Political Expedience; Mahathir’s Code Words For Desperation!


Tun Mahathir says that it is political expedience to work with former de-facto opposition leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim and actual de-facto opposition (Pakatan Harapan) opposition leader Lim Kit Siang.

Tun Mahathir states that had to readjust his priorities; further stating that his feelings towards Anwar Ibrahim and Lim are just “minor” things compared to their common goal. (Read it here)

Oddly enough, even with his recent love overtures toward both Lim and Anwar; Mahathir’s words hint that he still has ill will toward the two (2) men.  The only difference now is that he is choosing to re-label those feelings as “minor” things rather than with tone of disdain which he used toward them in the past.

Tun Mahathir may have maintained some semblance of respect had he decided that Pribumi go it alone instead of doing a complete 180 degree turn on his former position.

Now he just looks like a man who will say and do anything just to get what he wants for his son Mukhriz.

Of course Tun Mahathir knows that his Pribumi political party would have even less of a chance going it alone.  Had Mahathir thought there was any chance to get what he wanted without compromising, he would still be speaking of Anwar’s wayward ways and how Lim Kit Siang and the DAP were out to subjugate the Malays.

That would have been the scenario had Mahathir still had political power.  Now all he has is political expediency and with it he has to swallow the bitter pill of humility by backtracking on the positions he has toward both Anwar and Kit Siang.

Mahathir is acting more like Oliver Twist asking ‘Please sir, may I have some more’ than a former Prime Minister.

When future generations look back over Malaysia’s history, 2016 may show Mahathir hitting rock bottom politically.  That same history will also show a man (Mahathir) who was willing to forgo his principles to chase after the elusive dream of trying to make his son Prime Minister.

Historical analysis may show that it wasn’t political expediency that prompted Mahathir to work with his former enemies (Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang), but rather desperation which caused him to reduce himself from the stature of a former Prime Minister to that of a beggar!



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