How Can Pakatan Manage A Nation; When They Can’t Even Choose a Prime Minister!


This week, the DAP-led opposition (Pakatan Harapan) entertained us yet again; this time carrying out their version of the keystone cops in the slap shod manner in which they have been endorsing individuals as their choice for Prime Minister.

This was even more comical in lieu of the fact that Pakatan Harapan been outwardly putting all their eggs in one basket behind Anwar Ibrahim.  Up until recently Anwar’s incarceration in Sungai Buloh did little to dissuade Pakatan from saying he is their man.

Of course, all of the Anwar hoopla was a la mode was when he was the flavor of the month.  During that time Kit Siang and his opposition cohort thought it made sense to have Anwar as their front man in entice Malays.

With Anwar out of the political arena, Lim Kit Siang knew that he had to have a backup Muslim who could fill Anwar’s slot.   Initially he thought that Amanah would play a significant role as they are an offshoot of PAS.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  The only things Amanah carried with them after leaving were memories.

When Tun Mahathir created platform to serve as spearhead his son Mukhriz Mahathir to become Prime Minister, the elder Lim thought that he could tie up with Tun Mahathir and perhaps they both (Kit Siang, Tun Mahathir) could get what they wanted; Malay votes and support for Mukhriz’ political aspirations respective.  Along with that, there was even a suggestion to have Lim Kit Siang serve as the deputy Prime Minister as well as Finance Minister.  (Read the story here)

Then because the opposition had nothing else on tap to offer the rakyat; there was the absurd suggestion of having Datuk Dr. Wan Azizah serve as interim Prime Minister.  As written previously, the DAP would love nothing more than to have Wan Azizah serve as their Manchurian Interim Prime Minister candidate.  (Read it here)

The idea would be for Wan Azizah to serve as interim Prime Minister until her husband was pardoned or released from prison.

The ascertain prompted Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid say that the process for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be appointed prime minister as soon as he received a pardon from Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V, was not that simple.  (Read it here)

It appear that the opposition believes that there is Prime Minister Training manual and all you need to do is read it on Saturday and Sunday and you will be qualified to run Malaysia  Monday.

As the 14th general election draws closer, the DAP-led opposition will become even more desperate.  It would not be surprising to see their desperation go to such depths as to have them suggest that Tun Mahathir come back to serve as Interim PM.

If nothing else, this shows that if Pakatan Harapan cannot not manage to agree on a single choice for Prime Minister, then there is no way they can manage a nation of more than 30 million!

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