Wan Azizah; Mandela Was Jailed For Fighting For Freedom, Anwar Is In Jail For…Well!


Datuk Dr Wan Azizah should have made a comparison other than Nelson Mandela when stating her jailed husband (Datuk Anwar Ibrahim) still having a chance to become Prime Minister.  (here)

Nelson Mandela’s struggle was for his people and everything he did was for that noble cause.  On the other hand, Anwar Ibrahim like Lim Kit Siang and Tun Mahathir is motivated by what he wants.

For Lim Kit Siang he wants to break the hold the Malays have on the government and Tun Mahathir wants to have his seed (Mukhriz) installed in the seat he (Mahathir) once held.

The same blind and rather selfish ambition holds true for Anwar; as virtually everything Anwar Ibrahim has done was for Anwar Ibrahim.  The rakyat has just served as a convenient tool that he could use to fulfill his various needs.

Of course Wan Azizah is fully aware of her husband’s various tastes and his lust for power being one of them.

With the courts striking down her husband’s request for release, Wan Azizah is now trying to use a broad paintbrush to paint her Anwar as someone who is jailed for political reasons. Yes, if having a desire for strange fruit is a political reason then maybe she has a point.

In this instance it is not a case of a rose by any other name.  Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction is for sodomy. Therefore it is what it is; no matter how a wife may try and spin it.

Wan Azizah has about as much chance of seeing Anwar become Prime Minister as Tun Mahathir seeing Mukhriz Mahathir becoming Prime Minster or former deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of becoming Prime Minister.

Mentioning Muhyiddin Yassin; according to one writing he will be fortunate, if he can survive as Parti Pribumi Bersatu (Pribumi) President (here)

Of course Wan Azizah and Tun Mahathir can have their dreams as dreams are free.  But Anwar won’t be free for some time yet and there is nothing compelling about Mukhriz even having the family name of Mahathir that makes him a desirable choice as Prime Minister.

At this stage of life, Wan Azizah should not be thinking about any future political career for her husband, but rather focus on how to advert the situation which caused him to be where he is today.  In other words; heal thy marriage!

Trying to cast Anwar in the same light as Mandela is an insult to the memory of Mandela.  Everything Mandela did was for the people while everything Anwar does is for Anwar.

Mandela went to prison for fighting for the rights of the downtrodden; Anwar went to prison for…well sodomy!


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