Pakatan Using Fear Tactic to Force PAS Back!


Has anyone else noticed Pakatan’s latest’s tactic using the fear factor to force PAS back into the fold?

This is the most recent ploy used after DAP-led Pakatan’s De facto leader Lim Kit Siang was unsuccessful in trying to lure PAS back into the fold.  After that attempt failed, Clare Rewcastle-Brown the editor and chief of Sarawak Report went on the attack and accused Datuk Seri Hadi Awang of accepting a bribe.  Allegedly the bribe was supposed to be connected to funds from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Sarawak Report wanted Malays to think that, if the Prime Minister is accused of taking 1MDB money and PAS President Hadi Awang accepts illegal 1MDB money then he is also tainted.

However, accusing the PAS President of bribery has backfired as Clare Rewcastle-Brown did not anticipate Haidi Awang asking his lawyers to bring her to court over her claim; a claim which she failed to prove.

While the dream was being played out in the London court, a Muslim face of DAP-led Pakatan was sent to again encourage PAS President Hadi Awang to bring PAS back into the fold; an effort that was also met with failure.

Seeing that the direct approach was getting them (DAP-led Pakatan) nowhere, a new tactic was put into play; using ‘fear’ to scare PAS into returning.

DAP-led Pakatan wants PAS to fear losing ‘political power’.

Articles have started to appear with the sole purpose of making PAS fearful about their prospects in the upcoming 14th general election.

An article in Berita daily reads: research house says ‘Opposition Bickering Good for BN’.

Another article which is cause fear in the PAS rank and file appeared in the Malaysia Chinese news under the heading ‘PAS may lose heavily in a three-cornered fight’.

Trying to add to PAS fear, there is the following article that mentions how ‘PAS will not be a factor in Selangor’.

Malaysia Mail Online (MMO) carried that following story from Singapore daily; The Straits Times (ST). The report states that ‘PAS may lose Kelantan in GE14’.

The common theme running through all of these articles is PAS should be afraid because it is weak and cannot hold on to power unless it runs back into the arms of Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led Pakatan opposition.

However in addressing PAS’ so called weakness multimedia and communications minister Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak stated ‘PAS is not weak although it has left Pakatan Harapan’. He goes on to say…’although PAS had its ups and downs, the party members were always loyal to the party and its grassroots machinery was also strong’.

Read the full article below

DAP-led Pakatan using the fear of loss as a means to bring PAS back is severely misplaced.  Lim Kit Siang and those aligned to his way of thinking must believe that the leadership in PAS is more concerned about power than about principles.

It is the belief that PAS cares more about power than they do about principles which gives further credence to what Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) has written ‘Why Chinese Do Not Understand PAS’; and which is why using the fear factor to bring PAS back to the (beer party) coalition will not work!




When it Came to PAS; DAP-led Pakatan Spoke with a Forked Tongue!

Since the split between what is now DAP-led Pakatan and PAS, the former has been speaking with what amounts to be a forked tongue; one at home and the other ‘abroad’!

Initially after the split between the two, there was a no contact with PAS policy that DAP-led Pakatan had in place. But that Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali was going against the coalition edict and trying to coerce PAS back into the fold.

Was he doing this because he like many others realize that without PAS, the DAP-led Pakatan opposition could not bring in enough Malay votes in the general election or was his contact with PAS more for his own survival? The answer may be a combination of the two with his survival at the forefront.

The Selangor Menteri Besar knows that neither Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail nor Lim Kit Siang wanted him to be Selangor’s Menteri Besar following the Kajang move.

Others like disgraced politician Datuk Anwar Ibrahim (in prison for Sodomy 2) wanted his wife Wan Azizah in that coveted position so that its resources could be used to bring down Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak; thus paving the way for his release prison.

Another party who had vested interest in Datuk Wan Azizah being Selangor Menteri Besar was DAP head honcho; Lim Kit Siang.

