Prime Minister Najib Razak; Leadership Forged by Fire!


Malaysians may not fully see or understand it, but Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak is someone whose leadership has been forged by fire.

And in some quirky way, those that make up the DAP-led Pakatan opposition played a role; even though that was not their intent.  After all, why would they want to make the person that they wanted to remove from office stronger?

That is not to say that Najib did not already have the gifts of a good leader; but what had been slung at him only served in the forging process.

In some cases you have someone who looks like they have what it takes to do the job, but when things get difficult they buckle under the strain of the responsibility.

That has not been the case with Najib. Throughout the slanderous storm, he remained calm, cool and collected; preferring to stay away from the mud rather than wallow in it.

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s refusal to wallow in the mud with those who attacked him only seemed to invite his detractors to continue the onslaught.  However, it was all to no avail as the Prime Minister was focused on the bigger picture; navigating Malaysia through the global economic downturn.

Not only was the Prime Minister tasked with navigating the economy; he also had to take the lead in maintain a stable social environment for all Malaysians; regardless of political or religious affiliation.

It is incumbent that when Malaysians look back over the past few years, thought should be given to how the Prime Minister and his government worked to keep Malaysia moving forward on a stable economic course.  Najib kept getting stronger even during the DAP-led Pakatan opposition’s most slanderous attacks without wavering.

So the question becomes; could Najib have still accomplished all that he has had he not been attacked to the degree he was?

Yes, he could have and that is a plus for Malaysia and Malaysians; because Prime Minister Najib’s leadership has been forged by fire!


Barisan Nasional Victories in Last Year’s By-Elections May Prove this Saying True “if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it”


There is a growing possibility that Barisan Nasional victories in last year’s by-elections in Sarawak, Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar may prove the saying “if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it” true.

As many can remember, before the by-elections had taken place in Sarawak, Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar, the DAP-led opposition machinery was in full swing putting out propaganda against Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak.  The purpose of the proposition was fold.

One (1) to create the impression in the international community that Malaysia was a failed nation.

Two (2) there was hope that by creating a boogieman it would drive a wedge between Malaysians.

The problem was that neither tactic worked.  With regards to the first point, (Malaysia supposedly a failed nation) foreign investment did not stop.   On the contrary, it increased as was outlined mentioned in my last blog.

Further to that, the number of visitors to Malaysia reached an all time high even with the doom and gloom they opposition was preaching.

Read what Lim Sian See had written as reported by The Third Force.

Even before the above reports came about the people in Sarawak, Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar knew that there was something fundamentally wrong with all the negative and divisive messages that the DAP-led Pakatan opposition was putting out.

As things have turned out, Malaysians have given team Barisan Nasional what could be said to be a mandate to continue driving Malaysia’s economy and stable social structure.

Since those electoral victories, Malaysia’s economy has continued to move forward even in light of the global slowdown.

In looking back at the results in Sarawak, Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar, is it possible that what had taken place is a snapshot of voter sentiment for the upcoming 14th general election; “if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it”!

Najib and Barisan Nasional; Social Engineers Building Bridges for the Future!


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Barisan Nasional are like social engineers who are building bridges for the future.

There is a quote that pretty much encapsulates what the above means.  It goes like this:

I like to see myself as a bridge builder; that is me building bridges between people, between races, between cultures, between politics, trying to find common ground.

T.D. Jakes

When one looks at the Prime Minister along with Barisan Nasional is doing, the quote pretty much sums it up; build bridges.

Of course any civil engineer would tell you that building bridges is never easy.  There are many decisions and factors which come into play when building bridges.  The team of engineers work together to find the best solution to assist people to move from their present position to where the ultimately would like to go.

That has been Prime Minister Najib’s goal since taking the helm of leadership.  He as well those comprising team Barisan Nasional work together to build bridges that all Malaysians can cross; regardless of ethnicity, religious belief or social economic background.

The work cannot be undertaken lightly; careful planning is necessary when building something which everyone wants to last.  As such, those given the task can ill afford to be distracted by those who would seek to turn positive results in the economy and strengthened ties abroad into something negative.

The government has to work to keep Malaysia moving forward in areas that will help its growth.  However, at the same time the government must guard against influences which could damage the harmony that has been built here.

It is this moderate approach which has allowed Malaysia to be able voice out wrongs being committed to the Rohingya and Palestinians while at the same time allowing those here in Malaysia to practice their beliefs in peace.

So the choice Malaysians will have to make in the upcoming 14th general election will be to allow the government to continue building bridges to economic prosperity and social stability or travel down a murky road of uncertainty.

Prime Minister Najib and team Barisan Nasional having already embarked on what was found in T. D Jakes quote:

They see themselves as social engineers and bridge builders; building bridges between people, between races, between cultures, between politics, trying to find common ground.


