Who Appointed The DOJ as Malaysia’s Legal Protector!


The USA has to realize that Malaysia is not there 51st state and as such do not fall under its laws.

After close to one (1) year, US Department of Justice again seeks to interfere with Malaysia’s sovereignty.  Interestingly it was pointed out in another blog post that these Department of Justice (DOJ) announcements seem curiously timed around the start of Hari Raya.

Does the DOJ believe that Malaysia is unable to conduct a legal investigation without foreign interference?

The Pakatan opposition also wants Malaysians to believe that we are subservient to the USA and that what they (DOJ) says has more merit then what Malaysia says.

This is like those who believe that the ice produced in US is colder than the ice produced in Malaysia.

Malaysia does not need nor require outside interference in matters which concern Malaysia; which is a position that Tun Mahathir once held.

Mahathir used to be a proud Malaysian that stood against United States interference in the affairs of foreign nations.  However now he has tossed those beliefs aside for the sake of expediency.

This happened when it became obvious that Tun Mahathir and the Anti Najib Campaign (ANC) would not be successful in removing Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak through Malaysia’s own investigation into 1Malaysia Development Berhad they dispatched envoys to the USA to file a suit with the department of Justice.

However, even the DOJ could not lay complicity at anyone’s feet.  The DOJ could only say in their response that they are trying to recover funds for the people of Malaysia.

But who appointed the DOJ as Malaysia’s protector.  Malaysia is a proud sovereign nation that does not require outside interference.

Cooperation through partnership yes; interference no!

And the sole purpose of the various DOJ announcements is to interfere in an effort to create suspicion in the minds of Malaysians.


And creating suspicion is all Tun Mahathir wants as this is probably the last card he can play before the 14th general election.


It is yet to be seen how DOJ and their carefully worded statements are complicit in Mahathir’s plans, but what is becoming abundantly clear is that if Tun Mahathir is now so much in love with USA law then he cannot set aside one of its basic foundations

In the United States, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. The 14th amendment to the US Constitution guarantees to every person, aliens included, “equal protection under the law.”




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