Mahathir Causing Crack in a Coalition That is Already Fractured!


Pakatan Harapan is probably second guessing its decision to allow Tun Mahathir and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysian (PPBM) join their coalition; as now they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Life seemed to be so much easier for Pakatan Harapan when Tun Mahathir and PPBM were on the outside seemingly begging to join DAP-led Pakatan.  During those days, Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan believed that they were steering the ship even though the ship was not heads anywhere; still they were in control.

Tun Mahathir’s PPBM was the new political party on the scene and was in desperate need of a platform.

Being newly formed, Tun Mahathir seemed ready to acquiesce to any demand Lim Kit Siang’s Pakatan opposition put forth; He had his preverbal hat in hand ready to dance to any tune Pakatan Harapan played.

He acquiesced because he wanted to get in so that he could try to steer DAP-led Pakatan in the direction that best suites his plan; which really means the plans he has for his son Mukhriz.

Therefore Tun Mahathir threw pride to the side and got very lovey-dovey with Lim Kit Siang; his long time nemeses.  As part of his bonding process, Tun Mahathir even gushed about how the DAP sang negaraku and spoke Bahasa Malaysia at their convention.

All of Tun Mahathir’s praises heaped on the DAP only shows that like a chameleon, he can change when it is convenient for him to do so.

Now that Tun Mahathir is officially part of the DAP-led coalition, he is is doing or saying what he dared not say when he was on the outside; and that is he wants to be Prime Minister again.  (here)


What is now proving to be quite embarrassing for DAP-led Pakatan is Tun Mahathir seizing control.  He is doing so  because he knows that Lim Kit Siang’s DAP opposition does not have any one else to put forward as their candidate.

Mahathir has pushed himself to the forefront because he wants to make sure that Mukhriz has a place at the table in highly unlikely event that things turn the opposition’s way during the next election.

Tun Mahathir also knows that he cannot rely on Mukhriz to step up and put himself in an electable position; which is why he volunteered himself to be Pakatan’s PM choice.

However when Mahathir volunteered his services, he caused a crack in a coalition which was already fractured; a scenario they can ill afford with 14th general election swiftly approaching!

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