Mahathir Like Mugabe Must Face The Inevitable!


Tun Mahathir and former Zimbabwe’s president Robert Gabriel Mugabe have to come to grips with reality; their time has passed.

On Tuesday in Harare Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe resigned as his country’s present ending marking the end of his 37 year rule.

The writing for the end of Mugabe’s hold on power was seen last week when the armoured vehicles took to the streets of Harare followed by Robert Mugabe being placed under house arrest.

It was largely speculated that Robert Mugabe was trying to position his wife Grace to the next president of Zimbabwe after the 93 year Mugabe served another term.

There are staunch similarities between Robert Mugabe and Tun Mahathir.

Tun Mahathir was Malaysia’s Prime Minister for 22 years.  Although he stepped down from his post, he tried to maintain control over those who would take over as Prime Minister.  So there was Robert Mugabe with no pretence determined to stay in power and Tun Mahathir giving the facade of vacating the post, but still wanting to maintain control over those who took over.

Although Tun Mahathir would claim otherwise (or does he) that he is not trying to place his son Mukhriz in position to become Prime Minister; everyone knows that every political move he makes is with that end in mind.

When Robert Mugabe tried to position his wife Grace to become the next head of State his was too much for the people of Zimbabwe to stomach.  Many Malaysians also see Tun Mahathir’s attempts to elevate Mukhriz as a difficult pill that Dr. Mahathir wants Malaysian’s to swallow.  After all, Mukhriz other than sharing the Mahathir family name has cannot succeed in politics on his own; which is why he needs that ‘safe seat’ to contest.

Tun Mahathir has to realize that the era of passing the baton to one’s unqualified seed just for the sake of dynasty is over.   Malaysia is heading in a positive direction and the post of Prime Minister cannot to be a platform for OJT (On Job Training).

It is time for Tun Mahathir to give up his dream for his son as well as his own dream for wielding control over the government.

Robert Mugabe had to face the inevitable that his time has passed and no longer controls the government.  Mahathir now in his golden years must face the same reality that not only has his time has passed, but just like Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace will not become the president of Zimbabwe; Tun Mahathir’s son Mukhriz will not become Prime Minister of Malaysia!


Mahathir’s Motivation is Saving Mukhriz not Malaysia!


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has come out and stated motivation behind a former leader all out attacks to oust him from office.

Everyone in Malaysia should know that the former leader that Najib referenced is no other than the Tun Mahathir.  Apparently Mahathir was so angered that his son Mukhriz lost his bid to become an UMNO vice president post that he decided to take revenge on UMNO’s top man.

Of course, Tun Mahathir could not come out and say that was or is the reason for attacking the Prime Minister; he had to look for another avenue.  That is where 1Malaysia Development Berhad or IMDB came in handy.

Tun Mahathir used flawed information about 1MDB to convince people in Malaysia and abroad that the Prime Minister was corrupt and should not stay in office.  Of course during that period, when pressed on who he thought should be Prime Minister and deputy Prime Minister his silence was as if to say; fill in the blank!

Mahathir’s behaviour throughout the campaign to oust the Prime Minister is like that of a child who rebels when things do not go his way.  As a result he cried and quit the party as he headed out the door.  In other words, he has done whatever he could to raise havoc because he saw the chance for his son Mukhriz to follow in his footsteps disappearing before his very eyes.

It seemed totally lost on Tun Mahathir the fact that Mukhriz was and is still not up to the task of following in his footsteps.  Mahathir may state otherwise, but the cold harsh truth is that Mukhriz would not have gotten as far as he has had Tun Dr Mahathir had not been his father.  Without Tun Mahathir being and what he has to ‘offer’ being in the picture, Lim Kit Siang would have nothing to do with Mukhriz.

Mahathir is a former Prime Minister who cannot let go of his former job.  This is what Prime Minister Najib Razak also has written in his blog.

The “former leader” is “obsessed by power” and wanted to continue ruling long into his retirement.

“I had refused to conform to his ways as I firmly believed that Malaysia needed a new vision, away from the old ways that had led to the serious legacy problems that we had faced before and which were damaging the people’s welfare,”

Mahathir knew that the only way to get what he wanted; a dynasty, crooked bridge, still have power is for him to try to Mukhriz in as deputy Prime Minister first and then Prime Minister.  However, in order to make all of that come about he had to try to turn the people against Najib.

Since both Tun Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang had their sights on Purtrajaya (for different reasons), they hatched a plan to try and discredit Najib by saying that the latter was corrupt.

