DAP Gives PAS Bersih Ultimatum; Show Up or Suffer The Consequences!



It It almost appears that Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang and PAS will again be the recipients of DAP backlash, if PAS does not acquiesce to the DAP’s demands and join not so Bersih 5!

In an article in the New Straits Times DAP’s assistant treasurer Nga Kor Ming said..

‘Any reasons given by Pas to not join the rally would be seen as the party (Pas) being in cahoots with Umno and that the people would definitely know their real agenda.
The above statement reads as if PAS’ only sovereign choice in the matter is to give in to the subtle yet very clear DAP ultimatum; Join us or suffer the consequences’. (read)

It is ironic how the DAP is trying to make it seem like they are doing PAS a favour.  Yet in reality the DAP knows that Bersih 5 will be another repeat of Bersih 4 unless they can get Malay faces out there and in front of the cameras.  Therefore instead of crawling to Hadi Awang and begging him for Malay participation the DAP is pretending that it is to the benefit of PAS for them (PAS) to show up.

Strange how only a few days ago the DAP shadow group Bersih said that they do not need PAS to attract Malays (here)!

The DAP realized during Bersih 4 that they do not have the spectrum of support that they thought they had and desperately need.  Now they (DAP) would like PAS to forget about how they were verbally chastised, marginalized and ostracized after they broke away from the DAP and those who are trying to remove the Prime Minister in an non democratic manner.

No sooner than PAS was out the door than the verbal onslaught and plans were put in place to remove Hadi Awang from his post as the president of PAS.  Amanah is the offshoot of the political coup against Hadi Awang’s leadership and like good servants they (Amanah) ran to their (DAP) masters after they failed to remove Hadi and those who support him.

But of course the DAP doesn’t want PAS to remember that or Lim Guan Eng’s critical statement on PAS not being able to manage Kelantan. (here)

The DAP is saying that PAS not joining the rally would be seen as them being in cahoots with Umno and that the people would definitely know their real agenda.

The DAP should realize that political parties working together for the good of the nation is not a crime.  In fact, if PAS and UMNO work together for the good of the nation then the nation benefits.

The DAP should also realize that PAS is not Amanah and does not jump and or make political decisions based on what the DAP needs to bring forth their Agenda even if that means Hadi Awang’s photo being stomped on again at Bersih 5 like it was stomped on at Bersih!

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