Lim Kit Siang uses rhetoric about Moderate and Extremist Islam to sure up his voter base!


Lim Kit Siang realizes that his DAP-led Pakatan opposition has about as much chance to win the 14th general election as there is for a winter blizzard to engulf Malaysia.

Realizing that the battle that DAP-led Pakatan was never really in is lost; Lim Kit Siang is trying to sure up his base.  Therefore, what other way to do that than trying to put fear of an extremist Islamic bogeyman in the hearts and minds of those he wants to keep in his corner.

Lim Kit Siang is trying to give the impression that Muslims in Malaysia should accept what he believes is moderate Islam.  No doubt Lim Kit Siang’s version of Islam is the acceptance of beer festivals, same sex marriages and the whole LGBT agenda.   Conversely, in Lim Kit Siang’s version of moderate Islam, praying and fasting would be optional; as the fundamentals of the faith would give way to: Do as you please.

Having lived here over the years, Lim Kit Siang knows that Malaysia’s Muslims by and far, do not fall under what one would categorize as extremist.

The term extremist within itself has been overly used for the sole purpose of creating fear; which seems to be why Lim Kit Siang is using it as some sort of last ditched effort.

Political parties in the West have used the term extremist in conjunction with Islam in the run up to national elections to garner votes.

Now that Lim Kit Siang sees that his DAP-led opposition is on the brink of a major loss in the general election, he wants to make sure that he is still has seat at the political table.  To do this he has resorted to insinuating that there is an extremist Islam lurking in Malaysia and that he can serve as a vanguard against the onslaught of extremism.

So what makes Lim Kit Siang an authority on Islam?

Has he taken a correspondence course on Islam which outlined what is moderate and what is extreme?  This must be the case as he is now sounding the alarm to warm Malaysians about extremism in Islam.

So in Lim Kit Siang’s acceptable version of Islam is beer festivals, same sex marriages and LGBT lifestyles as the norm; and those Muslims who speak out against any of those activities are extremist.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Lim Kit Siang knows that his DAP-led opposition has as much chance of winning the 14th general election as there is for a blizzard to engulf Malaysian.  That is why he is using rhetoric about moderate and extremist Islam; he wants to sure up his voter base!



Mahathir Like Mugabe Must Face The Inevitable!


Tun Mahathir and former Zimbabwe’s president Robert Gabriel Mugabe have to come to grips with reality; their time has passed.

On Tuesday in Harare Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe resigned as his country’s present ending marking the end of his 37 year rule.

The writing for the end of Mugabe’s hold on power was seen last week when the armoured vehicles took to the streets of Harare followed by Robert Mugabe being placed under house arrest.

It was largely speculated that Robert Mugabe was trying to position his wife Grace to the next president of Zimbabwe after the 93 year Mugabe served another term.

There are staunch similarities between Robert Mugabe and Tun Mahathir.

Tun Mahathir was Malaysia’s Prime Minister for 22 years.  Although he stepped down from his post, he tried to maintain control over those who would take over as Prime Minister.  So there was Robert Mugabe with no pretence determined to stay in power and Tun Mahathir giving the facade of vacating the post, but still wanting to maintain control over those who took over.

Although Tun Mahathir would claim otherwise (or does he) that he is not trying to place his son Mukhriz in position to become Prime Minister; everyone knows that every political move he makes is with that end in mind.

When Robert Mugabe tried to position his wife Grace to become the next head of State his was too much for the people of Zimbabwe to stomach.  Many Malaysians also see Tun Mahathir’s attempts to elevate Mukhriz as a difficult pill that Dr. Mahathir wants Malaysian’s to swallow.  After all, Mukhriz other than sharing the Mahathir family name has cannot succeed in politics on his own; which is why he needs that ‘safe seat’ to contest.

Tun Mahathir has to realize that the era of passing the baton to one’s unqualified seed just for the sake of dynasty is over.   Malaysia is heading in a positive direction and the post of Prime Minister cannot to be a platform for OJT (On Job Training).

It is time for Tun Mahathir to give up his dream for his son as well as his own dream for wielding control over the government.

Robert Mugabe had to face the inevitable that his time has passed and no longer controls the government.  Mahathir now in his golden years must face the same reality that not only has his time has passed, but just like Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace will not become the president of Zimbabwe; Tun Mahathir’s son Mukhriz will not become Prime Minister of Malaysia!


Pakatan Harapan; The Politics of ‘What if’!


In DAP-led Pakatan Harapan politics, just like in life there are a lot of ‘What ifs’.

These are the various musings people make when they reflecting on the current state of events in their lives.

In life there are those who look at those around them who have achieved a degree of success and wonder: What if I had applied myself more; wouldn’t my situation be better than it is now?

What if I were born in another country, different ethnicity, taller or richer, wouldn’t I be… yada yada yada; you know how it goes.

