Has Lim Kit Siang Lost The Plot?


Lim Kit Siang and all the others like Tun Mahathir who conspired to remove Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak from office seemed to have lost the plot of their movie.

The plot laid out was to first claim that there were irregularities with 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). There plan was to stoke interest among the rakyat much like a movie trailer is to tease the public to what is to come.

Next the plan was to ask questions about who had responsibility.  Then the plan was to accuse that person or in this case Prime Minister Najib Razak of being directly responsible for causing RM42 billion to not only vanish (according to Tun Mahathir) into thin air, but to then partially reappear into the Prime Minister’s local person banking account.

The whole disappearance trick was supposed to be the hook that would cause the rakyat to buy popcorn and watch in anticipation to what was to take place in the upcoming scenes.

The plot took a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) twist when the Pubic Account’s Committee (PAC) (which DAP Member of Parliament Tony Pua ‘played a role’) carried out their forensic work.

It was obvious during the investigative process that while some served on the PAC to find out the truth others like Tony Pua was there to look for the thinnest of evidence that would link Prime Minister Najib Razak to any misappropriation of 1MDB funds’.  This was apparent in that even while the process was ongoing, he (Tony Pua) wanted to engage in a debate over the issue.

However, as the things turned out, ‘the PAC including Tony Pua did not find any evidence of the Prime Minister’s involvement in the misappropriation 1MDB funds.

That finding is especially poignant as Lim Kit Siang has recently suggested that Tony Pua should be among other issues an accounting tutor to Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak.

In Salleh’s response, the Communication and Multimedia Minister says that it is Lim Kit Siang who should change his accounting tutor.


With that being said, let’s return to Lim Kit Siang’s lost plot.

Since the PAC exonerated the Prime Minister of any wrong doing and the issue of 1MBD not catching the imagination of the rakyat the DAP-led opposition had to try other means to dress of the plot to remove the Prime Minister.

They tried to do this by convincing a few disgruntled members of PAS that the grass was ‘greener’ (monetarily???) on the other side.  Then the opposition out of necessity reluctantly opened their doors to Tun Mahathir, Mukhriz Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin.

On the surface, the plot was to tangle Muhyiddin in front of the public as an appetizer and with Mukhriz to come as the entrée a few years later.  For Mahathir’s part, he was to serve as a condiment to the first two (2) dishes.

That was the plot on the surface; apparently behind the scenes Lim Kit Siang and Tun Mahathir were writing another script.

That script would have Mukhriz as Prime Minister, Lim Kit Siang as deputy Prime Minister and Muhyiddin Yassin looking for more K-Y Jelly!

Recently the sub plot has hit a snag as Lim Kit Siang is has to chose to either stick with Tun Mahathir and close both eyes to the latter’s administrations involvement to the BMF scandal or to be as vocal on BMF as he has been in the past and give up any dream (and that’s all it is) of becoming deputy Prime Minister.


So to answer the question: Has Lim Kit Siang lost the plot? Emphatically yes; unless he is making a disaster movie in which he also plays a major role!



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