Pakatan’s New Computer Mouse Logo Still Has Them Pointed Nowhere!

computer mouse
Pakatan’s New ‘Computer Mouse’ Logo!
Most people can find Pakatan’s Computer Mouse Cursor logo in less than 5 seconds!

After spending a lot of time and no doubt a lot of money, Pakatan Harapan has come up with a new logo that features a computer mouse cursor.

Pakatan choosing a mouse of any kind is not surprising as they have been running scared like mice for some time.  If one would recall, every time they were queried about their strategy for Malaysia, Lim Guan Eng’s bungalow troubles or their choice for Prime minister, they would scurry like little mice to try and change the topic.

As many have suspected all along, Pakatan strategy for Malaysia was nonexistent; which is why they tried to perpetually stay on offense with RUU35 and 1Malaysian Development Berhad (1MDB).  They believed a good offense would save them from having to respond to questions that are forming in the minds of Malaysians; questions like how Lim Kit Siang for years can be very vocal over the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) forex loses, but kept quiet about it after developing a bromance with Tun Mahathir.  Then when he finally could hide no longer, he criticised the investigation into the BNM forex loses.

In addition, how could Lim Kit Siang say Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should leave office over an unfounded suspicion, but not ask his son Lim Gun Eng to leave his post over documents that will prove that prove his being complicit in a wrong doing involving the purchase of his bungalow.

The new lead mouse in Pakatan Harapan is no other than Tun Mahathir whom out of fear of lost (for his son’s political future) dispatched is emissaries to the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) to plead for some type of legal help.

Now it seems that the tables are turned as Tun Mahathir, like a trapped mouse has started to panic over the investigation of his possible role and subsequent benefit from the BNF forex losses.

Tun Mahathir is so scared of Datuk Anwar Ibrahim implicating him in the BNF forex scandal that he came just short of saying that he had Anwar Ibrahim locked for nothing.  He almost did this with the hope that Anwar would not testify against him.

It seems that there may be a quid pro quo arrangement where Tun Mahathir will imply that Anwar is innocent, if Anwar does not testify against him (Tun Mahathir) over the BNM.

We also have Pakatan Harapan proving what many have suspected; they are an empty shell; which is why they would scurry like field mice every time they were asked to name thier candidate for Prime Minister.  In May of this year (2017) I wrote a piece entitled Pakatan can’t name what they don’t have.

As if turned out, Pakatan Harapan was devoid of any type of leadership; which is very apparent when you consider the top three serving as Malay faces for the new DAP-led Pakatan structure.

Tun Mahathir: Recently joined and now top mouse

Datuk Wan Azizah Ishmael: Had the title, but no substance

Datuk Anwar Ibrahim: In prison again for Sodomy 2

Looking at the above there is no surprise that DAP-led Pakatan has been playing the PM shell game for so long.

We round off this piece by looking at the 2012 (elected) not so Democratic Action Party (DAP) Leadership.  They have been running around like scared mice since the Registry of Societies (RoS) informed them that they must have a re-election which includes those delegates that were cheated out of their chance to vote in 2012.

No doubt the DAP leadership is scared about the results which is why they said that they will comply with the RoS, but under protest.

With all that which had and is taking place with Pakatan Harapan their selection of a computer mouse to be the central part of their logo seem seems very appropriate as it still has them pointed nowhere!


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