Pakatan Harapan; A Coalition of Incompetent Contractors Who Will Promise Anything to Get The Job!


When thinking of DAP-d Pakatan, one thought comes to mind; they are like incompetent contractors who will promise anything just to get the job.

Of course they do their best to make the facade look as presentably as possible, but in the end it is just that; a facade.

For some time now DAP-led Pakatan Harapan tried to give the impression that they had the wherewithal to run Malaysia’s government.  However, when one listens to them there seems to be no clear plan on their part on what to do if they were to be at the head of government.

Yes, they talk about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) saying they are against it then turn around and say they will have to maintain some form of it.



Have they finally realized that the money has to come from somewhere.

DAP-led Pakatan also talks about getting rid of highway tolls, but are mute when it comes to where the money will come from that will replace the funds that would have come from tolls.

It is very apparent that DAP-led Pakatan is only interested to taking doing things that they believe will endear them to the people; much like someone trying to buy the affection of a child.

Other than the GST and scraping the tolls, DAP-led Pakatan has nothing; and that includes competent leadership.

Datuk Wan Azizah’s Aljazeera’s interview makes many wonder how only a few months ago, DAP Pakatan Harapan was vetting Wan Azizah’s name as their choice for Prime Minister.

For the opposition to even put her name out their only proves the type of decision making that is taking place among DAP-led Pakatan’s leadership.

Of course the Pakatan opposition has also thrown out to the public former deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s name knowing that his propensity for trying to sow seeds in another man’s garden removes him from any serious conversation as a potential Prime Minister.

Looking at Lim Kit Siang; he said that he does not want to be Prime Minister, but he did not say that he did not want to be deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister or both!

Honestly, even if he had come out and said that he does not covet those positions, not many would believe him.  In the same way hardly anyone believed Mukhriz when he said that he did not want to be Prime Minister.

With no other candidate at hand, DAP-led Pakatan is now playing with the idea of having Tun Mahathir as their champion.  The problem with that is, Tun Mahathir knows that managing a nation is tough enough for a younger man; how much more difficult for someone in their nineties (90’s).

It seems that at this point of his life, Tun Mahathir’s only interest is to ensure a Mahathir dynasty through Mukhriz; even if that meant working hand in hand with the likes of DAP-led Pakatan; a coalition of incompetent contractors who will promise anything just to get the job!



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