Ahok’s Defeat Must Send Shivers Down Lim Kit Siang’s Spine!


Lim Kit Siang was probably looking forward to telling Malays that Ahok’s winning is an example of what can take place in Malaysia.  However, with Ahok’s defeat, Lim Kit Siang lost the wild card that he believed he had.

Not only should Ahok’s defeat serve as a poignant message for Lim Kit Siang, but the reason why he was defeated should start to send shivers down Lim Kit Siang’s spine.

Ahok like both Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng was too confident; some would arrogant when it came to his role in Jakarta politics.

As it is written ‘Pride comes before a fall’

Ahok probably thought that Indonesian’s admiration for him was such that he could make any remark or Islamic reference without repercussions.   However, he like the Lims and their DAP following should have known that there are some lines that should not be crossed and some fires that should not be stoked!

When Ahok made his remarks, it was widely viewed not only as his insulting Islam, but that he was touching on something for which he had no knowledge, lacked understanding and no sensitivity.

The same case can be made against Lim Kit Siang with respect to PAS president Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill referred to as RUU355.

Lim Kit Siang grave mistake was in thinking that he could treat it (RUU355) as any other matter which came up in Parliament and voice his opinion come what may.

The problem is that RUU355 concerns Muslims and no matter how paternal Lim Kit Siang believes he is towards Muslims, the fact is he was never assigned that task.

Further, the nature of the Bill/RUU355 is not new to Lim Kit Siang bringing many to believe that his opposition to it stems from his displeasure with PAS president Hadi Awang as well as the possibility of another agenda which The Third Force has written about (here)

Had Ahok won the gubernatorial race in Jakarta, Lim Kit Siang would have used that as his battle cry claiming that if the world’s most populace Muslim country can accept a non Muslim touching on something that Muslims hold sacred, then he is justified in doing the same thing here in Malaysia.

Now with Ahok’s defeat, Lim Kit Siang is hoping that Muslims in Malaysia have a short memory and that the same electoral defeat that befell Ahok does not fall on him and his DAP.

Lim Kit Siang has to be viewing Ahok’s defeat like a deer staring at oncoming (GE14) headlights having the sense that doom is at hand; and that thought has to be sending shivers down Lim Kit Siang’s spine!


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