How Will Pakatan Divide The Rest of The Cake!

There is already grumbling in Pakatan Harapan on how the 14th general election cake is being divided.

Rafizi is quoted with the following:
“The decision was made without our participation. He bulldozed it… the due process of discussions was not done.
“As far as we are concerned, the discussions have to take place,” Rafizi told Malaysiakini.

There is little doubt that he is openly saying what others are too scared to express.

But at least one other (Wong Chen) has come out to support Rafizi after the former received criticism over his remarks.

From The Star

PETALING JAYA: Rafizi Ramli’s concerns on Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new cabinet line-up are warranted as these decisions were made without consulting PKR, says his fellow party vice president Wong Chen

Wong said it is perplexing that PKR has not been offered any Cabinet positions yet, since it is the single largest party in Pakatan Harapan.

He pointed out that the party has 48 federal seats, while DAP has 42, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia has 13 and Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) has 11.

“Nothing yet for PKR, the single largest party in Pakatan Harapan? So what did Rafizi do that is wrong in the eyes of the public?

“He is telling the truth to power, that these appointments were made without PKR’s consent,” Wong he said in a statement on Facebook on Saturday (May 12).
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As some members who earlier left Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) have insinuated; there was an inner circle within the their newly formed political party.

Looking at the how the new cabinet is being formed; there appears to be an inner circle and kickbacks within the new Pakatan Harapan government.

How else can one justify Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as Home Minister and Mat Sabu as Defence Minister. Are those just ceremonial positions while others do the everyday heavy lifting?

Muhyiddin Yassin’s appointment seems to be his reward for his not making waves after being dropped as a potential appointee for both Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

With respect to the appointment of Mat Sabu as Defence Minister; one can only say that Malaysia is extremely fortunate that it enjoys good relations with other nations.

Now most recall when it was written that Lim Kit Siang should reveal his aspirations as DOM and Finance Minister.

It would have proven earlier allegations true had Lim Kit Siang been appointed Finance Minister so a switch of sorts was made and his son Lim Guan Eng was appointed to that post. In reality, nothing has changed as father and son will be running that Ministry giving credence to earlier stories of a deal being struck.

As the cake continues to be given out, those who have put in all the work will be lucky to end up with the crumbs that fall from the table.

It has always been about the inner circle of Pakatan Harapan and their aspirations. Now those in Pakatan are questioning how the new Pakatan Harapan government will divide the rest of the cake or will the the inner circle take the lion’s share!


Pakatan Has Learned That Removing Najib Is Easier Said Than Done!

Pakatan is learning (if they haven’t already) that some things are easier said than done; like removing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak

Gone are those days of giddiness when Pakatan Harapan pre and post Tun Mahathir with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) believed that Najib would fold under the slightest of pressure.

Pakatan Harapan were arrogantly beside themselves as they actually thought their coup d’etait would bear results.

Pakatan’s propaganda machine was revved up to keep print, social media and the airwaves filled with all manner of fake news with the hope of turning public opinion against the Prime Minister.

However with Pakatan’s ever increasing spectrum of lies the rakyat only became more suspicious of what turned out to in fact be fake new reports.

Even their chief fake news source (Sarawak Report) has been debunked in the UK court for claims that Datuk Seri Hadi Abdul Awang had received some form of bribe from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Now that Clare Rewcastle-Brown and her Sarawak Report have been thoroughly discredited, Pakatan has to look for other propaganda sources in these last two (2) days before the 14th general election.

As it stands, are in a self inflicted tailspin. They truly believed that Malaysians would fall for all of their proclamations of the sky sky falling and therefore Malaysia needed saving.

As it has turned out, all of the marketing slogans like ‘Save Malaysia’, ‘People’s Congress‘ and ‘Nothing To Hide’ were just the second phase to Pakatan Harapan blitzing the media about 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

But Malaysians never really bit the 1MDB hook thus weakening any effectiveness they (Pakatan Harapan) hoped to have with their marketing slogans.

