Mahathir’s 1MDB Claim Quickly Disappearing into Thin Air!

Tun 1MDB

It was not that long ago that Tun Mahathir said that RM42 Billion of 1MDB money had disappeared into thin air; now the whole world sees that his claims are disappearing into thin air.

Tun Mahathir thought that Malaysians would just accept his claims that RM42 Billion vanished and that the money reappeared in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s local personal non proxy bank account.

Mahathir was counting on his former position as a head of Malaysia’s government to place authenticity behind his accusations.  However, at the time of Mahathir’s accusation he was no longer in government which meant that he did not have access to information regarding records anymore than any other private citizen.  If he did, wouldn’t that make him party to a crime?

Of course it is well known that Tun Mahathir would never be connected to anything remotely illegal, would he?

So Tun Mahathir seeing private information regarding 1MDB accounting and RM42 Billion disappearing into thin air must have been seen using a crystal ball; probably the same crystal ball he saw his son Mukhriz as Prime Minister.

Having his grand vision, Mahathir tried to milk the RM42 Billion disappearing into thin air as much as he could, hoping that the rakyat would buy into his claim.  However it soon became apparent that his claim was a poker bluff.

In poker, if you do not have a good hand of cards, you hope you can bluff your opponent into folding (giving up) by raising the stakes.

Mahathir raised the stakes to RM42 Billion with the hope that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak would fold and walk away.

However what Mahathir did not know was Najib is very skilled at the political game of poker and knows when he is being bluffed; all he had to do was wait Mahathir prove his claims.

As things have turned out the only thing Mahathir had was a good tag line ‘RM42 Billion disappeared into thin air’ and the hope that him saying it, being a former PM would add credibility to the lie.

Now with Prime Minister Najib Razak’s scheduled trip to the USA to meet President Donald Trump, Mahathir can now see his 1MDB claim quickly disappearing into thin air along with any last ditched hope he had for his son’s political future.




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