The 1MDB Road Show; The DoJ and The House of Commons; Where to Next, the Knesset!

Tun 1MDB

It seems that Tun Mahathir’s 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) road show has just made its second whistle stop.

The first stop (with a repeat performance) which was to bring Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib to his knees was the United States Department of Justice (DoJ).  At the time it was hoped that the DoJ announcement would have all of Malaysia buzzing during Raya celebrations.  However, outside of the Pakatan Harapan crowd, no one seemed to take much notice of what the DoJ said.

Now following Tun Mahathir and clan’s Hari Raya vacation in London, the House of Commons has all of a sudden become the latest Mat Salleh whistle stop in which the hollowed name of 1MDB is mentioned.  More than likely Tun Mahathir and crew thought that if former colonisers say something about 1MDB then it would hold more weight in the psyche of Malays.

Perhaps this is also the reason why Tun Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan cohorts rely so heavily on Sarawak Report (SR). They think Malays will find news coming from Clare Rewcastle-Brown to be more authentic.

The problem for Tun Mahathir and company is that Malays no longer hold their former colonisers or their children in the same esteem in which the once held.  These days it is becoming more common for Malays to outright reject news, and assessments which come from Mat Sallehs.

An example of this is the news leading to the Gulf war and all that has happened because of it (Guantanamo, Bay, Abu Ghraib and Libya).  That within itself served as example(s) of how Mat Salleh use, distort and fabricate news to get the people of color (majority of the world’s population) to believe what they say.

That is why Tun Mahathir and his cohorts ran to the west because he wants Malays to here lies coming from Mat Salleh (white people) as those lies would sound more believable.  It was not enough that 1MDB was investigated here in Malaysia; Tun Mahathir along with DAP- Pakatan which he is now part needed someone to say that a crime has been committed.  Further to that, they need for the Prime Minister to appear to have benefited from that crime.

Tun Mahathir and DAP-led Pakatan have only the one card (1MDB) to play which is why they have ceased speaking about the Government Service Tax (GST or highway tolls.   For Tun Mahathir and DAP-led Pakatan Harapan, 1MDB has become their do or die issue; their Waterloo

That is why is why Tun Mahathir’s desperation has led him to beg white people (Mat Salleh) in the USA (DoJ) and now in the U.K house of Common for help as he does not want meet the same fate as Napoleon.

Do not be surprised that following the House of Commons to see the next whistle stop being the Knesset.  The promise of first opening an Israeli trade office to pave the way for full diplomatic recognition could be placed on the table!


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