Nevertheless, even with these unfounded allegations Prime Minister Najib Razak stayed above the fray and continued to work towards his vision of making Malaysia and Malaysians prosperous.

Even in his blog he did not mention the name of the former leader whose son lost the bid for an UMNO vice-president post in 2013.

Of course Mahathir will deny that and say everything he is doing is to Save Malaysia;

Tun wink

when everyone knows it’s really about saving his son!


Mahathir’s Denial about George Bush Meeting is Like Bill Clinton’s Denial about Having Sex with Monica Lewinsky!


Mahathir could very well be telling the truth when he said I did not tell anyone to pay for the George Bush meeting.  By his not directly ordering the transfer of money or other forms of payment to secure the meeting, Mahathir (like now) could always deny he ordered it.

Of course not directly ordering a meeting does not mean that he did not use other parties to carry out his wishes indirectly.  In doing so, Mahathir could use plausible deniability, if the fact ever came out that he gave tacit approval for Millions of Ringgit (US$115 Million) to be paid to lobbyist to secure a meeting with the former President.

Click the following Malaysia Today link to get the details of how money secured the meeting with George Bush.

Mahathir’s denial ranks up there with that of former President Bill Clinton when he denied having ‘sexual intercourse’ with his aid Monica Lewinsky.

In pure excepted sense of the term, he did not have ‘sexual intercourse’ with Monica Lewinsky so in that respect he was correct since fellatio or a ‘BJ’ is not defined as sexual intercourse per se.


Former opposition de facto leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers were also trying to find a legal loophole to get their client’s conviction for sodomy overturned.


They did not want to deal with whether or not Anwar raped or sodomized his aid; they wanted the conversation to be about money being paid to ensure Anwar’s conviction.

So Mahathir is in good company with his denial.  He may have not directly said that he wanted a meeting with President George W Bush.  He may have used other words or means to convey his wishes and that there was money available directly or indirectly to bring about the meeting.

Malaysians are now seeing Tun Mahathir using selective memory when it serves his purpose.  He at any given convenient time would say that he does not remember certain events.

In 2008, this is what Lim Kit Siang had to say about Tun Mahathir’s memory.

Now with Lim Kit Siang and Tun Mahathir being joined at the hip does the former still remember his words and do they still hold true or has he too conveniently forgotten?

With Tun Mahathir’s various U-turns and selective memory, he could very well be telling the truth when said: ‘I didn’t tell anyone to pay for the George Bush meeting’

Those eleven (11) words are eerily similar to those echoed over fifteen (15) years ago when former US President Bill Clinton said; “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky;” or Datuk Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers trying to make his conviction about money being paid and not rape and sodomy.

Sometimes to get the right answer, one has to ask the right question.  However in Mahathir’s case, even if the right question is asked, he can always say he doesn’t remember!

Even with Mahathir, Pakatan is Still in a Blur!

Tun and PKR

Often in life people hope for something like fortune, fame or a love interest that will serve as the fix all for all of their problems.  However, not too long after they have received what they thought would make their life complete the realize that things have become worse instead of better.

This may be how DAP-led Pakatan is viewing life with respect to their relationship with Tun Mahathir.

Tun Mahathir was supposed to be the cure for what the DAP-led opposition was suffering from.

And what they suffered from was a litany of problems.

For example, before Tun Mahathir’s arrival, the Pakatan coalition had no head. They were like the headless horseman from the short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by the American Author Washington Irving.


Being headless the only thing that DAP-led opposition could do was seek to destroy whoever stood in their path to Putrajaya; in this case it is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  However one of the drawback of being headless, you have no clear direction (leadership) and there is a greater chance of self inflicted (infighting) injuries.

Another problem the DAP-led had opposition had was akin to that of the wizard in the “Wizard of Oz”.  They wanted to give the persona of being all knowing and powerful, but it was all smoke and mirrors; it was a little man behind that was trying to make Pakatan Harapan seem powerful.

But just as the fake wizard in the Wizard of Oz was exposed when the curtains were pulled back so was Lim Kit Siang exposed as DAP-led Pakatan’s wizard.  After all, who but their wizard working behind the scenes could pull the right levers to formally get Mahathir invited into DAP-led Pakatan coalition.


Lim Kit Siang not only got Tun Mahathir an inside pass, but also allowed him to claim the status of ‘Top-dog’.