Lim Kit Siang knows that he can handle easily manipulate Wan Azizah like a potter manipulates clay.  All he had to do and probably still does is to have her believe that his ideas and suggestions are actually hers.  So with her as Selangor Besar, the DAP would have their puppet in place to do their bidding.

When PAS submitted Datuk Azmin Ali’s name it infuriated all those who had vested interest in Datuk Wan Azizah becoming Menteri Besar.

Lim Kit Siang and his DAP never liked Datuk Seri Hadi Awang or PAS, but tolerated them because they (DAP) want the human assets (voters) that PAS had access to.

Since their split, DAP-Pakatan has been a mixture of contradictions with it comes to PAS.

In Malaysia they (PH) tried to coax PAS back into the fold.  However when PAS and UMNO started working on areas of mutual interest things took a turn.

Najib and Haidi

The DAP-led opposition foreign news portal Sarawak Report published an article stating Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government paid Datuk Seri Hadi Awang money taken from 1MDB; effectively saying that Datuk Hadi Awang is a crook.

Those leaders in the DAP-led opposition who had been so quick to echo news from Clare Rewcastle-Brown’s Sarawak Report news about Prime Minister Najib, never came out and said they did not believe the report  about Datuk Seri Hadi Awang and that Clare Rewcastle-Brown lied.

It seems that they were hoping that the report would weaken Datuk Hadi Awang with PAS’ grassroots and cause disenchanted members to run over to Amanah.

So they had banked on either the Sarawak Report lie would work in their favor or the olive branch approach; the one where they would make open overtures to Datuk Hadi Awang and PAS at home.

But here is where it is a little strange; if they believe Datuk Seri Hadi Awang is marred in a scandal (as reported through their S.R hews portal) then why would they want Datuk Hadi Awang and PAS to join forces with them?

Right now it does now seem to matter as Sarawak Reports Chief Editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown has not provided a shred of evidence to back up her claim that Datuk Hadi Awang has accepted 1MDB illegal money; which proves that she has again lied.

In Malaysian, PAS also says that it has never wanted cooperation with Pakatan Harapan.

So even though DAP-led Pakatan tried to play good cop with PAS in Malaysia and have Sarawak Report Play bad cop in London; many could see that it was the same (Lim Kit Siang DAP-led Pakatan) slithering reptile speaking with a forked tongue!


DAP Gives PAS Bersih Ultimatum; Show Up or Suffer The Consequences!



It It almost appears that Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang and PAS will again be the recipients of DAP backlash, if PAS does not acquiesce to the DAP’s demands and join not so Bersih 5!

In an article in the New Straits Times DAP’s assistant treasurer Nga Kor Ming said..

‘Any reasons given by Pas to not join the rally would be seen as the party (Pas) being in cahoots with Umno and that the people would definitely know their real agenda.
The above statement reads as if PAS’ only sovereign choice in the matter is to give in to the subtle yet very clear DAP ultimatum; Join us or suffer the consequences’. (read)

It is ironic how the DAP is trying to make it seem like they are doing PAS a favour.  Yet in reality the DAP knows that Bersih 5 will be another repeat of Bersih 4 unless they can get Malay faces out there and in front of the cameras.  Therefore instead of crawling to Hadi Awang and begging him for Malay participation the DAP is pretending that it is to the benefit of PAS for them (PAS) to show up.

Strange how only a few days ago the DAP shadow group Bersih said that they do not need PAS to attract Malays (here)!

The DAP realized during Bersih 4 that they do not have the spectrum of support that they thought they had and desperately need.  Now they (DAP) would like PAS to forget about how they were verbally chastised, marginalized and ostracized after they broke away from the DAP and those who are trying to remove the Prime Minister in an non democratic manner.

No sooner than PAS was out the door than the verbal onslaught and plans were put in place to remove Hadi Awang from his post as the president of PAS.  Amanah is the offshoot of the political coup against Hadi Awang’s leadership and like good servants they (Amanah) ran to their (DAP) masters after they failed to remove Hadi and those who support him.