These days Pakatan Harapan’s collective leadership has lost their giddiness as they are learning that some things are easier said than done; like illegally removing Prime Minister Najib from office.

The Legal Verdict Against Sarawak Report Proves Pakatan’s Assertions Were All Lies!

The British court ruling against Clare Rewcastle-Brown proves that all the assertions DAP-led Pakatan brought forth were all lies.


(Raja Petra Kamarudin)

Why was Sarawak Report not able to prove that Najib paid Hadi a RM90 million bribe or that Najib stole 1MDB’s money? All Sarawak Report needed to do was to show the court the evidence and convince the judge that Najib paid Hadi a RM90 million bribe or that Najib stole 1MDB’s money. After all, Sarawak Report has been claiming these last three years that it has tons of evidence to prove that Najib stole 1MDB’s money. So now is the time to show that evidence and convince the court the evidence exists.

The dominoes for Pakatan Harapan have already been falling as their whole campaign (if you want to call it that) is in helter skelter. This latest blow only sinks them deeper in the muck they have created.

Of course course the Pakatan Harapan leadership and minions will try to distance themselves from what has happened to Clare Rewcastle-Brown (Sarawak Report).

They will either keep quiet on the issue or pretend that it has nothing to do with them.

However, had the court’s ruling been in Sarawak Report’s favour the DAP-led Pakatan opposition would have been shouting the news from the top of one or both of the twin towers. Why wouldn’t they as they have been directly or indirectly utilizing Sarawak Report as their foreign news portal.

With the 14th general election a week away (9 May 2018) they (Pakatan Harapan) desperately needed something to provide a spark to their campaign. At the very least, they needed the idea that both Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and PAS President Datuk Seri Hadi Awang had engaged in some wrong doing.

With the British court stating that their was no impropriety between Hadi and Najib Pakatan Harapan Clare Rewcastle-Brown and Pakatan Harapan are seen as malicious fabricators/liers.

Those (Pakatan Harapan) are the same people who try to dupe Malaysians and in particular Malays that they are squeaky clean and have no ulterior motives.

Nothing further could be from the truth.

Every nonsensical move Pakatan Harapan made was and is connected to how they can trick Malays into voting for them.

However when efforts were made to smear Datuk Seri Hadi Abdul Awang it backfired.

Just by connecting the dots Malasians can see how the British court’s verdict against Sarawak Report only proves that Pakatan Harapans assertions were lies all along!

In The Battle To Control Perception; Pakatan Harapan Has Lost The War!

DAP-led Pakatan has waged the battle to control perception and in the process has lost the war.

Pakatan Harapan entered into what they believed was a battle with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. They truly believed that if the could inundate the media with enough fake news about the Prime Minister, he would have no other choice but to leave office.

The DAP-led opposition as well as Tun Mahathir before officially joining the Pakatan Harapan coalition knew from the outset that they had nothing against Najib.

However, what they were counting on was to create a negative enough perception that the rakyat would rally around their cause and demand for the Prime Minister to step down.

Pakatan Harapan’s tactic was to have fake news about 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) constantly in the local media. In addition, they fed fabricated news to international news portals to give the impression that the world was discussing what was happening in Malaysia.

Of course no matter how much Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang or other members in Pakatan Harapan lamented how Malaysia was being lambasted internationally, it was soon discovered that all the negative press about Malaysia was coming from those who wanted to remove Prime Minister Najib from office.

As the international press realised that it had been manipulated, they too with the noted exception of Sarawak Report stopped printing fake news about Malaysia.

Sarawak Report continues to put out fake news on behalf of DAP-led Pakatan because it is park of the same pact to destroy Malaysia’s Prime Minister as well as those who do not role around in the muck with them.

Case in point; Datuk Seri Hadi Abdul Awang and PAS.

