Send Tun Dr. Mahathir Home to Rest!

Those who may have some sort of nostalgia for Tun Dr. Mahathir should send him home to rest.

The limited campaigning he is doing is taxing enough; imagine having to lead a nation at ninety plus (90+) years of age.

Yes everyone knows that he is doing what he is doing for the sake of his son (Mukhriz) failed political career. And by his own admission, he only wants to play Prime Minister for two (2) years; which seriously disrespects the office.

Him saying that is almost as bad as when Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail said that she doesn’t mind being a puppet.

Even Pinocchio wanted to be the real and yet she is content to being a puppet.

So what DAP Pakatan Harapan has is there self proclaimed top dog only wanting to be a part time Prime Minister with the sole aim of positioning his son Mukhriz and to secure some sort of dynasty.

Then there is Pakatan Harapan’s former choice for Prime Minister and now earmarked for deputy Prime Minister (Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail) who is worried about her own PKR deputy Selangor Menteri Besar (Datuk Azmin Ali) supplanting her as party president and does not mind if others like Lim Kit Siang or the DAP pull her strings.

So the DAP-led Pakatan opposition wants voters to put their future in a part timer(Tun Dr. Mahathir) and a wannabe puppet’s (Wan Azizah Ismail’s) hands because of the lie they tried to perpetuate that that Malaysia is going bankrupt.

Just click the link below to get a clear picture of Malaysia’s financial situation.

Malaysia’s financial woes is only one of the lies that has come full circle to bite DAP-led Pakatan.

Tun Dr. Mahathir has to try and navigate the field of lies that he and his cohorts in the Pakatan opposition have created while at the same time to try give the assurance that his many U-turns of late and memory slippage are not a sign of this phase of his life.

What ever the case may be, those who may feel some sort of nostalgia for Tun Dr. Mahathir should send him home to rest!


Tun Mahathir Will Say Anything To Get Himself in Position To Help Mukhriz!

Tun Mahathir will say anything to get himself in position to help Mukhriz!

Tun Mahathir’s latest in his ever expanding desperation move is more bizarre than his vanishing billions into thin air.

These days Tun Mahathir is talking about political assassination; namely his.

As they are fond of saying in the USA; ‘Hello’

Come on let’s get real, this is Malaysia not exactly a place known as the hotbed of political assassinations.

It certainly seems that the once mighty has fallen so low that he (Mahathir) is trying to garner sympathy support for his failing bid at a comeback.

Remember his crying out that he is more popular than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak? Subsequent elections squelched that thought very quickly.

Then there was the cry that the government is keeping his Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) from being registered.

However when the registration of PPBM went through, he could not use his political martyre card. Some are wondering, if he will use the PPBM log or fly under the PKR logo.

Now he is talking about being marked for assassination; at the age of 90+.

But not getting any tears or believers over that he has come up with the idea that his plane has been sabotaged; again with the idea of wanting him out of the way.

Somewhere in Mahathir’s delusions, he believes that he is still a political force to be reckoned with in the 14th general election.

However the sad reality is the man (Mahathir) whose rule over Malaysia eclipsed two decades no longer commands the stage as he had in the pass. Now people show up to at his events out of curiosity; proving crowd size doesn’t always matter.

Unless Tun Mahathir is totally surrounded by his press clippings from his time in office, he has to realize that not only is DAP-Pakatan in serious trouble, but he is as well as their is a good possibility that he may not win the Langkawi seat.

In Raja Petra Kamarudin’s (RPK) The Corridores of Power

Mahathir is so desperate to win the Langkawi seat in the 9th May 2018 general election. This is supposed to be the safest seat in Malaysia for him and if he loses Langkawi he is doomed. So, Mahathir will resort to anything to win — even lie, cheat and bribe if necessary. Mahathir is prepared to even buy votes by bribing each voter RM1,000 if need be. And all it will cost him is RM20 million to buy enough votes to win, which is nothing to save losing face plus much more.

Click the link to read the full article.

So it seems that Tun Mahathir is running the gambit from vanishing billions, political assassination to sabotaged aircraft; he will say and do anything to get himself in position to help his son Mukhriz become prime minister.

To the naysayers; his teaming up with Lim Kit Siang should prove the point!

If Tun Mahathir Were Really The ‘Top Dog’…

He would not need help

Let’s face it, if Tun Mahathir were really the ‘top dog’, he would not need to rely on Lim Kit Siang DAP-led Pakatan opposition as a vehicle to ride in the 9th May 2018 14th general election. He would square his shoulders and have his now defunct Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) go it alone.

Tun Mahathir would have been so confident that Malaysians would rally to him that the mere idea of him making a comeback would have been enough.

But his comeback is not enough so like leeches in need of hosts the two (Tun Mahathir with PPBM and Lim Kit Siang with his DAP-led Pakatan opposition) have latched onto each other; proof that Tun Mahathir is not the top dog he deludes himself to be.

