The DAP; Authors of Confusion and Fear!


Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition has been working feverishly on trying to sow seeds of confusion among the rakyat in Malaysia with special emphasis on sowing them among the Malays.  Lim Kit Siang and his group know that the only why they have any hope in securing any seats in the next (GE14) general election is to get Malay votes to cancel each other out.

The DAP and the opposition believe that they can once again count on the Chinese vote to give them the same type of results that they have witnessed during the 13th general election.  As a result they do not spend much time in trying to secure those votes.  The only thing they need do is try to maintain the status quo.  To maintain this status quo, they sow fear among what they believe are their fixed (Chinese) assets.

The fear on the menu these days is RUU355.  Lim Kit Siang and his DAP allies want to give the Chinese the impression that they will be subject to RUU355.  However in reality it is and always will concern the Muslim community.

Lim Kit Siang already knows, nevertheless he still wants those who are not of the Islamic faith to believe that their rights would be curtailed under this amendment; while at the same time he is acting like he is the protector for Muslims.

Again this is nothing but fear and confusion that they (Kit Siang, DAP) are sowing in a fruitless effort to keep Chinese voters from supporting the government.  Lim Kit Siang hopes that if he speaks often enough on this issue, people will not make their own inquiry and learn the truth.

Is it possible that the DAP told Amanah to keep silent on RUU355?

Had they not then they (Amanah) would also come out and admit the fact that RUU355 would only apply to Muslims.  Amanah would say that if they were permitted to speak, but it has become quite apparent that Amanah can only speak when their masters (DAP) say they can speak and even when they do they should not go off script.

As written above, the DAP-led opposition only believes that they need to keep what they believe are their fixed (Chinese) assets fearful enough to secure their votes.  However, what the DAP has too soon forgotten is trying to sow fear did nothing to help them gain votes in Sarawak, Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar.  Conversely, it was those types of tactics which sickened many voters causing them to vote for Team Barisan Nasional.

Not learning from the past, Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition is hoping that if they can feign friendship among Malay voters then that would be just enough to sow seeds of confusion leading to a break in the Malay vote.

Now that the 14th general election quickly approaching Lim Kit Siang may have begun to come to terms with the fact that even with the help of the likes of Tun Mahathir and promises to become DPM, there may be too many hurdles like BNF to overcome.

With the BNF scandal becoming a political talking point, Lim Kit Siang seems confused on whether he should speak on the issue as he would have to address Mahathir’s administration.  As a result Kit Siang may find himself compelled to drop his alliance with Tun Mahathir and adapt a policy of every man for himself in an effort to maintain his seat at the political table!


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