Similarly now that Malaysia is gearing up for the 14th general election; there is probably a lot of musing, self reflection and kicking oneself in the pants taking place among those in Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition who have their ‘what ifs’.

When looking back over the strategy of allowing Tun Mahathir and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) join DAP-led Pakatan, Lim Kit Siang may be thinking at this crucial time; what if I had rebuffed the idea of allowing Tun Mahathir and PPBM join?

Lim Kit Siang’s may also be reflecting on how he could have capitalized on that fact that Tun Mahathir after leaving UMNO did not really having a base.  He (LKS) could have continued going after him over BMF forex and other contentious issues that are tied to Tun Mahathir.  Instead of doing that, Lim Kit Siang looks like (and rightly so) someone who placed price before his principles; and now he is paying the price!

Tun Mahathir who to this day does not look fully comfortable with Lim Kit Siang (no matter how they try to display their bromance publically) has his own list of what ifs.

Tun Mahathir could be thinking: what if I had not tried to bully Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib the same way I did Tun Dato’ Sri Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi;  Mukhriz and I would still be in UMNO and not outside it of it secretly wishing we were still in

Perhaps if Tun Mahathir had employed a different strategy he would not have had to swallow all of those things he has said about Lim Kit Siang, DAP and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.  Well, in the case of the latter he did not swallow as he never did come out and say he does not commit sodomy.

Adding to Tun Mahathir’s what ifs:

What if Mukhriz were more ………,………,……..and ……..(fill in the blanks); wouldn’t he be able to achieve political success without riding on his father’s name.  And what if Mukhriz family name was not Mahathir would he even be in a political discussion at all not to mention a conversation about becoming a future Prime Minister?

Lastly, I am placing the snippets on Lim Guan Eng and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim together as they may soon be sharing a common mailing address.

Lim Guan Eng what if: What if I had not l thought Malays were not intelligent enough to figure out how I purchased my bungalow; and what if I had not criticised PAS on how they govern and handle floods in Kelantan.

Datuk Anwar Ibrahim what if: What if I had not continued to act upon those unnatural desires for males that landed me in jail to which Tun Mahathir knows all too well.

And what if I my semen could have magically disappeared from the annals of hiStory like those billions Mahathir talked about; my life would certainly be different today.

Realizing that the 14th general election is only a stone’s throw away, Pakatan Harapan finds itself immersed in thinking about the politics of ‘What if’!





Why Does Mukhriz Need a Safe Seat; ‘ANSARA’!


When you look at the results of what happened after the ANSARA nominations, it becomes quite clear why Mukhriz needs a safe seat.

The latest news as reported by ‘Seademon’, is that Mukhriz Mahathir did not get a single nomination for (get this) any of the ANSARA posts.  That slight must have sent Mukhriz ego into a tailspin; especially given the fact that he’s incumbent President.

You would almost think that he would get at least one nomination for holding the position; but even one nomination was too much to ask as those who were making nominations know all too well of Mukhriz’s lack of performance.

Mukhriz’ job performance parallels that of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as written in yesterday’s piece entitled ‘The Strange Disappearance of Muhyiddin Yassin’ (Read it here).

As the constituents in Kedah know, the former Menteri Besar (Mukhriz Mahathir) is no stranger to disappearing.  It has become widely known that he spent more time in Kuala Lumpur than he did in serving the people in his constituency.   Not only that, but to add insult to injury; the talk is that even on those rare occasions when he was in Kedah, he was virtually ineffective.

His ineffectiveness is probably why Mukhriz received such an overwhelming (wink) number of ANSARA nominations.

Fortunately for Mukhriz, his being born into the Mahathir household is the reason why his political career has gotten as far as it has; he was a passenger in the Mahathir vehicle.  But that vehicle started running out of fuel when Tun Mahathir left office; which is why daddy could not save him from being dismissed as Kedah Menteri Besar.

There was and still is no way for Mukhriz to survive politically without riding on his father’s coat tail.  It was Tun Mahathir who in the pass could influence the direction of events.  Lim Kit Siang knew that and that is why he wanted Tun Mahathir and is only using Mukhriz as window dressing.

Does anyone think for a moment that Mukhriz is such a political strategist or is such a political heavy weight that he warranted the position of DAP-led Pakatan deputy vice president?  If he were such a political asset, he would have been re-nominated for the top ANSARA post or any of the other ANSARA posts.

Now think over this; if Mukhriz cannot get a single nomination for an ANSARA post, there is absolutely no way in the world he can win an election without dear old dad arranging a safe seat him.

Mukhriz needs a safe seat because he will be not electable without it.  He is like a man who has been given fish and never taught how to fish; without his father (Tun Mahathir), Mukhriz would starve politically.

That is why ANSARA is a perfect example to why Mukhriz Mahathir needs that safe seat which is said to be part of that RM1Billion package for Lim Kit Siang that everyone is talking about!