Mukhriz would still be Menteri Besar

Mukhriz did not survive as Kedah Menteri Besar because he believed he could hold the post while providing minimal service to those in the State. As a result of his lack of political acrumen, Mukhriz could not understand that providing valued service to the people would create an environment for political longevity.

However, Mukhriz felt certain that having Tun Mahathir as his father, that his post as Kadah Menteri Besar and future position as Prime Minister were his.

Mukhriz was too politically naive to see that his father did not have the same sway thst he had when he governed the nation. In fact, Tun Mahathir did not hold enough sway in UMNO to keep his son from being shown the door; even with his Trojan horses still hiding like cockroaches in the party.

He would not blame everything on Najib

Tun Mahathir has blamed everything under the sun on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. If he perceives anything to be is wrong in Malaysia, Mahathir is quick to place the blame on Najib.

  • His son cannot become Youth Minister or UMNO vice president; blame Najib.
  • His business the loaf closed down; again blame Najib.
  • Lim Guan Eng caught having purchased a greatly undervalued bungalow dang…cannot blame that one on Najib!

Looking at the political writing on the wall; Tun Mahathir and cohorts have probably already prepared their post GE14 press statements blaming their loss on some grand goverment conspiracy to fix the election.

Never the less, looking at things as they are; if Tun Mahathir were a real top dog, he would not have to place blame on Najib; he would let the voters decide just like they did in Sarawak, Sungei Besar and Kuala Kangsar. There would not have been a need to try and hatch a coup d’etait.

But then again, those elections did not turn out in favour of the top dog and DAP-led Pakatan even when they blamed Najib for the world’s problems.

Given all of his failed efforts to try and remove Najib; the world can now see that the self proclaimed top dog has little bark, no bite and can only whimper!

If Tun Mahathir were really a Top dog, he wouldn’t have to proclaim it!

Mahathir Has Already Lost His Popularity Contest with Najib!

Do you remember way back on March 14th 20016 when Tun Mahathir wanted a popularity contest to be held to prove that he is more popular than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak?

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today suggested Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak hold a national referendum to gauge which of the two has more popular support.

That was during the time that Tun Mahathir was still full of his self and believed that he through sheer will he could remove Najib from office.

It was not too long after that Tun Mahathir lack of popularity was apparent for all Malaysians to see.

Tun Mahathir believed that the Sarawak by-election would prove that he could swing the popular vote toward the DAP-led opposition. So one could almost say that Mahathir wanted to prove that he was popular among Malaysians as well as prove to the opposition that he and PPBM potential value to their cause.

The bloody aftermath of that by election showed just the opposite; Tun Mahathir was as popular as he deluded himself into believing. Of course the spin was Tun Mahathir did not put his full effort into that effort and that the resounding victory had nothing to do with Najib.

But then there came the Kuala Kangsar Sungai Besar by elections. And once again even with the specter of Tun Mahathir along with his love fest with Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim there, the DAP-led opposition still lost.

And let us not forget the million signatures that Tun Mahathir was so proud to proclaim that he had. He certainly believed that those million signatures proved that he was more popular than the Najib.

The problem was that there were not a million signatures and that money was paid for data of names that he was so proud of.

Finally, the ultimate proof of Tun Mahathir’s lack of popularity was when he had to not only swallow all that he said about Datuk Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP, but to add to his humiliation he climbed into bed with them.

So looking back over the last few years, Tun Mahathir would be hard pressed to talk about being more popular than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. After all the facts have shown that he (Mahathir) has already had the popularity contest(s) that he so desperately craved with Prime Minister Najib and lost on every one of them!

Pakatan Making It Up As They Go Along!

The reality of Pakatan choosing both Tun Mahathir and Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail as their prime minister and deputy prime minister designates, shows that they are making things up as they go along.

Honestly, a headless chicken would seem to have more forward thinking than what Pakatan had been producing.

With the array of so called savvy politicians that are supposed to be part of their coalition, they could do no better than put forth someone who should be enjoying the better part of his retirement and a woman who for all means and purpose is probably a great mother and grandmother, but is clearly out of her depth in the political arena.

And that is the ticket that DAP-led Pakatan is offering.

What do they think people believe Tun Mahathir has the same juice he had when he could make things happen on his own?

Look at him now; he needs a turn key political infrastructure just to stay in the news. He is also holding out hope that this same political infrusteucture would be kind enough to offer his son (Mukheiz) an easy seat to contest in the 14th general election.

Well perhaps one should not say that Tun Mahathir is holding hope since it is believed that he paid RM1 Billion to Lim Kit Siang for that easy seat for Mukhriz as well as other top dog favors.

There is no doubt that Tun Mahathir would have preferred to not dig into his war chest for that expenditure, but as he could not remove Najib on his own he had to improvise on the fly; and part of that improvisation required him to climb into bed with his enemy Lim Kit Siang.

As was mentioned, Tun Mahathir doesn’t have the political juice he once wielded, so he like the rest of his Pakatan coalition cohorts has to wing it.

