With Wan Azizah as Interim PM; Lim Kit Siang Would Have The Perfect Manchurian Candidate!


Lim Kit Siang is crafty enough to know that he could never come out and say he would like to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia as most Malaysians and certainly the Malays would outright reject that idea.

Therefore that only way Lim Kit Siang can be Prime Minister is to be Prime Minister behind the scenes.  This is why he would support the idea of the Japanese fan lady (Datuk Wan Azizah) becoming interim Prime Minister.

Lim Kit Siang knows from experience that he can plant ideas and suggestions into Wan Azizah’s mind and have her believe that those ideas and suggestions are her own.  For Lim Kita Siang having Wan Azizah in office allows him to control (manipulate) the direction of the government without having to take responsibility when problems arise.

Given Wan Azizah’s growing reputation of not being able to think for herself, it would almost be too easy to believe that she is that blur not to know how Lim Kit Siang and the DAP view her or not know what has been going on around her.

With the recent talk of Wan Azizah serving as interim Prime Minister, she may unwittingly or willingly allow herself to be used as a DAP tool again in the hope that after all is said and done she can still manage to get her husband released from prison.

It seems that Wan Azizah just like Tun Mahathir are both fixated on getting their men (Anwar Ibrahim, Mukhriz Mahathir) released from their prisons; Sungai Buloh and the wilderness of Pribumi respectively.

There are those who are still not clear whether Wan Azizah wants her husband Anwar Ibrahim released out of some sense of fulfilling her duty as wife or because of the stigma of having her husband behind bars because he prefers the intimate companionship of males than to her.

That realization would be hard for any woman to accept about her husband or for a child to accept about their father; especially for our politicians in this society.

They have a saying in Washington D.C ‘Don’t get caught with a live boy or a dead prostitute’.

As such a woman has no choice other than to support their man if for no other reason than to save her own face in society.

So how does all of that play into that plans of Lim Kit Siang and the DAP?

Lim Kit Siang and the DAP know that in addition to Wan Azizah not being inept politically, she has an Achilles’ hell; her husband for a couple of the reasons listed above.

Either one of those two (2) areas (politically inept, Achilles hell) are enough to manipulate Wan Azizah; using both make it that much easier.

This is why Lim Kit Siang and the DAP would be dancing in the streets, if by some quirk the opposition (DAP-led Pakatan Harapan) won the 14th general election and Wan Azizah were made the interim Prime Minister.

And let’s look frankly at this interim Prime Minister Bull crap the opposition is attempting to shovel.

When you look at it there are two things that are perfectly clear:

One, the only reason the opposition is mooting the premise of Wan Azizah as PM is to keep their failing political cause in the news; they have nothing else.

Two, if the story were true, there is no one other than Wan Azizah Lim Kit Siang and the DAP would rather have as permanent Prime Minister as she would be the perfect DAP Manchurian Candidate.



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