Mahathir Bouncing Around Like a Ping Pong Ball!


It is kind of comical to see Tun Mahathir bouncing around like a ping pong.

He bounced (via his emissaries) to the DoJ hoping to create talk in Malaysia that the bogeyman (USA) is after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  However like things that go bump in the night turn, it turned out to be nothing but Tun Mahathir’s wild imagination.

Tun Mahathir could not get tongues wagging in Malaysian over the DoJ announcement nor did his hope in the DoJ cause Prime Minister Najib to do anything other than carry out the affairs of state as he had done since becoming Prime Minister.

Tun Mahathir then popped over to the U.K to no doubt to have a pow wow with what seems like the Pakatan Harapan’s news portal (Sarawak Reports) to come up with a plan B to make it appear that Prime Minister Najib is shaking with fear.

Comically they have come up with Tun Mahathir and Datuk Anwar Ibrahim ‘Reconciliation 3’.

The first ‘Handshake’ did not produce the results they (Pakatan Harapan and Tun Mahathir) hoped so they had to engineer ‘Handshake’ number two (2).  Unfortunately, no one out of the Pakatan Harapan circle seemed to care about it as Tun Mahathir had already been working in some form of fashion with Pakatan Harapan prior to ‘Handshake one’.

The handshakes having failed, the Pakatan advisors orchestrated a tea party between Tun Mahathir’s wife (Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Ali) and Anwar Ibrahim’s wife (Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail).

That meeting was orchestrated for the emotional value that they (Pakatan Harapan) were hoping to benefit from.  However, no one seemed to give a second thought to the meeting over tea as Malaysians meet all the tea so there was nothing new with that.

Now with Mahathir’s own trouble over the Bank Negara Malaysia Forex (BNM) scandal, he is reluctantly playing his last card; the Anwar is not immoral card.

Oh wait, didn’t Tun Mahathir say that Anwar was immoral and therefore unfit to be Prime Minister?

Will he now claim that he meant to say someone else; the same way he said it was not the DAP (Kit Siang) who wanted to the deputy Prime Minister post?

Many believe that Tun Mahathir is playing his Anwar card in order to keep Anwar Ibrahim from testifying against him (Mahathir) in the BNM forex investigation.  It is a case of you scratch my back and I will ‘almost recant’ on saying you are a backdoor (sodomizer) bandit!

Some believe that it will take some more backdoor (forgive the pun) diplomacy before Tun Mahathir willingly comes out and recants on all that he has said concerning Anwar.

Such negations will not only include testifying that Tun Mahathir was not involved with the BNM forex scandal, but support for his political aspirations for son Mukhriz.

There is no telling where Tun Mahathir will bounce next.  If all else fails, he may even try to bounce over to Prime Minister Najib Razak to seek refuge; and why not, he has already bounced everywhere else!



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