Lim Kit Siang Has Sown The Wind; Now He is Reaping The Whirlwind!


Lim Kit Siang had little or no idea what would be in store for him when he fixed it in his mind to challenge Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  He no doubt confused the Prime Minister’s laid back style with weakness.

As a result Kit Siang and the assortment of others who make up the DAP-led opposition sowed all manner of malicious lies against the Prime Minister in hopes that he would buckle under the strain of the onslaught or spend all of his time answering his critics.

The DAP-led opposition was like a pack of wild does which tries to wear down the pray.  When Lim Kit Siang was not on the attack, he would have one of his sycophants like Tony Pua act as his mouth piece.

After Tony Pua contradicted the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) 1Malaysia Development Berhad findings which he signed off on, Kit Siang had to get more help.

Lim Kit Siang saw that Tun Mahathir could be a useful tool for his plans to get Malay votes.  Likewise, Tun Mahathir viewed Lim Kit Siang in the same manner; as a tool to help him get his son Mukhriz Mahathir back in the political spotlight and eventually become Prime Minister.

However even with the relentless attacks on the Prime Minister Kit Siang and  DAP-led opposition caused no cracks to be formed in the Najib’s resolve to carry out his duties as Prime Minister; conversely cracks started forming around Lim Kit Siang.

Now there is hardly a day that passes where Lim Kit Siang’s name does not appear in the news; and usually the news attached to his name is negative.  That is why the opposition attempted to deflect attention away from Kit Siang when they created the story of Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi leaving UMNO.  (here)

The strain of departures in the his party, being called a dictator, plans revealed of him wanting the DPM post may have Kit Siang wishing the press forgets his name fore a while.

There is line that goes; I don’t care what the press writes about me as long as they spell my name right.

Lim Kit Siang is probably hoping that the press not only forgets how to spell his name, but leave him out of their stories for a while.

This is probably why Kit Siang gets others to do some of his dirty work so that they can deflect attention away.  So you have Tun Mahathir, Mat Sabu and more recently former minister Zaid Ibrahim acting as Muslim shields help protect Kit Siang from the whirlwind of negative press surrounding him.

What Lim Kit Siang should realize that none of what he is receiving happened in a vacuum.

He has sown the wind and now he is reaping the whirlwind!



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