But of course the DAP doesn’t want PAS to remember that or Lim Guan Eng’s critical statement on PAS not being able to manage Kelantan. (here)

The DAP is saying that PAS not joining the rally would be seen as them being in cahoots with Umno and that the people would definitely know their real agenda.

The DAP should realize that political parties working together for the good of the nation is not a crime.  In fact, if PAS and UMNO work together for the good of the nation then the nation benefits.

The DAP should also realize that PAS is not Amanah and does not jump and or make political decisions based on what the DAP needs to bring forth their Agenda even if that means Hadi Awang’s photo being stomped on again at Bersih 5 like it was stomped on at Bersih!

PAS Doesn’t Need Wooing To Choose Their Friends!

Prime Minister and Hadi Awang

It appears that PAS’ decision to leave the fractured still is still causing hurt among Pakatan Harapan and their surrogates.  First we have Lim Guan Eng insulting PAS leadership in stating that they (PAS) cannot manage Kelantan.  Now there is a report stating that Prime Minister Najib Razak wooed PAS with a large sum of money as a ‘bribe’ for them to ditch their former Opposition cohorts.

Supposedly, the price tag for wooing these days is around RM90 million.  Would it surprise anyone at this point that the Opposition will next hint or come out and say that the RM90 million also came from 1MDB; as 1MDB seems to be the perfect whipping horse the Opposition likes to use when they want to attack the Prime Minister.

So if there motive is to go after the Prime Minister, why go after PAS?

The strategy is to try and insinuate that the Prime Minister is involved with so many financial indiscretions that PAS would move away from the Prime Minister out of fear that their supporters would believe the lies which are being told about the Prime Minister.

Look at the timing of the RM90 million wooing report.  There is yet another Bersih rally coming up (I think this makes number 5) and the Opposition particularly the DAP needs more Malay faces in the crowd as they do not want people to see that they are the main instigators behind Bersih.

The Opposition (Pakatan Harapan) would like to taint PAS imaging in order to trick the Malays to come out and support Bersih.  It could be that Amanah when asked how to anger PAS supporters said that the best way to upset PAS loyalists is if create a scandal around the party where it would appear that money and not principles is influencing PAS’ decisions.

However, instead of scaring PAS into pulling away from the Prime Minister, the opposite seems to have taken place as PAS says that it will sue the Sarawak Report’s slanderous statement.(here)

PAS is an independent party which does not need cajoling or wooing when it comes to deciding who they choose as friends.  As stated in an earlier piece, PAS and UMNO have many shared interest which would make it natural for them to cooperate.

The Opposition does not want this as they realize that they (Opposition) would have little chance to secure any type of significant victory in GE14 when PAS and Team Barisan are working together for a better future of all Malaysians.

Perhaps the report  should have been about how Amanah was wooed away from PAS and who was behind that!



Azmin Ali Wants Opposition Solid Bloc; PAS and Umno Cooperation Might Fulfill His Wish!

Prime Minister and Hadi Awang

Fresh off of the bludgeoning Pakatan Harapan had taken following the twin by-elections; Selangor Menteri Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali suggested that the Opposition should form a solid bloc! (here)

This is something that many believe should had taken place some time ago, but not in the manner that the Selangor Menteri Besar meant it!  What many have been eagerly awaiting for is a solid bloc formed with PAS and BN!  After all, that bloc is in Opposition to Pakatan Harapan!

Why should Pakatan Harapan (DAP, PKR, Amanah et al) believe that it is BN on one side of the equation and all the other parties on the other side!  With Amanah being the exception; the DAP and Pakatan Harapan do not own exclusive rights over parties which are not joined together with Barisan Nasional!

