After Bersih 5; Pakatan Harapan Is Loss in The Abyss Over What To Do Next!


DAP-Led Pakatan Harapan is now wondering aimlessly in the Abyss in search of what to do next.

They really believed that the proxy group (Bersih) would rejuvenate an already floundering campaign to spark interest in the rakyat.  However, looking at the crowd size or the lack thereof during Bersih 5 last Saturday (19/11/2016), nothing farther could be from the truth.

Even if one were to be generous by not taking a low count of around fourteen (14,000) thousand and go with forty (40,000) thousand, that number would still be miniscule in the grand schemed of politics.

Let’s go one step further out on a limb here.  Even if Tun Mahathir’s fictitious 1.2 million petition signees had shown up that still would not have been a significant turn out compared to those who are eligible to vote.

And less we forget, that is who the DAP-led opposition wanted to get out on the streets; eligible voters.

At least if Mahathir’s factious group were actually there instead of in his delusional dreams, Bersih 5 would have given Pakatan Harapan something which they could claim in front of the media.  Now the only thing they can do is spin why there was such a low turnout even after the Tun Mahathir Anwar Ibrahim orchestrated handshakes, hugs and burying the hatchet.

And poor Tun, he got off of that private plane thinking that when he arrived on the scene that he would be hoisted up on shoulders with the shouts of Mahathir ringing throughout the crowd.

He knew that would be the moment that he could say ‘No I’m too old you need others…you know like those two chaps standing near me’.  The 2 M’s of the 3M club.

Former deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir probably believed that Bersih would be their big event.  However, the day came and passed with little recognition of them even having been there.

In truth, it did not matter if Muhyiddin Yassin, Mukhriz Mahathir or daddy Tun Mahathir, were present or not; they like their Pakatan cohorts were all non factors.

Now that Bersih 5 has come and gone providing nothing they can point at in the way of success, DAP-led Pakatan Harapan is wondering clueless around the abyss groping for what to do next.  With GE14 just around the corner, they may have to resort to reading tea leaves to see what their next move should be!



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