In Politics Like Chess; Pakatan Harapan Has Been Checked!

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In the game of chess, players strategize to try and checkmate the king (win) through a series of moves in order to place their opponent in a weakened position.  However, not all moves to gain that advantage are equal as Pakatan Harapan can duly attest.

Pakatan Harapan working together with Tun Mahathir believed that they had the perfect game strategy to place Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak in check and thereby forcing to concede defeat.

From more than two (2) years ago the opposition (Pakatan Harapan) aggressively played what they thought was speed chess.

The following is a quick explanation for speed chess:

‘Fast chess (also known as speed chess) is a variation of chess in which each side is given less time to make a move than under normal tournament time controls. This means that each player will have less than 60 minutes at his or her disposal, based on a 60-move game, and sometimes considerably less than this’

As you certainly have noticed, it takes two (2) to engage in this exchange.  Pakatan Harapan along with Tun Mahathir hoped the Prime Minister would engage in speed politics with them.

However the Prime Minister did nothing of the sorts; he just tuned out all of the noise coming from  the opposition (Pakatan Harapan’s) quarters and continued working for the rakyat.

In other words, Prime Minister Najib Razak just allowed the opposition (Pakatan Harapan) to aimlessly move (lies, concoctions) pieces around the board while he planned and carried out his strategy.

No matter what the opposition tried from getting foreign journalist’s assistance, seeking support from the US Dept of Justice (DoJ)  to seeking an audience with the Agong; nothing went there (Pakatan Harapan’s) way.

In further desperation; there is no doubt that Pakatan Harapan and Tun Mahathir were hoping that the US election had turned out differently as they believed they had those in the outgoing administration who would at least feign concern over what was taken place here in Malaysia.

But alas that was not to be and right about now Pakatan Harapan’s side of the political chess board is looking quite barren.  There are those who are sure that the opposition is working the phones or preparing to dispatch envoys to try and plead their fabricated case before (Donald Trump) the incumbent US President.

Of course the opposition (Pakatan Harapan) should hope that the Donald has not read Tun Mahathir’s words concerning him as they were not the words one would use when you might need a favor from the recipient of those words  (Here)

Then again, their again is the problem in the political game of chess the DAP led Pakatan Harapan is trying to win; for them it is all about emotions.

And as the wise know; strategy trumps emotion every time!

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