Cries of ‘Man The lifeboats’ as More DAP Members Prepare To Abandon Ship!


Lim Kit Siang had obviously thought he had steered his party’s (ship) through rough waters when three (3) elected Malacca DAP had only one month ago quit the party. (here)

With the ink not yet dry from that news there is new revelation that there are more disgruntled DAP members who have elected to abandon ship. (here)

Lim Kit Siang may have passed the first defections off as flukes, but he will not be able to brush the most recent ones away so easily.  He will have to now examine his decisions over the last couple of years, in particular his decision to tag team up with Tun Mahathir the DAP’s long time nemesis.

The old saying may be true that politics make for strange bed fellows, but having Tun Mahathir as their bed fellow is too much for many in the DAP to digest.  It is as if they are told to ingest and enjoy the taste of sour milk.

Even though Lim Kit Siang has found a way to make Mahathir palatable others may not be able to stomach their (Kit Siang, Mahathir) bromance.


Could it be the budding bromance that is causing members to leave the DAP or is that just another miscalculation made by Kit Siang?.

Maybe there are those in the DAP who are tired of the Lims (Lim Kit Siang Lim Guan Eng) trying to create their dynasty by treating the party (DAP) like their own personal fiefdom to do as they please.

Then again, there could those in the DAP who feel that all of the gains made after the 13th general election are steadily deteriorating as a result of Lim Kit Siang and Tun Mahathir’s relentless attacks on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak

Those attacks seem to have nothing to do with ‘Saving Malaysia’ and more about saving their own plans from falling apart.

Lim Kit Siang may have gotten so caught up in what awaited him at the end of the rainbow (deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister) that he completely missed the warning signs of discontent all around him.

That is that nature of dictators or megalomaniacs like Lim Kit Siang; they find difficult to see and even harder to admit that they are the problem even as water rises to his ankles and shouts of ‘Man The Lifeboats’ echoing in the wind!