Malaysians Don’t Want the DAP-led Opposition’s Gimmicks; They Want Sound, Stable Governance!

DAP Prop to trick Malays!

The DAP-led opposition has yet to realize that Malaysians do not want gimmicks; they want sound, stable governance.

Either collectively or individually that had banked on anyone of their gimmicks to ignite the collective imagination of the rakyat; but to date nothing has really worked.

While the idea of RM42 Billion vanishing into thin air conjured up images of some fantastical production that the likes of David Copperfield performs; RM42 Billion seemed much too farfetched.  After all Tun Mahathir wanted Malaysians to believe that the Prime Minister was smart enough to pull off such a feat, but not smart enough to put it anywhere other than his  local personal saving account.

What has become the DAP-led opposition coalition has tried Bersih, Save Malaysia, and the People’s Congress in an effort to bamboozle Malaysians.

Seeing that none of the above gimmicks worked, Pakatan Harapan big wigs brokered a deal Tun Mahathir and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.  They idea was to have the two men meet and shake hands symbolically showing some sort of alliance.

Those who have arranged the meet probably expected there would be French horns playing in the background like in the movies when something of this nature happens.

But it seems that someone forgot to book the orchestra or the funds money allocated for such stirring music went to pay for the Department of Justice (DoJ) announcements.

Or according to The Third Force (TTF) Reggie Jessy, it went to pay Sarawak Report editor and chief Clare Rewcastle-Brown to publish malicious lies about PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang and Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Whatever the case, the choreographed meet and subsequent handshakes between Mahathir and Datuk Anwar caused as much excitement as listening to Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin or Mukhriz Mahathir give a speech; it was a dud!

One can say the same thing about the two (2) ‘Nothing to Hide’ episodes, with one major exception; ‘Nothing to Hide’ 2.0 backfired.

The gimmick was to have Tun Mahathir onstage with an empty chair next to him.  However the event quickly ended when things turned violent.  The violence apparently started following a question someone asked Tun Mahathir about the Memali deaths.

It has not gone unnoticed that since the Nothing to Hide 2.0 uproar, the DAP-led Pakatan opposition has been conspicuously quiet about the incident.

It is almost as if the Nothing to Hide 2.0 never happened; just like the Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail Al Jazeera interview. (Ouch!)

The failure of the DAP-led opposition to capture the hearts of the rakyat with their version of ‘Saving Malaysia’, People’s Congress, ‘Nothing to Hide’ or a Mahathir Anwar alliance only proves that Malaysians want sound governance not gimmicks!



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