Mahathir; In Search of The Man He Used To Be!


These days it is a little sad to see the man Tun Mahathir has morphed into.  Having risen to the top of what many in politics can only dream of attaining and few ever do; Mahathir has thrown all that aside.

He threw it aside because he believed that his political legacy could live on through the son (Mukhriz) that he wants to install as Prime Minister.  This despite the fact the Mukhriz has said that he does not want to be Prime Minister (here)

Still, Mahathir is trying to come up with the right formula to get what both he and his son want; even though the latter will claim otherwise.

However, accomplishing this was and is more difficult than he (Tun Mahathir) has ever imagined.  First, he expected that he could easily get rid of the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  Prime Minister Najib for his part to refused to participate in Mahathir’s plan which left Mahathir with a major headache.

Second, Mahathir thought that if he could make some accusations against the Prime Minister then the court of public opinion would rise up against the Prime Minister.  Contrary to rising up against the Prime Minister, many Malaysians gave the investigative process time instead of blindly following Mahathir’s wild assertions.  Other people just looked at Mahathir as having his own agenda and thus paid little attention to him.  This group seems to be growing as time presses on.

The fact that he could not sway the public to buy into this plan seemed to baffle Mahathir.  In his prime he believed that he only need to insinuate and he could turn the tide one way or another and when that did not work he could resort to other measures to get what he wanted.

When Mahathir was still Mahathir (the man he once was), he did not have to throw aside every principle that he held fast and resort to working with political enemies or anyone who he says is immoral, but then again; that was then and this is now.

Mahathir today seems to parked in the land of delusion where saying a thing one day (BR1M is bribery) and backtracking on it the next (BR1M is good) seems to be the norm of the day. (here)

At one point in time is was somewhat perplexing why Mahathir was constantly moving about here and there instead of enjoying retirement.

Then the unsettling thought came to mind; Mahathir is in search of the man he used to be while trying to make his son into the man he will never be!

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