But winging it or making it up as they go along should not come as a big surprise; Pakatan’s whole political strategy is based on winging it. That is why they cannot offer Malaysians anything better than a pseudo promise to repeal the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and to get rid of highway tolls.

Anything beyond those two would just have Pakatan doing what the government of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is already doing. And as the old saying goes; If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

So with nothing else to offer Malaysians, the Pakatan opposition has to make it up as they go along and hope that Malaysians don’t call them on the fact that they are as politically naked of plans as the emperor who had no clothes!

Tun Mahathir and Wan Azizah Have Their Agendas; But Lim Kit Siang is Still in Charge!


Lim Kit Siang has ducked behind the scenes to give Malays the impression that Tun Mahathir is running the Pakatan Harapan opposition.  However the reality is that Lim Kit Siang is still showing that he is in charge by allowing this little farce to continue.

Lim Kit Siang’s strategy is give the impression to give Malays the impression that the election is about which group led by Muslim’s is to be in charge; either Barisan Nasional led by UMNO or Pakatan Harapan which is really led by Lim Kit Siang and his DAP.

So having Tun Mahathir and Datuk Wan Aziza as one and two respectively for the top post is all about creating a perception; while reality on the other is something far more conniving.

Tun Mahathir wants to get back in office so that he can pave the way for his son Mukhriz to become Prime Minister even though the latter stated that he did not want the position.

Remember the following excerpt:

 “I actually don’t have ambition to become Prime Minister because I think it’s a tough job, especially now,” Mukhriz said. “If there is a change in leadership, the new person will be inheriting a mess. I don’t envy the next guy.

If nothing else, Mukhriz has apparently inherited his father Tun Mahathir’s U-turn gene.

Because now Mukhriz says he does have the desire to become a leader.

However Badrul Hisham who is known as Chegubard makes an observation that many share.  He said that Mukhriz would not be able to shoulder that task (being Prime Minister) and would need support from his father Tun Mahathir.

Further to that he states the following: “Mukhriz has a weak character that is why he is called ‘Boboi’.  He has the desire, but he is too weak and dependent on his father”

Lim Kit Siang knows this as well, but because he needs Tun Mahathir to try and capture Malay votes, he has to accept the weaknesses that come along with his son.

Just like a couple of parasites, both Tun Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang are feeding off of each other; yet in the their case, Lim Kit Siang determines when and how much he will allow Mahathir to suck!

Wan Azizah is there as number two for pretty much the same reason Tun Mahathir desires the top post; to trick Malays into believing that DAP-led Pakatan is led by Malays.  However the only thing she wants is to get her husband (Datuk Anwar Ibrahim) out of prison and hopefully get his record expunged; forgetting all about his victim.  Therefore, if it takes her to be a puppet for Lim Kit Siang and the DAP, Wan Azizah is more than willing.

Now that Lim Kit Siang’s Malay faces are in place, he has moved to the background.  He is allowing Tun Mahathir and Datuk Wan Azizah to give the impression that Malays are in charge; and that why Lim Kit Siang is quiet of late.  The other master manipulator and some is using trickery to get Malays to believe that the DAP-led Pakatan opposition is run by Malays; when in reality Lim Kit Siang is in charge!


Selecting Tun Mahathir as PM Designate Proves Pakatan’s Cupboard Was Empty all Along!


The DAP-led Pakatan Harapan opposition finally naming Tun Mahathir as their Prime Minister designate proves that their cupboard was empty all along.

It came as no surprise when the DAP-led Pakatan opposition named Tun Mahathir as their Prime Minister designate.  However, it may have surprised Lim Kit Siang, Tun Mahathir and the rest of the DAP-led Pakatan opposition that there was no shouts of elation, fanfare, spontaneous parades when they finally came to grips with the reality that Tun Mahathir is all they had.

The overall reaction to Tun Mahathir being selected is pretty much as mundane as the reaction from the handshake one and two between Tun Mahathir and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.

All of DAP-led Pakatan’s ducking and dodging the questions of ‘who is you Prime Minister designate questions of not having someone was in fact their way of say that they had nothing in the kettle or what they had was far from appetizing.

Just look at their choice of deputy Prime Minister; Datuk Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.  If she is good a deputy Prime Minister, why wasn’t she good enough for the top spot?

The reality is, Wan Azizah cannot handle the responsibility of being a Prime Minister so she was named as a second with the hope that she can hold on long enough for her husband to be eligible to run for public office.

And if the self proclaimed seat warmer Datuk Wan Azizah is the best they had before Tun Mahathir’s arrival, then that says quite a lot about their so called coalition.

But then again, one should not look a gift horse in the mouth. The DAP-led opposition’s choice of both Tun Mahathir and Datuk Wan Azizah is actually good news for Barisan Nasional.   When Lim Kit Siang and the DAP-led opposition chose those two, it only proved that lack of internal leadership and depth within their coalition.

Of course Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led opposition subjugates will try to spin Tun Mahathir as a process vetted through their political machinery; but in reality what it really proves is that Pakatan’s cupboard was empty all along!