a manner claim that their rights are being restricted; because they are not being allowed to act irresponsibly or inconvenience others.

The leadership in Pakatan Harapan along with their fake news mouth piece (Clare Rewcastle-Brown) dislike the fact that the legislation woild stop them from creating their form (fabrications) of pollution.

This is why they are crying so loudly; it is because they know they are guilty. If they were not, they would not be so hot and bothered anything regarding anti-fake news.

People who are not in the habit of littering the street(s) with gun and cigarette butts do not feel that their rights are being restricted when they visit Singapore.

In much the same way, those who do not disseminate fabricated news to the media do not feel that the government is restricting their voice.

Writers of fiction novels or fictional stories don’t feel restricted as they are not trying to pass their work off as fact. Their work falls under the correct category of Fiction.

Hence what Pakatan Harapan along with Sarawak Report should do is list their fake news stories under the category for where it truely belongs; Fiction!

In doing the above, Pakatan Harapan and Sarawak Report will no longer feel the pressure of having to pass their news off as actual fact.

But until the time comes when they can openely embrass who they are (peddlers of fiction), Pakatan Harapan and their pervayer of fabricated news (Clare Rewcastle Brown) should just look at the move to stamp out fake news as another form of “Bersih” or was that also fake!

Pakatan Harapan Will Have Their Hands Full When Lim Guan Eng’s Corruption Trail Begins!

DAP-Pakatan Harapan will certainly have their hands filled when Lim Guan Eng’s corruption trail begins.


They will the have to channel their energies to proclaim that the government has set him (Lim Guan Eng) up the same way the naive among them believe that Anwar Ibrahim was a victim of a honey trap!

That part they claim to see, but the fact that Anwar dipped his finger or some other appendage in the honey they refuse to see.

So there is little surprise that they are blinded to the Penang Menteri Besar’s using his his office for personal gain. In their minds Lim Guan Eng won the real estate jackpot with the first place prize being a greatly reduced in price Bungalow.

While the Pakatan spin doctors spam the airwaves trying come up with some plausible reason to justify why Lim Guan Eng should not go to prison; DAP-led Pakatan will have to concurrently try and piece together something the resembles an election campaign. Up to this point, they still do not seem to know what they want to do. A situation that may largely be due to the mental exhaustion brought about by coming up with their choice for prime minister; they have nothing left in the tank.

Let’s face it, Lim Kit Siang may try to mask it, his attention will also be divided between his son’s corruption trail and the 14th general election; which will leave Tun Mahathir for the most part on his own.

But isn’t that expecting a lot of someone who is no longer in their prime?

In The Corrodores of Power, Blogger Raja Putra Kamarudin gave the following insight:

Pakatan Harapan is trying to create the fallacy that Mahathir is as good as any man half his age and, in fact, can do more than someone half his age. As they say in America, tell that to the Marines. Mahathir should be on the ground, criss-crossing the country and campaigning every day from dawn to dusk if he really wants Pakatan Harapan to do well in GE14. Two hours a day, three days a week, is not good enough.

Click the link to read the entire article


With the start of Lim Guan Eng’s trail for corruption and preparation for the 14th general election DAP-led Pakatak will have their hands full; and Tun Mahathir’s limited work day only adds to their woes!

If Pakatan Hasn’t Articulated Their Message Already, a 21 day Campaign Won’t Help!

Yesterday (March 7, 2018) DAP and PKR which really means DAP-led Pakatan said that they wanted the Election Commission (EC) to fix a longer period for the up coming 14th general election.


The DAP-led Pakatan opposition issue is that a longer period would offer them the opportunity to get their message out to the rakyat. Which begs the question.

What have they being doing up to this point?

Is there somehow a different message for the rakyat that they used in Sarawak, Sungei Besar and Kuala Kangsar?

Was not the DAP-led oppositions message during those failed elections centred around 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and GST.

What about their message that PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Abdul Awang Private Member’s Bill (RUU355) being bad for that segment of the rakyat that it is meant for; Muslims.

And we cannot forget what they asserted through their foreign fake media source (Sarawak Report) that the PAS president is a crook who accepted a bribe.

The DAP-led opposition also cry that it is somehow evil for Datuk Seri Hadi Awang (PAS) and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak(UMNO) to come together for the good of the nation, but at the same time they are searching for channels to get Datuk Seri Hadi Awang and PAS back with them.


But wait; didn’t they also through Sarawak Report say that Datuk Hadi Awang took a bribe?

And did not Nurul Izzah say the following in 2017


With all the conflicting, convoluted and conspiratorial messages that the DAP-led opposition has given all ready, there is no suprise to why they need more time.

Still to repeat the words to an old song; ‘If you don’t know me by now, you will never never never know me’

After all if Pakatan hasn’t articulated their message already, 21 more days campaigning still won’t help!

Pakatan Wants Malaysia’s Young Voters to Believe in Fairy Tales!

DAP-led Pakatan would like nothing better than for young voters to believe in fairy tales. The fairy tale that Malaysia is some town in trouble and needs to be saved.

Also in their fairy tale they have spun tales of money magically disappearing into thin air.

Of course throughout their narrative they (DAP-led) Pakatan is saintly and can do no wrong. And when they are caught with their pants down they cry foul; saying that it is a grand conspiracy to silence their righteous voices.

It is when the very same court system that they would like to find Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak guilty of some dubious crime in turn finds on of their own members guilty it then they say the court system is under the control of the government.

In Sha become widely known that the standard of Bersih applies to all in politics except the DAP-led Pakatan opposition.

Again a fairy tale which they would like young voters to believe.

DAP-led Pakatan wants young voters to act on emotion and not on logic.


Because a person’s emotions can be manipulated, but when it is much more difficult to dupe an individual or individuals whom are looking at things logically.

The fair tales DAP-led Pakatan has spun was with the hope of getting people especially the youth to react to their claims emotionally. They don’t want them to see information like the following headline

Court reaffirms PM Najib’s innocence on 1MDB


What the DAP-led Pakatan opposition has failed to realise is that today’s young voters are far removed from their days of believing fairy tales, if they every did.

They are savvy and smart enough to the positive things Prime Minister Najib and the government are doing to have Malaysia moving forward.


But DAP-led Pakatan does not want Malaysia’s young voters to believe positive news about Malaysia. They want Malaysia’s young voters to believe in fairy tales like money magically disappearing into thin air!