Malaysians Should Not Be In Awe of The DOJ and Their Hollywood Type Productions!


Unfortunately too many Malaysians are in awe of the DOJ and all things western.  Perhaps this comes from years of being subjected to ‘White’ rule or not really believing in Malayu Boleh!

It is almost as if the DOJ sneezes Malaysians run to the doctor believing that the DOJ sickness is theirs as well; this too falls under the master slave mentality where anything that affects the master the slave believes it his problem.

The above may make some feel very uncomfortable, but it is true.  Just because colonialism has ended, it does not mean that the invisible mental conditioning that colonialism has produced has vanished along with it.

The west knows this and that is why they with their Hollywood productions can make an angel look like a syaitan and syaitan look like an angel; they are master manipulators of perception.

This is what has been counted on in the Department of Justice (DOJ) announcement(s) over 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

The announcement comes off like a movie production featuring big names like Leonardo Dicaprio, a hit movie (The Wolf of Wall Street) along with other goodies all with the sole purpose to make the story sell-able and believable to the Malaysian public.

The script writer appears to be those working for (like Mathias Chang) or with Tun Mahathir; who by the way is said to be the financial backer behind the DOJ’s announcements.

However the DOJ’s announcement(s) came with a self protection caveat; they would not accuse anyone specific of a crime as that would be illegal.  Therefore the only thing that would keep the DOJ out of legal hot water is to make a MO1 reference and let DAP-led Pakatan point the finger at the Prime Minister; after all that would have Malaysians accusing Malaysians and not the DOJ directly making an accusation without proof or legal trail.


What the DOJ announcement was timed to do was get Malaysians to believe that there was proof even in the absence of any.

Why do Tun Mahathir and the DOJ believe Malaysians would believe the DOJ Hollywood production; they believe this because they know that Malaysians are in awe over the West and white supremacy and would believe anything that the West or whites want them to believe!


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