Pakatan Harapan Still Hoping To Pull a Rabbit Out of The Hat!


Now that it has become well known that Pakatan Harapan does not have a viable candidate for Prime Minister they are left with hoping to pull a last minute rabbit out the hat.

To try to shift attention away and to keep the public guessing, Pakatan Harapan decided to quickly bring Tun Mahathir’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) into their fold.

As with all the moves Pakatan makes, they were hoping to get some buzz from Pribumi’s inclusion.  However, their announcement did not even manage to move the needle on the political Richter scale.  Which was much the same as when former minister Zaid Ibrahim joined the DAP.  It is not much of a surprise when those who have been in bed with you all along make a public announcement that they are officially your bed mate.

Now having all of their pieces in place, DAP-led Pakatan is still left with a dilemma; who will be their champion.  If Tun Mahathir, then the idea would be that he would serve just long enough to get Mukhriz in position to take over.  However the problem with that is, many in the DAP camp have already grown tired of the Lims (Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng) trying to create a dynasty; they would not stomach their former enemy (turned convenient friend) Mahathir trying to create his own dynasty at the DAP-led Pakatan’s expense.

But reality also comes into play when considering Mahathir as their go to man.  The reality is Mahathir has proven that he is no more effective in bringing in the votes than any of the other people wallowing away in their (DAP-led Pakatan) stable.

Therefore, to even consider Tun Mahathir the DAP-led opposition would have to be at the end of their rope to put all their hope in him at this stage leading up to the 14th general election.

Beyond not having a potential candidate for Prime Minister the DAP-led opposition faces an even bigger hurdle; campaigning against the Malaysian government’s undeniable achievements.

No matter how DAP-led Pakatan tries to spin it, the reality of the government’s success speaks for itself.  For the opposition to try to deny Najib’s success would leave the opposition looking like someone telling the people that it’s raining when there are no clouds in the sky and there is not a drop of water on the ground.

With so many things going against them: disunity, backstabbing, defections, no clear purpose for Malaysia and no potential candidate for Prime Minister; there is little surprise that DAP-led Pakatan is knee deep in cow manure.

Now it seems that the only hope they have is to try and pull a rabbit out of a hat and hope that it has a shovel!




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