The only reason there are fresh overtures to PAS now is because the Amanah project is just not bringing the ROI that the DAP was banking on!  Perhaps they (DAP) believed that just by bankrolling Amanah, telling which issues to not comment on and dressing them in orange, then that would be good enough to translate into votes.

What the DAP is waking up to is that their investment, while making Amanah as happy as a duck in a pond, is not appreciated by the people who still view the DAP as the puppeteer and Amanah as their puppet!  Even though a puppet show might be good for a few laughs; the people don’t want puppets or their master governing their lives!

In backing their pet (Amanah) project, the DAP arrogantly believed that they could garner the same PAS votes which they had before Amanah split from PAS.  Realizing that that will not take place; the DAP is now quietly hoping that the Selangor Menteri Besar Dato’ Azmin Ali, Datuk Anwar Ibrahim or anyone for that matter can cajole PAS back into the fold!

In order to save face, the DAP cannot directly reach out to PAS; they require a third party to mend bridges so that they can return to the days of agree to disagree!

However PAS has not been sleep over the past few months and clearly understand Pakatan Harapan’s latest overtures towards them (PAS) is based on the loses that were sustained in Sarawak and in the Kuala Kangsar, Sungai Besar By-elections! Pakatan Harapan would like nothing better than create some sort of animosity between BN (Umno) and PAS!

What the DAP and the rest of Pakatan Harapan do not realize is that Umno and PAS are not enemies.  In fact, on many substantive issues there is more commonality than many in Pakatan Harapan realize.  As a result of such commonality it is perfectly natural for those with positive interest to work together for the good of the nation!

What makes this type of cooperation work is that it does not necessitate PAS joining BN or vice versa.  What it does mean is that those involved understand ramifications of such team work!

In an effort to throw a negative spin on the above, the recently sacked (from Umno) former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir suggests that there has been a back door deal made between Umno and PAS involving Kelantan, Terrengganu, and Kedah. (here)

It seems that it is okay for the DAP, PKR and Amanah to work out seat allocation between them, but it is not okay for PAS and BN (Umno) to do the same, if they choose to make such a move!

For a number of years now, there are many who have long held the belief that there should be a solid bloc formed between PAS and BN (Umno); a collaboration of this magnitude would further benefit the progressive direction in which Malaysian is headed!


Amanah Must Depend On DAP Scrapes For Their Survival!


If Amanah thinks that their political savvy and acumen are the chief reasons that received a few votes then they are severely in need of oxygen!

It was only due to their master’s instructions to their constituents that Amanah received most of the votes that they have received.

The problem now is Amanah is totally dependent on the DAP which means the master servant or pusher addict (your choice) relationship is solidified.  Lim Kit Siang and the DAP knows this and some where floating around in the pits of their stomachs, the Amanah leadership knows this as well.

At least when Amanah was still part of PAS they (Amanah) could claim some dignity through independence! In mentioning dignity and independence there is speculation that the bright orange wardrobe that Amanah showcased during the twin by-elections was what the DAP leadership wanted them to wear.

It does not stretch the imagination too far to think such a thing as what to wear is beyond the dictates of those who are calling the shots!  Just consider how quiet Amanah has been on the whole private member ‘Hudud’ Bill!  Many found this strange as Mat Sabu and others in Amanah’s pseudo leadership vocally supported ‘Hudud’ when they were still part of PAS.  Now it seems that they left testicular fortitude behind along with their dignity when they separated from PAS!

In the above paragraph I refer to Amanah’s pseudo leadership as they are as much in control of Amanah as Datuk Wan Azizah is at the control of PKR!  Others pull the string and they perform the action.

To Datuk Wan Azizah’s credit, she embraces the role of caretaker head while Amanah believes that no one sees who is pulling their strings!

The rude awakening will come for Amanah when the DAP will ask them to carry out a task or take a position that will compromise their (Amanah’s) core beliefs.  If Amanah fulfils the DAP’s marching orders Amanah will continue to receive DAP support!  However, if Amanah finds the testosterone to stand on its own, they (Amanah) will be cut off from the votes and money that the DAP provides.

