Umno’s General Assembly 2016; Najib’s Launchpad for GE14!


Tomorrow (29 November 2016) is more than likely Umno’s last general meeting before the fourteenth general election (GE14).  As the open day approaches there is already a feeling of excitement that is permeating the air.

The excitement is present because Umno members as a whole and Team Barisan Nasional in general know realize how tumultuous the past few years have been with all the attacks brought forth by the likes of the DAP-led opposition and Tun Mahathir.

However, after all the dust had cleared, Prime Minister Najib and the party were still standing.  Not only standing, but standing even stronger after having gone through the muck and mire over the last few years.

If fire purifies and pressure forms a diamond, than Umno had a double dose as Najib was constantly under Pakatan opposition led fire.  In addition, Pakatan Harapan along with Tun Mahathir without cease tried their best to exert pressure on the Prime Minister so that he would throw in the towel and give up.

However, much to the chagrin of Pakatan Harapan and Tun Mahathir, Najib was never derelict in his responsibility to Malaysia; in fact he had two (2) very successful international trips (China and Japan) which are to enhance business and cooperation between Malaysia and those two (2) nations.

Seeing the successful outcome of those trips, one could almost sense that the timing would be ripe for the general election (GE14) to take place at some point in 2017 before the next Umno general meeting.

But we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.

This week, all eyes and ears will be focused on the addresses delivered by both the Deputy Prime Minister (Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid) and Prime Minister (Datuk Sri Najib Razak).

It will certainly be during the latter’s address to the assembly where he will share plans for the upcoming year and how Umno members can make those plans a reality.

If ever there were a political springboard that would propel Umno, Team Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister Najib Razak toward the 14th general election, this general assembly is it.

Many are speculating that tomorrow is the prelude before the main (GE14) event!


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