The House of Tun Mahathir is Burning Down!

Mahathir and Proton

Tun Mahathir may have need for a bigger box of tissues as the 49.9 % sale of Proton to Chinese car maker Zhejiang Geely Automotive Co Ltd is not the only thing he has to weep about these days.

It what is widely viewed to be yet another blow to Tun Mahathir’s fledgling Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysian (PPBM0), one thousand (1,000) members along with Teluk Intan division pro-tem chief Jemaat Yaacob  and Ipoh division pro-term chief Azrul  Suhadi Ahmad Mokhtar all left the political party last Friday (May 26, 2017).

This mass exodus comes a little more than one month (April 19th 2017) after the resignation of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia supreme council member Kamarulaman Habibur Rahman.

Just like Kamarulaman Habibur Rahman, the most recent mass exodus came about due to what they describe as party in fighting and cronyism.

Azrul Said stated that the political party’s president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin failed to resolve the internal conflicts in the time period (1) week) that was given to him.  Muhyiddin’s failure to resolve those issues triggered the wave of resignations by those one (1000) members.

Apparently, this most recent mass exodus is only the tip of the iceberg as Azrul suggests that more resignations will follow.

How will the mass resignation affect Tun Mahathir?

Tun Mahathir like Lim Kit Siang (whose DAP party has seen their share of resignations) may care little that members are jumping ship as both men have difficulty seeing beyond their own self interest.

However for Tun Mahathir, those interests are being torn away from around him.

One of his sources of pride: Proton had for a number of years fallen into difficulty and needed to be rescued by international interest.

Another of those sources of pride which is crumbling around him is his believing that he is still a major player on the political scene.

Mahathir has demonstrated that he no longer can sway events his way.  Where once he could lift up or bring down those who he targeted, of late he could not even muster enough influence to rescue his son (Mukhriz Mahahtir) from being removed as Kedah Menteri Besar.

Then there is yet another plank burning in the house Mahathir; his ego.

Mahathir had to swallow his pride in order to work with Lim Kit Siang and his DAP-led opposition.  When Tun Mahathir still had political juice, he would not entertain the thought of jumping into bed with Lim; now having to so has most certainly caused Dr. Tun Mahathir a burning sensation deep down in the pit of his stomach.

However, all of those events only served to set the house of Tun Mahathir a blaze. The final plank to burn will more than likely take place after the 14th general election.

Looking ahead, it will be after GE 14 that Tun Mahathir realizes that his plans of having his son Mukhriz as Prime Minister, deputy Prime Minister or anything close to that will have gone up in flames.

Until that time, expect more party resignations; as many who have followed Tun Mahathir into the abyss of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) now see that the house of Mahathir is burning down!


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