Mahathir must no longer think sodomy is a crime, if like he says Pakatan will petition for Anwar Ibrahim’s release.

For Tun Mahathir to participate in the process of freeing Anwar Ibrahim he is effectively saying is that what happened to Anwar Ibrahim’s victim doesn’t matter. He is just collateral damage in the game of politics.

Even though Anwar has been tried and convicted not once, but twice for sodomy, Tun Mahathir will turn a blind eye on these crimes for the sake of trying to win an election. 

What ever happened to Mahathir’s exertion that Anwar Ibrahim is immoral and unfit to lead a nation; did he make one of his U-Turns on this as well.

Still what more should we expect from a man (Mahathir) who has absolutely no qualms aboutto portraying Malaysia in a  negative light to the world with the hope that it would bring pressure  on PrimeMinister. This is the same man who now admits that he has been conspiring  on the removal of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Razak since 2014, if not earlier.

With all of his twists and turns, it is not surprising that Mahathir is now supportive of a man (Anwar Ibrahim) he refers to as immoral because he obviously does not believe that sodomy is a crime.

Come to think of it; Mahathir may even believe what transpired with the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) forex loses was not a crime!


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