Allowing Mahathir to do that proved that while DAP-led Pakatan had no acceptable public leader their real king maker (Lim Kit Siang) was hiding behind the curtain. .

Even as such; how embarrassing it must be for a political coalition to not have qualified individuals that can openly attract voters; especially Malay voters.  Instead they had no choice other than to bring in Mahathir at 92 years to try and bring in Malay votes.

DAP-led Pakatan literally proved the truth of the saying ‘Desperate times called for desperate measures’.  In this case Lim Kit Siang and his DAP were desperate enough to believe that Tun Mahathir could deliver what PKR and Amanah could not.

Now DAP-led Pakatan realizes that even with Tun Mahathir, they will still come up short of what they need for the next general election.

Mahathir can always boast that he has delivered (PPBM) votes.  But that may change when the general election rolls around as PPBM members are becoming increasingly disenchanted.

Nothing to Hide 2.0: Mahathir’s Skeletons Coming Home to Roost!

hide 2

Tun Mahathir did not expect a skeleton from his past to show up at ‘Nothing to Hide 2.0; he was probably hoping to show DAP-led Pakatan why he is top dog.  In addition, he also wanted to prove that he could draw particularly Malays to an even in much the same way he did with George W. Bush and Tony Blair fake war crimes tribunals.

However, unlike the mock ‘War Crimes Tribunal’, the Nothing to Hide 2.0 event turned chaotic following a question on the Memali tragedy.   Perhaps in the future the event will be known as ‘Looking for Some Where to Hide’; following Tun Mahathir and his entourage’s hasty exit from the venue.

Of course there are those DAP-led Pakatan supporters who are quick to say that UMNO plants were responsible for the mealy which had taken place.

Those individuals are so blinded by their dislike for the government that they would never admit the errors the political party or the leaders they support have committed.

Take the case against Penang Menteri Besar Lim Guan Eng as an example.  In this case there is document evidence of a crime having been perpetrated and yet Pakatan Harapan blinded loyalists do not see it as anything but a government plot to silence dissension.

In another example, some of these same blinded individuals also see the Registry of Societies (ROS) telling Lim Kit Siang’s DAP that the vote held in 2012 was illegal as still another government conspiracy to weaken Pakatan Harapan.

Therefore, it is of little surprise that DAP-led Pakatan supporters would see the chaos at the Nothing to Hide 2.0 event as still another government plot.  The Pakatan Harapan choir will only see anything which is damaging to DAP-led Pakatan as part of a government conspiracy.

Would it now be out of the ordinary to expect some Pakatoons (to borrow RPK’s term) to say that PPBM Logistics and Security Chief Wan Mohammad Ashraf Nasjaruddin is secretly working with and for UMNO after his assertion that he and not Tun Mahathir was the target?

If Pribumi is divided from within (evidence from MTH 2.0 chaos), in much the same way PKR is divided and DAP is divided; then what is Pribumi’s contribution to a political coalition that is in desperate need of help?


As it stands, outside of the name of Tun Mahathir, Pribumi has nothing to sustain itself as a political entity nor does it have anything of real value to Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan opposition.

Tun Mahathir and Pribumi’s sole task was to entice Malays to join their failing political cause and ‘Nothing to Hide 2.0’ was supposed to be their showcase to prove that they can draw Malays.

However as it stands, the only thing Tun Mahathir and ‘Nothing to Hide 2.0 drew was the ire of those in attendance; as the skeletons from Mahathir’s past are coming home to roost!

Impossible for Mahathir and Pakatan to Drop 1MDB Without Looking Foolish!


Have you ever known a man who will continue to drive down the wrong road knowing that it is wrong instead of admitting the mistake and asking for directions?

This is pretty much what Tun Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan have done with respect to the issue of 1Malaysia Development Berhad or 1MDB.  If they have not known from the onset of their crusade to use 1MDB against the Prime Minister was bogus, they certainly knew early that there was no proof.

The DAP’s very own Tony Pua who was part of the Parliament Accounts Committee found no wrong doing on the part of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  So one has to wonder what is with the latest plea from Pakatan Harapan for an investigative look into 1MDB.

Is Tony Pua now saying the he and the other members of the PAC were too incompetent to investigate the matter?  If so why was he willing to undertake the process?

If in fact the PAC investigative process was not flawed then what has subsequently taken place since then is a desperate attempt to find some legal body that will say that Prime Minister Najib is guilty of something.

Therefore we first saw the PAC investigation: No blamed assigned to the Prime Minister

Then there was the USA Department of Justice (DoJ) with their questionable motives: Again, no name specified.  I guess innocence until proven guilty still applies to some degree there.