When PAS separated itself from what is now Pakatan Harapan, the latter became like furious like a scorned lover. It was comical to see Pakatan Harapan moving emotionally from offering PAS an olive branch to accusing PAS President Datuk Seri Hadi Abul Awang of accepting bribes from UMNO.

Then before one knew it, the Pakatan Harapan opposition leadership was looking for back door channels to still work with PAS for the quickly approaching 14th general election.

While all of the was taking place Malaysians became aware that Pakatan had little if no principles.

  • Mahathir was bad now he’s good.
  • Scrap the Goods and Services Tax and tolls one day and then turn around and say maybe not.
  • Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was their choice for prime minister then he was the choice for deputy prime minister and he is not in the conversation; perhaps he will be given compensation.
  • Pakatan Harapan said that they don’t need or want PAS then they do then they don’t!

Contrast all of the above with the clarity coming forth from the government; Economic Progress, Stability and Leadership.

There has not been any ambiguity from the government with respect to policy like the GST and why the government had to bring it about.

Additionally, the government led by Datuk Seri Najib Razak never resorted to the tactics of fakery which is the benchmark of DAP-led Pakatan.

What is the reason for the government not rolling around in the muck with DAP-led Pakatan?

The government knew that in the battle of perception, Pakatan Harapan’s own antics and lack of congruence would cause them to lose the war!

Pakatan Harapan Will Have Their Hands Full When Lim Guan Eng’s Corruption Trail Begins!

DAP-Pakatan Harapan will certainly have their hands filled when Lim Guan Eng’s corruption trail begins.

They will the have to channel their energies to proclaim that the government has set him (Lim Guan Eng) up the same way the naive among them believe that Anwar Ibrahim was a victim of a honey trap!

That part they claim to see, but the fact that Anwar dipped his finger or some other appendage in the honey they refuse to see.

So there is little surprise that they are blinded to the Penang Menteri Besar’s using his his office for personal gain. In their minds Lim Guan Eng won the real estate jackpot with the first place prize being a greatly reduced in price Bungalow.

While the Pakatan spin doctors spam the airwaves trying come up with some plausible reason to justify why Lim Guan Eng should not go to prison; DAP-led Pakatan will have to concurrently try and piece together something the resembles an election campaign. Up to this point, they still do not seem to know what they want to do. A situation that may largely be due to the mental exhaustion brought about by coming up with their choice for prime minister; they have nothing left in the tank.

Let’s face it, Lim Kit Siang may try to mask it, his attention will also be divided between his son’s corruption trail and the 14th general election; which will leave Tun Mahathir for the most part on his own.

But isn’t that expecting a lot of someone who is no longer in their prime?

In The Corrodores of Power, Blogger Raja Putra Kamarudin gave the following insight:

Pakatan Harapan is trying to create the fallacy that Mahathir is as good as any man half his age and, in fact, can do more than someone half his age. As they say in America, tell that to the Marines. Mahathir should be on the ground, criss-crossing the country and campaigning every day from dawn to dusk if he really wants Pakatan Harapan to do well in GE14. Two hours a day, three days a week, is not good enough.

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With the start of Lim Guan Eng’s trail for corruption and preparation for the 14th general election DAP-led Pakatak will have their hands full; and Tun Mahathir’s limited work day only adds to their woes!

Whose Vested Interest are Pakatan Harapan Representing!

No more than a couple of days ago (March 9, 2018) the DAP-led Pakatan opposition released their campaign manifesto. As Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak stated; Pakatan Harapan’s 138-page manifesto makes a lot of promises such as giving more money to the rakyat. But how do they plan to replace the lost income?

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This seems to be a common theme with DAP-led Pakatan opposition; they will make a statement with no real backing. Remember when they were asked about their choice to stand for prime minister?

As it turned out they had no one and had to wait until a backroom deal had been worked out with Tun Mahathir before they could put forth a name. In other words, it seems that the Pakatan opposition operates on the belief of; we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

Until that time arrives, they are content to make sensational promises in an attempt to entice voters toward a desired response; votes.

