PKR Stuck Between RUU355 and The Wrath of Lim Kit Siang!


It has to be extremely hard for PKR these days as they caught up in a major dilemma.  They have to weigh the consequences of following the de facto DAP-led Pakatan ‘Pied Piper’ leader (Lim Kit) Siang or supporting PAS president Hadi Awang’s private member bill (RUU355).

No doubt PKR wishes that the bill (RUU355) never made it to the table of Parliament, but it has and now they (PKR) have a serious problem on their hands.

They can no longer keep their collective heads buried in the sand like ostriches with the hope that the issue would dissipate like the early morning dew in up in Genting Highland.  Nor can they count on pressure being exerted on team Barisan Nasional component parties questioning UMNO for taking over RUU355.

RUU355 has once again returned to its original status as a private member’s bill leaving team Barisan Nasional in both East and West Malaysia unscathed.

Now Muslims around the nation are nation are looking at what stand PKR and other Muslim political parties will take if and when the bill comes down to a vote.

If Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali fashions himself to be a Muslim leader; how will he be able to justify not going along with the bill RUU355.

The on paper PKR president Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail is in the situation as PKR vice president (who still vies for the PKR president’s post) Azmin Ali.

Malaysians will see Datuk Wan Azizah Ismail furiously fanning herself as she feels the heat when it is time to man up or in her case woman up when and if the bill (RUU355) comes to a vote.

Azmin Ali, Wan Azizah and the rest of the Muslims that make up DAP-led Pakatan will certainly be viewed by Malays as DAP’s window dressing, if they try to dance around why they say they need more time to study RUU355 or if they can not support it.

On the other hand, PKR will incur the wrath of Lim Kit Siang, if they (PKR) decide to support it.

PKR knows very well how Lim Kit Siang spewed his disfavor on PAS after they did not support the Kajang Move; the same would happen to them if they (PKR) went against Lim Kit Siang and the DAP’s marching orders as well.

PKR needs the DAP’s support almost as much as the DAP needs PKR (Malay) support.  However in this scenario the DAP is calling the shots; which is precisely why PKR finds itself stuck between RUU355 and incurring the wrath of Kit Siang!


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