DAP’s ‘Bersih’ Needs Malays To Be Their Human Shields!


On the eve of Bersih 5 the DAP Bersih proxy is praying to have Malays out so that they can use them (Bumi) as their human.

So what is to be the function or the role of the Malays as human shields?

hu·man shield


a person or group of people held near a potential target to deter attack.

Of course if one were to just glance over the above it would almost read as if there is an expectation of violence.  While that may be true in some documented cases, it may not necessarily be true with respect to Bersih 5 which is scheduled to take place tomorrow (19 November 2016).

Bersih needs Malay/Bumi human shield participation to shield them (DAP/Bersih) from being criticized due to the absence of ethnic Malay presence which was strikingly apparent during Bersih 4.


And now that Halloween is well behind us, it is too late for the Bersih regulars to don Malay looking masks and pretend that there is Malay participation.  So now doubt the DAP and crew are working the phones to cajole Malays to come out.

The Malays should be wise with respect to this as they are only being used foremost as a media prop for the DAP.  The DAP wants to give the local and any foreign media present that Bersih is broad based.

Well that is the lie they will tell.  That is as much a lie as saying that Bersih is about free and fair elections when everyone knows that DAP proxy Bersih is a platform to try to remove Malaysia’s democratically elected leader; Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak.  It has become so blatantly obvious that Bersih supporters do not even try to hide this pronouncement.

Of course DAP and their suppers can afford to again to be viewed as the only Malaysians who are trying to unseat the Prime Minister.  They know that large numbers on their side out marching around and stomping on the Prime Minister’s photo will open them for attack. Therefore they need protection or a shield so to speak for them to hide behind.


Those using the Malay participation for their own ends will even allow Malays to go before the cameras further giving the impression that Malays are at the forefront.

However what is really taking place is more like a puppet show or a ventriloquist act. There are others (DAP) who are actually the puppeteers while the puppets (Malays) believe that they are operating on their own.  This relationship is maintained as long as the puppets are needed.  When the puppets have served their usefulness all ties are cut leaving the Malays wondering what had or had not taken place!

What else can Bersih use Malays for?

No doubt those (DAP) also would want Malays out in greater numbers in the unfortunate event that things get too emotional on Saturday.  If that were to take place then the meaning of human shield…

hu·man shield


  1. a person or group of people held near a potential target to deter attack.

will have been correctly defined.



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