Pre GE14; Pakatan Implodes and Pribumi Sexplodes!


DAP-led Pakatan Harapan along with Tun Mahathir had gone all out to destroy the credibility and reputation of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak before the 14th general election. Now it appears that they are the ones who are being destroyed from within.

It was always widely believed that things were not as Pakatan Harapan wanted people to believe. They tried to give the impression that all was harmonious within the coalition when the truth is nothing further could be from the truth.

Many saw this ugly truth during the period of Pakatan Rayat after Azmin Ali was eventually selected as the Selangor Menteri Besar. Before he was appointed, the DAP-led opposition wanted Datuk Dr. Wan Azizah Ismail name submitted as their sole candidate, but it was the name (Azmin Ali) that PAS submitted which received the nod for the post of Menteri Besar.

However, the DAP wanted Wan Azizah and not Azmin Ali as Menteri Besar for the same reason they would want her, if it were realistically possible as inter/Prime Minister; in order to control her.

Pas decision to not follow the DAP’s marching orders drew the wrath of the Lims (Kit Siang and Guan Eng) who never liked PAS, but only wanted to use them for Malay votes. The Lims saw this act of betrayal (PAS submitting Azmin Ali’s name) as the perfect excuse to end political ties with PAS.

The whole affair provided a glimpse of the porous nature of the relations within the DAP-led coalition.

With Azmin Ali installed as Selangor Menteri Besar he was in the strong position to mount a challenge Wan Azizah for the PKR presidency the position Wan Azizah presently holds.

Azmin tested the waters several times to gauge his own strength and support from Party members. One of these was when he went against coalition wishes and asked PAS to return to the opposition. Another time was when he aligned himself with Tun Mahathir in his various declarations and rallies against the wishes of PKR Wan Azizah.

Azmin Ali seemed to put on hold his internal PKR coup against Wan Azizah after receiving Anwar Ibrahim’s never meant to be private letter from Sungai Buloh prison.

Was it the letter that put Azmin’s party presidency takeover plans on hold or was it Tun Mahathir telling him to slow down is a matter of discussion.

Now with Azmin again taking sides with Tun Mahathir against Wan Azizah it appears that he is making a fresh attempt to wrest control of PKR’s presidency from Wan Azizah. 

This internal tension within PKR is causing it to implode much in the same way Party Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) or ‘Pribumi’ is having their woes.

It seems that Party Pribumi sexploding will also cause them to implode.  As I have written in an earlier post, Pribumi’s woes are fruit that Mahathir produced and sex in one form or another is at the root of it!

It appears that the eventual beneficiaries of all the engineered chaos are Lim Kit Siang and Tun Mahathir.

If there is a void in PKR leadership it will make it possible for Kit Siang to slip in as a candidate for deputy Prime Minister in the unlikelihood that DAP-led Pakatan Harapan wins the 14th general election. Under that scenario, Tun Mahathir would have his son Mukhriz as Prime Minister because formr deputy Prime Minister Tan Seri Muhyiddin Yassin will have been cast aside as a result of his alleged involvement with a married woman. This would allow Mahathir to forgo the pretense and have his son become Prime Minister sooner rather than later.

Which is probably why Tun Mahathir said that he was willing to serve as an advisor, if the opposition won the election.

Now we know who it is he wants to provide advice.

As Pakatan ‘Implodes’ and Pribumi ‘Sexplodes’, both Kit Siang and Mahathir may find that neither of them are relevant when the 14th general election finally arrives!



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