When DAP-Pakatan fails to keep its many sugar coated promises they will place the blame on the shoulders of the present administration. However the reality of the situation is that economics dictate that they cannot carry out their many promises as their is no plan in place for them to replace the outflow of revenue.

Here are two (2) easy eamples:

1. The Barisan Nasional government has a water bucket with a tap. They open the tap prudently and at the same time replace the outflow with fresh water; in turn the bucket not only maintains its level, but has also risen (economic investment and development).

2. DAP-led Pakatan wants to take the water bucket that the present (Barisan Nasional) government has filled and open the tap all the way. There is no plan on how to replace the water that is constantly flowing out; and when the bucket is near empty, they will point fingers.

So what the 14th general election comes down to for DAP-led Pakatan are their vested interests. Their manifesto is their means to try and have their interest realized.

It is similar to when an adult wants to entice a child or children into behaving a certain way; they offer some goodies to bring about the desired action.

They do not due this because it’s in the child’s or children’s vested interest; they do it because it is in their own vested interest. That is why Pakatan can put forth a manifesto that is riddled with giveaways.

Again looking at what Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak had written.

We need to make promises that can be delivered, not just any promises to help win the election.

It is apparent that Pakatan’s sensational promises are geared toward their vested interest and not those of the Malaysians!

Pakatan’s Philosophy; Desperate Times Once Again Call for Desperate Measures!

Pakatan Hairbrained scheme is to try and concoct charges against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

On the blogsite Malaysia Today in ‘The Corridors of Power’ blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) outlines how Pakatan Harapan will make a last attempt to resurrect their coup d’état in an attempt to force Prime Minister Najib Razak out of office.

Are we all thinking the same thing ‘desperation’

Honestly, Pakatan Harapan is as predictable as a bad movie plot. The hands on the political clock are at eleven fifty-five (11:55) and they know they Pakatan Harapan are in neck deep in quicksand.

It’s that sinking feeling that has them grasping at anything to keep their waining fantasy alive.

So they get their foreign fake news arm (Sarawak Reports) to write trash with the hope that Malaysians will believe this new lie even more than they believe the previous ones.

Does Sarawak Reports editor and chief Clare Rewcastle-Brown believe that Malays would take her for anything but a lier after she blatantly lied about PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang and Prime Minister Najib Razak?

Perhaps Pakistan’s whole point of bringing up and having Sarawak Reports to write about a ‘charge sheets is to try and create questions in the minds of the rakyat. After all, Pakatan Harapan does not have the luxury of whereupon the can try and slowly build yet another fairy tale.

Look at what happened with Pakatan s 1Malaysia Development Berhad fable. After all of the time they put into crafting the lie, it finally came to naught.

That is why Pakatan Harapan’s latest philosophy of desperate times call for desparte measures is in full swing!

The following is an excerpt from

Final Push To Oust Najib To Be Launched Next Month

‘The Corrodores of Power’

Pakatan Harapan has to defeat Najib before GE14 and not during GE14

According to Mahathir, once Parliament is dissolved, Najib would be reduced to a caretaker Prime Minister heading a caretaker government (while Parliament would no longer exist). Mahathir believes that this means Najib’s power would essentially be reduced and heads of agencies such as PDRM, MACC, AGC, and so on, can ignore any instruction from the PMO and can wait until the new government is formed and the new Prime Minister is sworn in after GE14 before acting.

This, of course, would be if these heads of the various government agencies will agree to play ball and ignore any and all instructions from PMO until the new government is formed and the new Prime Minister is sworn in. The ‘danger’ here, argued Mahathir, is that since Merdeka the concept of caretaker Prime Minister and caretaker government has never been practiced and the Prime Minister and his Cabinet have always acted on the basis of ‘business as usual’ right up to Polling Day and the ‘Morning After’.

Click the lik to read the eye opening full article.

Pakatan Harapan is stuck in quicksand and are grasping at straws in attempt to stay alive!