Lim Kit Siang is Like a Man Afraid to Ask His Wife to Renew Their Marriage Vows!


When it comes to a DAP second election, Lim Kit Siang is like a man afraid to ask his wife to renew their marriage vows because he already knows the answer.

This is why Lim Kit Siang wanted the Registra of Societies (RoS) to deregister his not so Democratic Action Party (DAP).  If they did, father and son Lim (Kit Siang and Guan Eng) could cry crocodile tears before their open and closeted Chinese sympathizers and proclaim that they are the victims of a government plot to suppress Chinese voices.

Unfortunately for Lim Kit Siang and the other DAP leadership who benefited from the December 2012 fraudulent vote the RoS did not deregister the DAP.

Now Lim Kit Siang has to either comply by having the DAP carrying out a re-vote with those original 2,576 delegates from 865 branches who were denied their opportunity to vote for the leadership they wanted or try and find some other legal loophole that he can slither through to avoid that first option.

All along Lim Kit Siang tried to give the impression that he has the backing of the DAP.  However his backing is only partially legitimate as the leadership whom are backing him may themselves be illegitimate.  Lim Kit Siang knows this which is why he will not rush to have a revote.  In fact he will do whatever he can to prevent those original 2,576 voters from voting because he knows that they know they were cheated from their right to vote.

It has already been determined that most or all of those 2,576 delegates would not have voted for Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng or many of the others who benefited from the fraudulent vote and it is a certainty that finally given the chance to vote Lim Kit Siang his son (Lim Guan Eng) and all the others would lose their posts and their positions.

Had the RoS thrown Lim Kit Siang a life line by deregistering the DAP he (Lim Kit Siang) could have just registered a new party assuring that none of the 2,576 previous delegates were members.  Then he could maintain the present leadership structure that he has with the DAP while at the same time claim that it was the government that forced them to start a new political party. In that way, Lim Kit Siang and company would never have to answer for the illegal action which they had undertaken in December 2012.

If Lim Kit Siang were confident that a re-vote would turn out in his favor, he would break Usain Bolts speed records to have the AGM and a re-election.

Conversely, Lim Kit Siang’s lack of confidence is like a man who is afraid to ask his wife if she would marry him again because he knows without a doubt that her answer would be the same as those 2,576 delegates in 2012 would have been and would be today; He** No!


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