The DAP Has Unceremoniously Kicked Tun Mahathir Out The Bed!

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The DAP’s decision to not invite Tun Mahathir and Pribumi to their General Meeting has all the signs of him being unceremoniously kicked out of the bed he briefly shared with them and the other Pakatan Harapan components.

It seems that even when desperation makes strange bed fellows things can still become stranger.

Mahathir has to view his persona non grata as another setback in an ever growing list of setbacks.  His rallies, declarations, petitions, popularity referendum, and attendance at Bersih 5 did nothing to galvanize the rakyat to go along with what he and DAP-led Pakatan Harapan are advocating; the illegal removal of Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak as the democratically elected leader of Malaysia.

Tun Mahathir is caught in the awkward position of being a political mistress.  He knows that his Pribumi party does not have a strong enough platform or candidates which are political astute enough to generate interest in their lifeless party.

Which is why Tun Mahathir has been crawling into bed with Lim Kit Siang and the rest of Pakatan Harapan whenever he had the opportunity; he has to use their political platform to further his own agenda.

In an earlier article I wrote that Lim Kit Siang probably knew this when he allowed Tun Mahathir to crawl into bed and snuggle up.   It then only became a question of who was going to take advantage/screw who first; Lim Kit Siang or Tun Mahathir.

You may be wondering about the Datuk Wan Azizah.

I did not mention the fan lady because well, she is the fan lady.  In the US there was ‘Sleepless in Seattle’; in Malaysia we have ‘Clueless in Kajang’

Lim Kit Siang does not mind having her (Datuk Wan Azizah) around because he knows that he can control her.  However Tun Mahathir’s presence at the DAP General Meeting may cause more harm than good; in other words Lim Kit Siang does not want to take the chance and become second fiddle behind Mahathir.

Nevertheless, to save Tun Mahathir’s face the DAP is saying that they will vote on whether to let Tun Mahathir and Pribumi join.   (here)

No doubt that Lim Kit Siang is especially thrilled over the prospects of Tun Mahathir joining.

With this less than warn response to Mahathir, the rakyat now realizes that all of those gestures, words and handshakes between Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and briefly Anwar Ibrahim were all orchestrated in front of the cameras to fool the people.

Tun Mahathir was only welcomed when the DAP and the other component parts of Pakatan Harapan thought he was useful.

Apparently, the DAP felt that Mahathir was OK to ‘Play with’, but when it comes to a more serious relationship they unceremoniously kicked him (Mahathir) out the bed!


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