Pakatan Harapan; The Party of Seat Warmers!

PKR president Datuk Dr. Wan Azizah has finally come out and admitted that she has no problem being a seat warmer; a position she was in denial of some four years ago (2014).

Now Wan Azizah comes out and says what everyone has already known; she is a seat warmer. (here)

When it comes to politics, this seems to be her sole function to act as a proxy until someone else can come along and do the job.  She did this in Permatang Pauh and then again during the Kajang move.

But is it fair to those she is supposed to serve?

It seems that both she and her husband are more interested in serving their own interest than the constituencies which they were elected to represent.

Datuk Anwar Ibrahim before he was incarcerated for ‘Sodomy 2’, was like kangaroo jumping from constituency to constituency.

His wife Wan Azizah was/is like an ostrich with her head stuck in a hole ‘pretending’ not to see or know what was going on around her. (here)

Anwar’s jumping here and there shows that he, like Lim Kit Siang is only after votes and it does not matter where or how those votes come about.

However for those who vote for a candidate there is the expectation that person voted for will stay and work for the people in that area; not jump at the next opportunity because the coffer is bigger (Selangor) or that it is perceived as a shorter path to Purtrajaya.

Today, one has to wonder why anyone would want Datuk Wan Azizah as a potential Prime Minister candidate when she has proven that her greatest strength is warming a seat.

She is just like former deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is widely seen as a potential seat warmer for the son of Tun Mahathir; Mukhriz.

While Muhyiddin may believe that if he can become Prime Minister he can then back out of any bargain he made to step aside and make way for Mukhriz.  Nevertheless, to make this type of betrayal work, Muhyiddin Yassin would need political backing from someone like Lim Kit Siang who is rumored to not being averse to making side deals to further his own goals.

However, if Muhyiddin Yassin is not brave enough to attempt yet another political backstabbing then he will be content to warming the seat for Mukhriz until he is ordered to make way for the latter.

To round out the list (so far) of Pakatan Harapan seat warmers is their de-facto leader; Lim Kit Siang.

Again it is widely speculated that Lim Kit Siang will contest the seat in Penang as he has come to terms that his son Lim Guan Eng who is Penang’s current Menteri Besar will be going to prison.

Lim Kit Siang probably will abandon Gelang Patah to keep the seat warm in Penang while his son is keeping company with Anwar Ibrahim.

It seems that Pakatan Harapan is the political entity made up of fabricators and seat warmers; just a couple of traits they can offer Malaysians!


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