How Lim Kit Siang Being Super Glued to Mahathir Has Sealed His Fate!


Lim Kit Siang has super glued himself to Tun Mahathir, a move that will no doubt seal his fate.

There was a period of time when Lim Kit Siang feigned support for former Pakatan Harapan de facto opposition leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.  Lim Kit Siang gave support for Anwar Ibrahim because he knew (like many others do) that Anwar was not getting out of prison any time soon for nakal nakal actions with his male political aid.

There are those who say that in actuality, Lim Kit Siang does not care if Anwar Ibrahim stays in prison as he (Anwar was just useful for getting Malay backing for the DAP.

If one were to consider the period not too long after Anwar Ibrahim went to prison, Lim Kit Siang seemed to have forgotten all about Anwar Ibrahim; which is why there are those who believe that Lim Kit Siang only used Anwar as a pawn (like Mahathir and Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail) for his plans.

The past tense ‘used’ Anwar is used because not it is very apparent that Lim Kit Siang has decided to super glue himself to Tun Mahathir.  However the problem with that is Kit Siang not only super glued himself to Tun Mahathir, but to all the baggage that come with along with Mahathir.

Now that Tun Mahathir’s Pandora’s Box is opening up, the first scandal which may actually be the one that brings Mahathir down is the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) forex gamble.  The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) may find enough evidence against Tun Mahathir to either put him behind bars or have him placed under house arrest.

Whichever the case, it seems that Karma is once again working her magic against those who sought to illegally oust Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Lim Kit Siang will now have to justify how he could for the longest time want an investigation into the BNM forex scandal, but then become silent on the issue after linking up with Tun Mahathir.

Not only that, but Lim Kit Siang will also have to explain how his DAP Pakatan opposition can justify going on a road show to discuss 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) yet not go on a road show to discuss Tun Mahathir and the BNM scandal; something that Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Salleh Said Keruak referred to as Pakatan Harapan’s double standard.

And here’s the ‘Kitker’; if Tun Mahathir decides to stay in the UK because he knows he will be found guilty, it will seal his (Mahathir) doom as well as that of Lim Kit Siang who has decided to super glue himself to Mahathir come hell or high water; and events are certainly heating up!


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