Doctor Mahathir Turned Out To Be Bad Medicine!


Tun doctor Mahathir has become like one of those snake oil salesman in the tales of the old west who claimed to have a cure for whatever ailed you.

Unfortunately, for those who placed their hope in his political concoction, they ended up  in worse shape than they were before he back onto the political scene.

Tun doctor Mahathir called out to whoever was in ear shop, telling them that Malaysia was sick and that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was the central cause of Malaysia’s illness.

He pointed to Malaysia’s economy as proof that it was somehow the Prime Minister’s fault that things were slow.  Of course what he did not say was that what was taking place in Malaysia was part of the ebb and flow of what was happening in economies around the world.

Mahathir wanted Malaysians to use a myopic perspective (only looking at Malaysia) when looking at what was taking place vis-à-vis the economy and not consider the bigger picture.

Tun doctor Mahathir said that the government’s plan to start the GST and BR1M would only exacerbate the problem as the former would only bring hardship on both business and individuals and the latter was a form of corruption.

Doctor Mahathir also declared that 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) was a sick financial fund; making the diagnosis despite the fact that he had not been privy to exam it.

Like any snake oil salesman, the next phase saw doctor Mahathir offering his political elixir as a cure for Malaysia.  However, not many would buy into the claims of the cure as even the doctor seemed confused at times.  He would claim various numbers which were not there U-Turn or completely back track on positions that he has held (dislike for Lim Kit Siang and the DAP) for years.

There was even a point when the doctor went blank when asked who he would prefer to see as Prime Minister and deputy Prime Minister; when all of Malaysian new the response.

Along the way doctor Mahathir teamed up with Lim Kit Siang; another snake oil salesman in his own right.

Kit Siang duped himself into believing that what doctor Mahathir was peddling was the real thing and ending up swallowing it as well.  Mahathir’s elixir sent Lim Kit Siang into a dream like state where he believe that doctor would have him (Kit Siang) as Mukhriz’ deputy Prime Minister with Finance Minister and a get out of jail free card for Lim Guan Eng thrown in for good measure.

However, when Lim Kit Siang awakened from his voyage to Neverland, he realized that he has not chance of becoming deputy Prime Minister, Guan Eng is probably going to prison

Maybe all of this adds to why Lim Kit Siang (Burst Into Tears) today.

He finally realizes that doctor Mahathir turned out to be really bad medicine!