After Tun Mahathir’s hope in DoJ quickly flamed out, he had his emissaries turn their attention to the House of Commons:  But that hope fizzled out faster than the hope that he place in the DoJ; even Pakatan’s UK Sarawak Reports mouth piece Clare Rewcastle-Brown was unsuccessful to get a UK court to parrot her belief that Malaysia’s government and leaders are corrupt

Now, out of pure desperation Pakatan Harapan is trying to put pressure on Malaysia’s Anit Corruption Commission (MACC).

Pakatan’s strategy will be something like the following: If the MACC investigates and finds nothing in the same way PAC found nothing they (PH) will say that the MACC is in collusion with the government to cover up the truth.

Even if the MACC starts a thorough and length investigative process, Pakatan Harapan will say that they (MACC) are dragging it out until after GE14.  Conversely, if the MACC investigates quickly, Lim Kit Siang and Pakatan will say that it was no thorough.

So no matter what the MACC does, it’s damned if they do and damned if they don’t because the only thing that will satisfy Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and the rest of PH is a resounding assignment of guilt placed at the feet of Najib Razak; nothing else fits into their agenda to deceive the Malay’s.

That is why Pakatan Harapan’s Lim Guan Eng is upset that Arul Kanda Kandasamy briefed PAS on 1MDB.  Lim Guan Eng knows that if PAS is satisfied with the explanation then the DAP will not be able to use 1MDB as a weapon to have Malays going against Malays.

The problem for Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and the rest of Pakatan Harapan is that they know they cannot win without a sizable Malay backing.  They also know that it is impossible for them to drop the one issue (1MDB) that they were hoping to use to capture Malays without looking even more foolish than they do now!


Mahathir Moves from Nothing to Hide to Nothing to Talk About!


It looks like Mahathir has moved from Nothing to Hide to Nothing to Talk About!

In today’s Malaysia Today blog site, blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has written a piece in The Corridors of Power” entitled “1MDB Is Najib’s Weapon, Not Mahathir’s

In the piece (link above) RPK dissects how Tun Mahathir has in a sense placed all his chips on the 1MDB issue in the belief that it (1MDB) is the torpedo that would sink Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

When Tun Mahathir realized that Najib did not buckle under the onslaught he, Lim Kit Siang and the Pakatan machinery threw at him, he (Mahathir) tried to bring down Barisan Nasional.  Ideally, he wanted to keep BN intact for his son (Mukhriz), but Tun Mahathir saw that if it took bringing it (BN) down to bury Najib under the rubble then so be it!

Mahathir’s rage did not end with just trying to bring down BN in order to ruin Najib; he enacted a scorch earth (Malaysia) plan.

A scorch earth operation is where a warring faction destroys the livelihood of the nation they want to conquer in order so that they can take over.

In this case; the scorch Malaysia plan was to have Malaysia viewed as a corrupt nation and thereby unsafe for foreign investment.

In addition, the scorch Malaysia plan also entailed making Malaysians to feel so embarrassed by how they thought the world would view them that they (Malaysians) would demand for Prime Minister Najib Razak to step down.

Tun Mahathir would do all of this because he was like a horse wearing blinders; he could only see the rage he has for Najib and his plans to put his son (Mukhriz) in position to eventually become Prime Minister.

As such, he did not care who (Lim Kit Siang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) he had to crawl into bed with to bring those goals to reality.  In Mahathir’s mind the end justifies the means.

However, the problem with Tun Mahathir wearing blinders is that he could not see the reality which was around him.  For example; he thought that Najib not showing up at the “Nothing to Hide” forum was out of fear.  In fact, it was more of a strategic move on the part of the Prime Minister to stoke the flame of Mahathir’s ego so that he (Mahathir) would believe that he had the upper hand.

Mahathir had also missed that fact that outside of his Pakatan Harapan cohorts (and not all of them) he never got the people on his side; even the million signatures turned out to be a myth.

That is also why when it came to the Prime Minister’s lack of response over the 1MDB attacks; Mahathir could only see (1MDB) what he wanted to see.   As things were, Najib never felt compelled to respond to the accusations and was quite happy to let Tun Mahathir chase after shadows in the dark.

Now it seems that Tun Mahathir is beginning to glimpse the reality of his situation; placing all his chips on 1MDB has moved his ego from an euphoric high after Nothing to Hide to now; where he has Nothing to Talk About!