Pakatan Harapan Acts Like A Dog Chasing Its Tail!

LKS Buffer

Have you ever seen a dog chase its own tail and think it is accomplishing something?  That is exactly what Pakatan Harapan looks and sounds like when they chase after Prime Minister Najib.  They continually run around in circles with their tongues wagging trying to convince others as well as themselves into believing that they are making progress in their (misguided) efforts to remove Malaysia’s Prime Minister (Datuk Sri Najib Razak) from office

Over the past few years they (Pakatan Harapan) have had so many ‘Aha’ moments that now when they proclaim a new one, the rakyat collectively says ‘Oh No’!

With each news conference you can almost see them (Pakatan Harapan) salivating over the prospects of finally being able to expose and thereby bring down the Prime Minister along with the government he presides over.

However, given their (Pakatan Harapan) individual and collective efforts to date, one thing is becoming abundantly clear; if they have problems working together without having a nation to govern, just imagine the circus that would appear, if by some quirk in the universe they were tasked with the governing the nation.

Yet on some level it is probably good that Pakatan Harapan is so dysfunctional.  If they were not, they may have succeeded in their non democratic efforts to remove Prime Minister Najib from office.   However, with so many competing factions and no clear head directing their collection of disjointed parties, there is no surprise that they are tittering on the verge of implosion.

Pakatan Harapan not wanting the rakyat to focus on their collective ineptitude, they continually run around in circles barking aloud that they smell something foul.  However, the foul smell of impropriety is not coming from other quarters, but from Pakatan Harapan’s own hind quarters.

As the rakyat has been witnessing, this stench of impropriety which Pakatan Harapan is so fond of labeling the Prime Minister with appears to be coming more and more from those who are associated in one way or another with Pakatan Harapan.

De-facto PKR leader Datuk Anwar Ibrahim (Prison)

PKR MP Rafizi Ramli (sentenced to 18 months)

Penang (DAP) Menteri Besar Lim Guan Eng (To Be Determined)

A couple of others were mentioned (here)

And since Pribumi wants to snuggle up with Pakatan Harapan; then this has to be included (here)

Perhaps Pakatan Harapan should stop fruitlessly chasing after that which is not there and focus on cleaning up the mess they call their alliance; as it stands they are the ones that are tainted with the foul smell of impropriety!


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