Amanah will then have to go cold turkey!  That is a term used when a drug addict is cut off from their drugs and starts to suffer severe physical and mental pains.  Had the DAP not pushed votes in Sungai Besar in Amanah’s direction on June 18th, they would have certainly had an inkling of what cold turkey entails!  Their second place finish in Sungai Besar only gave Amanah a taste of what they can have, if they sit loyally and wait for the rice to fall to them from the DAP’s bowl!

There is a saying which goes; the one who controls your rice bowl controls you!  It is obvious from the votes which Amanah received in Sungai Besar that the DAP controls their (Amanah’s) rice bowl!

Wan Azizah; I Saw The Face Of Our Enemy and The Enemy Is Us!

PH and PAS break

Wan Azizah in her quiet reflective moments has to wonder; when did things start to go wrong.

During the early part of 2015, the Opposition was riding high with confidence in the belief that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s days were numbered.  They (Opposition) believed that with their two (2) pronged (PKR and DAP) attack they could put enough pressure through the court of public opinion that the Prime Minister would have no choice, but to resign.

Instead of hurling accusations at the Prime Minister which they (Opposition) knew would not resonate with the rakyat; they instead had chosen one theme (1MDB) as their weapon of choice.  However as the preconceived time tables for the Prime Minister’s ouster came and went; sectors of the Opposition started pointing fingers as to which of them was responsible for not pulling their weight to secure the removal of Prime Minister Najib Razak from office!

However, that was not the onset of the problems within the Opposition.  The fishers of discontent could be seen as early as the ‘Kajang Move’ when you had Opposition members conspiring against one of their own; former Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Seri Abd Khalid Ibrahim.

Back stabbing one of their own could not have been lost on the ranking members of both DAP and PKR as they realized that if it could happen to Khalid, then it could happen to them as well!  An additional revelation was how the DAP treated PAS more like an unwanted pet than as a real partner.  The pet’s purpose was to come and go as the master (DAP) summoned and to choose the candidate that they (DAP and PKR) wanted as their one and only choice (Datuk Wan Azizah for Selangor Menteri Besar.

It was when PAS showed their own initiative that the DAP started to refer to them as traitors to the Opposition cause!   That initiative cause the DAP’s true not so hidden feelings to show when Lim Guan Eng criticized how PAS was unable to manage certain affairs of Kelantan!

If there is a thin line between love and hate then the DAP expressed it through their new feeling towards PAS!  Masking the hate that they (DAP) harbored for PAS was the love they had for the Malay votes that they wanted PAS to secure for them.  With PAS out of the Opposition fold, the DAP quickly let them (PAS) know how they have always felt; disdain!

All the treachery that saw the removal of former Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor Menteri Besar was not lost on Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali; the new Selangor Menteri Besar.  Azmin as the second choice by most of the Opposition heads for Selangor Menteri Besar realized that the same forces that manipulated Khalid’s removal and started to speak negatively about former partner PAS,  could turn on him just as easily.

That is probably why Azmin when forming his government kept PAS around as he knew that he would need friends when it is his turn to be ousted!

If the best defense is an offense then Azmin, unlike Khalid Ibrahim has already started trying to firm up his base of support along with an eventual move to be President of PKR!

This was readily seen in Azmin going against Opposition wishes by sending an invitation to PAS to return to the fold and in his working closely with Tun Mahathir on the ‘Save Malaysia’ movement.  The later’s activity prompted de facto Opposition leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim to pen a not so private letter that was a subtle warning to both Azmin and Tun Mahathir that he (Anwar) is still the de facto leader!

The internal strife which is plaguing the Opposition is making it apparent to all that the Opposition enemy is not the Prime Minister, but those who share their bed!

Wan Azizah is probably thinking; I saw the face of our enemy and the enemy is (Opposition) us!