Bersih; The DAP’s Shadow Partner!


There may have been a time in the past for even the briefest of moments when Bersih had first started that there were pure intentions connected to it….

Bersih (meaning clean in Malay) is a coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which seeks to reform the current electoral system in Malaysia to ensure free, clean and fair elections. It was officially formed on 23 November 2006 as a joint communiqué that comprised leaders from political parties, civil society groups and NGOs. (source wikipedia)

but since that moment, it (Bersih) like Darth Vader has moved over to the (DAP) Dark Side. Now instead of talking about clean, fair elections, Bersih seems more concerned with activities that are geared toward removing Malaysia’s democratically elected leader Prime Minister Najib Razak from office.

Let that sink in. You have an organization (Bersih translated clean) which is supposed to exist to as a non-partisan/neutral body, but seems to be functioning as the non-governmental branch of the DAP.  Just looking at the makeup of the participants during their street marches gives the casual observer the idea that they are at a DAP rally rather than an eclectic group of citizens that want to assure that elections are fair. After all who even Prime Minister Najib is pro clean elections, but it is seriously doubtful that he would be welcomed at Bersih hate fest!

The type of vehement displayed at Bersih marches only gives rise to the speculation that Bersih is not as clean that they want to Malaysians and outsiders to believe they are. In fact, Bersih whole existence to be to give people inside and outside of Malaysia the impression that the country is in such a state of electoral disarray that any obvious Team Barisan Nasional win showed be viewed with suspicion.  Therefore, we can speculate that Bersih’s raison d’etre is to create preemptive doubt about the government’s wins during elections.

However, the only doubt that has been raised is over Bersih’s true motives as their language seems to be more aligned with a political party than with a group of concerned NGOS etc. As way of an example

Maybe it is time for Bersih to come out of the political closet and confess what many have come to suspect; Bersih is no more than a DAP shadow partner!


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