Wan Azizah’s Interview; A Glimpse of a Pakatan Harapan Government!

Wan Azizah Aljazeera

If there are some people who are still not sure what a DAP-led Pakatan government would look like then Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail provided just that.

Wan Azizah’s TV Aljazeera interview showed not only cracks in the thought process of this Pakatan leader, but gaping holes.  Gaping holes that even a self professed seat warmer could not cover up. (here)

It seems that when the her puppet master(s) are not pulling her strings and putting words in her mouth, Datuk Wan Azizah is a train wreak waiting to happen; she just cannot function.

The only she proved is that she will do or say whatever is needed to try and get votes.

Yes to hudud.

No to hudud

No, but sometime in the future

All the placating various audiences seems to fall in step with another part of Lim Kit Siang’s Pakatan opposition;  whatever it takes, just get their vote.

There is little doubt that Lim Kit Siang has one closed door message when he speaks to ‘his’ constituency and a totally different message for the Malay crowd.

Lim Kit Siang wants to give Malays the impression that he is a friend to the Malay and a friend to Islam.

He tried unsuccessfully to try the same thing with PAS President Datuk Hadi Abdul Awang and PAS. Lim Kit Siang wanted Hadi Awang to believe that he (Lim Kit Siang) was his and PAS’ friend along; even encouraging Mat Sabu and his turncoats (now Amanah) to go against Hadi Awang.

For Lim Kit Siang, the end obviously justifies the means which is probably why he had little difficulty in sharing his bed with Tun Mahathir.  He needed what he thought Tun Mahathir could deliver (Malay votes) in the same way Tun Mahathir needed what he thought Lim Kit Siang could deliver; Chinese votes and platform for Mukhriz.

When it comes to Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan, their one central message appears to be utter confusion; a message that was reflected to Wan Azizah’s Aljazeera interview.

Malaysians want consistency, good governance and an economy that is steadily growing even when the world economy has slowed.  If Datuk Wan Azizah’s interview demonstrates the caliber of leaders DAP-led Pakatan has to offer Malaysia!


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