Umno Faithful; Must Carry Najib’s Positive Momentum To Grassroots Then Onto Victory!


There is no better time than now for Umno to crank it up and capitalize on the positive momentum which has been building over the year.

One could argue that it is a little strange to refer to all which has happened over the past year (if not longer) as positive momentum.   Of course, that would very well depend on how one looked at the period in question.

It would be easy to regard the onslaught of unfounded accusations against the party President who is also the nation’s Prime Minister in a negative light.  To do that would be to miss the bigger picture and that is the Prime Minister came out even stronger as people saw a man who did not succumb to the pressure the DAP-led opposition brought forth.

Pakatan Harapan (led by the DAP) threw everything and more at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.  As way of examples; there were altered documents which conspiratorial parities tried to acquire with the promise of future projects or favors.

There were those who fed the foreign press misleading and unsubstantiated information which ‘news’ portals like the WSJ knowingly or unknowingly printed as if it were truth from on high etched in stone.

Others who had a personal stake in seeing the Prime Minister removed from office made clandestine trips to the US in search of sympathetic ears for their cause.

Apparently the recent US election squelched that fantastical dream.

Through all of those events and more, the Prime Minister still came out victorious; while there are those among his detractors who are now embroiled in their own legal problems.

There is a saying; ‘Those who live in glass houses (or reduced priced ones) should not throw stones’

Therefore when one speaks about Prime Minister Najib Razak’s momentum, one only has to look at how he has carried the Umno’s baton the first few legs towards the upcoming (GE14) general election.

However as he has pointed out to the delegates who attended the closed-door presidential address; leaders and party grassroots have to mobilize en masse to get the rakyat ready for GE 14.  (here)


What he is effectively saying is; ‘I (Najib) have run a tough race, Pakatan Harapan and their components are floundering far behind.   Now is the time for us together to run the last legs of the race and carry the party’s message to the grassroots then onto victory in the 14th general election!


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