Pribumi’s Woes; The Fruit Mahathir Produced!

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There is an old saying that an apple does not fall far from its tree. This means that if you see an apple on the ground then it is probably from the nearest tree.

When one looks at the confused state that Parti Prebumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) finds itself in of late, one can only smile at how this party of so called political veterans ended up looking like rank amateurs.

We have the President former deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin whom by several accounts has been taking liberties with another man’s wife.

Staying with a similar theme (sex), Pribumi’s former women’s wing chief Anina Saadudin is said to be involved with sexting.  Things for Pribumi would have been much simpler had the two (Muhyiddin and Anina) been involved with each other.

Tun Mahathir wanted to give Malaysians the impression that he was creating a political party that was free of any type of scandal.  Now he has two (2) very public embarrassments which involve leaders in his Pribumi party

Of course Pribumi is now trying to disavow that Anina Saadudin was ever their women’s wing chief.  In doing so they are trying to give the impression that the top echelon of Pribumi is still clean.  However Anina says that she was the woman’s wing chief before recently being sacked. (here)

Sacking Anina still presents a problem for Pribumi as the elephant (Muhyiddin’ scandal) is still alive and kicking.  The only option Pribumi appears to have is to do to Muhyiddin Yassin what they did to Anina; remove him from his post.

But here lies the problem.  If they remove Muhyiddin that will cause a big blow toward their hope of having him be a potential candidate for Prime Minister.  If they do not remove Muhyiddin women may see Pribumi as playing by double standard; one for woman and one for men. No matter which choice Pribumi makes they are (in keeping with the theme) screwed.

Pribumi is a reflection of the tree (Tun Mahathir) from which they have come.  Tun Mahathir has waged a war of sorts in his effort to remove the democratically elected leader of Malaysia (Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak) from office.  Part of his battle cry was stating how the government is corrupt.  Perhaps it is karma because now Tun Mahathir has to try to explain to the rakyat the extracurricular activities of his top leadership.

In looking at that which is taking place in Pribumi one can see that the fruit does not fall far from the tree.

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