Anwar’s Statement is a moot point as he’s still incarcerated!

Wan and Anwar

Recently Datuk Anwar Ibrahim said that he won’t be Pakatan’s Prime Minister candidate.

Apparently Anwar believes that he is outside Sungai Buloh prison looking in, instead of being on the inside looking out.

Given the status of every prisoner in Sungai Buloh; they can all issue a press statement saying that they also won’t be DAP-led Pakatan Harapan’s Prime Minister Candidate.

Anwar seems to be in denial about his residential status in the same way he is confused about activities a man should not perform on another man.

Anwar statement is supposed to give the impression that he is making this grand gesture (from behind bars) for the sake of Pakatan’s cohesiveness.  However, the problem is DAP-led Pakatan has been anything, but a cohesive coalition.

Even within the political parties which make up the coalition there are feuds, infighting, and favouritism bestowed on the inner circles.  There has also been growing dissatisfaction within ranks of Lim Kit Siang’s DAP, Tun Mahathir’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malay (PPBM) and PKR headed by anyone’s guest.

Therefore all the talk back and forth over Tun Mahathir (aged but free) and Anwar (aging and incarcerated) as DAP-led Pakatan’s Prime Minister designate only goes hand in hand with all of the miscues and confusion coming forth from the coalition.

The confusion also explains why DAP-led Pakatan has not to this point named a PM designate.  They could not name what they do not have.

That is why there have only been two (2) names coming from the lips of Pakatan; Tun Mahathir whose PPBM have just joined the coalition and Anwar Ibrahim.

It stands to reason that if there were other suitable candidates Pakatan would have brought them to the forefront.

DAP-led Pakatan has been playing with smoke and mirrors to mask the fact that they are a coalition devoid of substance.  That is precisely why they get excited anytime 1 Malaysia Development Berhad is mention; they need it to divert attention away from the fact that they (Pakatan Harapan) have absolutely nothing to offer.

So with everything else not taking place with DAP-led Pakatan, now Anwar Ibrahim is saying he won’t be Pakatan’s Prime Minister candidate; which is a moot point as he is still incarcerated!


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