Will U-Turn Mahathir, Now Say The GST Is Good!


Tun Mahathir was once a ardent opponent of BR1M, often referring to it as a form of corruption or form of political bribery.  He was and more than likely is still critical of the GST as he and DAP-led opposition believe that the Malaysian government’s implementation of GST is both bad for Malaysians and for the nation.

There is little doubt that Mahathir and cohorts would oppose any program that the government enacts as they do not want Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to have any noteworthy successes attached to his administration.

Tun Mahathir and the DAP-led opposition are only interested in opposing what the Prime Minister even if it is good for the nation.  Tun Mahathir and the DAP-led opposition negativity were clearly seen during Prime Minister Najib trips to both China and Japan.

When it was reported that Najib’s trips abroad translated into positive benefits for Malaysia, Tun Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition suggested that Najib was selling Malaysia to foreigners.

This was the same approach that Mahathir and the others had taken when BR1M was introduced; criticize without evaluation.  Now that they realize that it (BR1M) is good, they have little if nothing more to say about it.

The same thing happened when the Prime Minister said that Malaysia needed to implement the GST; Mahathir and those who were part of the grand conspiracy to try and remove the Prime Minister heavily criticized the government’s actions.  Nevertheless, Najib did not weaver as he and the government realized with the global slump in oil prices Malaysia’s government had to take tough action to navigate the nation through the global economic downturn.

Tun Mahathir and the DAP-led opposition tried seize on the public’s initial lack of understanding of the GST and use its implementation to win elections in Sarawak, Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar.  However, even with their promises to repeal the GST if the opposition were to win the 14th general election, DAP-led opposition were on the losing side of those elections.

Oddly enough, during those sugarcoated promises to scrap GST, the DAP-led opposition and Tun Mahathir never articulated where the money would come from that would replace the revenue that the GST would generate.

As it turns out, the GST was not only a good idea, but a much needed one.

This week Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak while paying tribute to the dedication of the Treasury staff for 2015 and 2016 said that the government’s decision to implement the GST was the right decision and that proceeds from the GST, introduced on 1 April 2016 at the rate of 6% was RM41 billion. (here)

Now it will be interesting to see if U-Turn Mahathir says GST is good just like he did with BR1M or will he say that he made another mistake; like he did following the exposure of his supposedly secret deal with Lim Kit Siang!